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  1. Albrecht

    High powered integrated amp recommendations

    Gryphon VAC Blue Circle
  2. Albrecht

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    Thank you @RickCA
  3. Albrecht

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    Looking to me like I should be crossing the ultraDigital off my list if it's a SU-1 board under the hood....I guess that I got it wrong in my thinking that it was a modified F-1. After a new AC cord for the U16, - and some run-in time, - I'll be comparing the F-1 to the U16. If the U16 loses, - I'll get an iFi power supply for the F-1. Appreciate our exchange even though we disagree about the SU-1, - it helped me learn about the ultradigital....
  4. Albrecht

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    U16 is the best. powered F-1 is the second best Pro3z is the 3rd best. berkeley USB is the 4th best. Audiophileo with Power is the 5th. Modified SU-1 is better.... and lastly, - a straight-up SU-1 is a pretty far 7th... Have you heard the F-1?
  5. Albrecht

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    I thought that the ultraDigital was based on the F-1, - not the SU-1. If the SU-1, - then that is a big step down than the much better F-1.
  6. + it'll be cheaper than a DCS DAC anyway.... 😀
  7. Hi, I totally agree. What I meant was that the specific clocks are just one small part of the this device. The U16 also has a built in power supply. This power supply COULD be affecting the overall sound quality device much more than the clocks. If I may ask, - did you upgrade the firmware yet on yours? If so, - did it improve the device? Also, - are using the RCA SPDIF output or the i2s? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I have had this in my system & have about 80 hours on it. (I am awaiting a AC cord: right now I just have a cheapo computer cord). This already sounds much better than the Matrix2 I had in the system at the end of the summer. I sold the Matrix. I am getting the feeling that this is at least equal to the F-1. But I have an F-1 on hand and will do a back and forth comparison around mid-month. I am not sure how/why anyone thinks that they can hear clocks. There is a lot more that goes into any USB/SPDIF converter besides clocks. Lastly IMO, - the SU-1 and the U208 were/are not very good, and the F-1 is considerably better ....
  9. Albrecht

    Sonore microRendu

    You make a good point. I certainly would find it possible that ROON could somehow improve their SQ. AND, Jesus' good point that it's very different if ROON is an endpoint and the "playing" occurs on the ROON server. In our building, - we have 7 devices connected to LMS server. And even though it's now possible to run SqueezeBox Touches with ROON, - I probably would deal with a little worse sound quality and get (what I think is better) user IF of LMS. For me, - in light of equality or the superiority of free LMS, - it should cost around $25 per year. running DSD files with ROON + HQPlayer is another argument in ROONs favor.
  10. Albrecht

    Sonore microRendu

    Hi, Appreciated your post. These are questions that I've been asking for quite a while. I know how to clean, organize, rip, and maintain an uncompressed music DB. And (to me) Tidal is a junk-ass, useless, POS, program that has very little music, very few good artists, and is completely unfair to artists that are there. (As Tidal goes, so does Roon). It seems that when discussing ROON, - no one seems to talk about the sound quality, nor comparisons to other, (free), players. I too installed ROON server on my beefed up RAM NAS, - and found that both MPD/DLNA, and LMS, sounded either the same, or slightly better than ROON with my ultraRendu. All one hears about is, "oh, - it found all my music," or, - ""it's so easy to play Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake on Tidal, oooh-oh-aahhhh" Aside from ranting on about all the Netflix-like homogenization of unoriginal and bad music in Tidal and the unreasonably obnoxious Roon focus on Tidal, - I also hate how Roon organizes the views of music by album pictures, - instead of the very clear text list with album pictures on the side of Album Artists in the Logitech remote IF. For people who are concerned about sound quality, - the constant ROON (&Tidal) sucking gets more than tiresome.
  11. Albrecht

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    OH NO.... 😀😀
  12. Albrecht

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Perhaps.... When I think about it, - a large part of my post was agreeing with Judd's (IMO) excellent analysis. More than anything, - I wanted to compliment Judd, and hope that the discussion would continue along those lines, - plus my contribution... I don't have any kind of expectation that I am going to convince or change anyone or even inspire them to comment; I just am expressing my opinions and arguments and trying to be reasonable. I agree that John is not the editor or moderator of these forums and if he was going to point out my mistake, - it would have been better to also comment on what I wrote so that he wouldn't be seen as controlling, or derailing the subject(s) of the thread. FWIW, you have a point. Cheers,
  13. Albrecht

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    I was not a "friend" of Charles. But I've met him a couple of times at CES. We've had a few discussions about audio and cycling. I've also interacted with him on Audiophile forums..... "" I have been/am a fan of Charles' work and would never intentionally disparage his work, ideas, or person. "" The first part of the sentence is that I am a fan of Charles' work. That's what I meant. I probably could've said it better by leaving off the word "person." I know Charles' products, - his work, - I like them, - they sound good. I probably sub-consciously included person due to the somewhat fun conversation that we had about cycling. (Of course I know very little about him as a "private person)." Cheers,