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  1. i think It sounds better than the old one (not modified yet). Tech guy at tweak shop told me he replaced power cable to Monster power line 400 and thenC to Panasonic Black/Gold and Diode. The Cable by pass all connectors directly to their end (24/6/8/4 pins and sata and molex. Anyone have any idea,please leave your comments here
  2. I've used winserv2012R2 but want to try Linux. so.. i saw Ap linux on their web site, quite intersting but i'm not sure there will be any problems run as dual boot? Can it work? Thanks.
  3. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    The reason about switching back and forth between mode is it's convenience to me to install programs and drivers. After everything done, i will switch to no gui mode for the best sound quality. Incase of something wrong or i need to tweak something, so i can switch back to gui mode to fix everything i need. It's easier.
  4. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    Last 2 questions, Shadow Light. for Winserv 2012, i set up everything in gui mode and after everything done (software, driver and some optimize set), i switch it to core mode. Can i do like this on Linux? Can it be switched back and force between modes? I use foobar2000+ASIO JPLAY+brooklyn DAC. Do you have set up guide for it? Thanks
  5. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    Thanks, Shadow Light I don't stream, just playing download files or ripped files. which one (above links) is suitable for me?
  6. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    That is great. Why i don't know it before? What a fool am i... at least i don't have to pay for AO and Fidelizer. Sooooo sad...
  7. Oh.. What a pitty am i v_v, Nobody answer me... I'm interesting in Mutec clock module which works with PC via USB port but I'am not sure that it will sound better than The ext clock module directly connect to DAC?
  8. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    Thanks, Iwill try it. ^^
  9. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    Wow.. That is nice. My thinking twice is winserv + AO and in core mode is my favorite. If i install Linux which can not convert to core mode, i don't think Linux will sound better than that. I think OS with no GUI usually sound better than OS with GUI (in technical term)
  10. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    No, i don't do upsampling. I rather like its native resolution. I think its sound is more natural than upsampling. Upsampling seem to refine in high freq but it sounds unnatural and tonal balance seems to get worse. It's just my opinion, sorry. ^*
  11. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    Thank you so much, ALRAINBOW. It is so helpful for me. so what about AO 2.2 b5, does it work for all wins? 2016 2012 or even 10? Now i use the 1.4 version, can it work with 2016? for Paul Pang product, i almost used everything of him. OCXO SSD, OCXO USB Card, OCXO msi mobo and all of his SATA cable which you can see on my blog page. Unfortunately it's unstable for my server, sometimes can boot, sometimes not and all parts easily broken. Finally i have to return him all except mobo, ram and red sata cables which already broken now. now i use gigabyte z97 mobo/samsung 850 pro and JCAT usb card instead which work fine but sound quality can not even close to Paul things. Especialy Paul's SSD, nothing compared or his ICXO usb card, it's warmer, deeper and wider soundstage than JCAT FEMTO USB card. but his bad after sale services make me scared to use anything from Paul again. That's sad for me.
  12. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    Thanks. I got another 2 softwares to try out. Hq play and Jriver.
  13. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    Hi, Shadow Light. Thanks for the answer. Actually, My current set up sounds fine for me. I just curious about it. Another reason is they (Linux) claim that their OS got a low latency update or something like that. so.. it makes me want to try it. that's all. 1 Yes, i connect DAC via USB port (JCAT femto clock) replace my pass away OCXO usb card of Paul Pang.) 2 I have no idea. my software are Foobar2K + JPLAY ASIO > Mytek Brooklyn. 3 I never use it before. 4 I think it's fine. Just wanna know that Linux low latency version will sound better or not?
  14. Winserv 2012 or Linux?

    I've used winserv2012 (in core mode) + Audophile Optimizer + Fidelizer for years. Some of my friends asked me why i don't use linux? It's better a lot. Then i checked this out on linux website and i found there's low latency version which seem interesting for me.
  15. My music server/JCAT femto usbcard with Mytek Brooklyn dac. What should i choose between Clock mudule for dac or clock module for my server ( such as mutec clock via usb)? what is the best?