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  1. I plan to buy Xeon E5-2670 2.6Ghz (3.3Ghz) 8 Core 16 Thread Mainboard 2011 X79 16GB DDR3 ECC Quad Channel Mobo socket is LGA2011. Can it fit to HDPLEX cooler installation? ( Is it the same size as LGA1150?) cpu TDP is 115W. Can the cause handle that? as i know, heat pipe/sink of HDPLEX is 90W. Does it cause over heat?
  2. Paul is suck, believe me. I ever almost used everything from paul, usb card + OCXO clock, mobo + OCXO, black,Sarah,red sata cable, SSD + OCXO. All i paid almost $3000, ok they sound great and i admited that nothing sound better than that especially SSD. After bought then the the nightmare came in the end. Everything never ever worked stable. Sometime my pc can boosted, sometime not ,from the begining. Don't try to ask for help from Paul. He never answer your question in anyway, email, message. Finally i returned almost everything after his sata connector broke after i twisted cable to be in place. It crisped like potato chips. What a Lousy parts he use. Then he told me that his cable guaranteed only 10times plug in and off. what? Did you ever bought things like this? Now i will buy some JCAT cables but i'm not sure it won't happen again while Paul make this thing for JCAT. HOw can i be sure?
  3. Yes. Agree. Actually he should also apologize me for my inconvenience, my shipping cost occurred between sending it back and forth and for my broken and death Audio server on my racks for almost 2 months instead of refund me just a 70%. Sad.
  4. Uhmmm... That is really ridiculous to put this matter on warranty. unplug over 10 times.. Who's know? How Paul measure and proof it if somebody said i don't unplug it over 10 times. or when somebody sent back and need refund (even he just unplug it for just a one time) and then he said " you can't be refund because you unpluged it over 10 times " to void warranty. The point is not how frequency of unpluging ot, The point is how endurance of its should be? Does it meet standard like the others? I try to forget all of this things. Don't want to talk about it anymore. It make me sick and always think about my lost $500. but i don't want all you guys are the next prey. Don't believe me. Take your own risk. Goddluck.
  5. My Gears ^^

    [QUOTE=kilroy;bt2389] How do you supply the power from the JS-2 to the USB card- is there a connector on the back of the server case, or does the cable go directly from the LPS to the card?[/QUOTE] I used PPA V4 so it has DC input on it and it came with full size bracket with dc jack and a half size bracket (no dc input jack) so i plug the card attached to a half size because HDPLEX case is not high enough for vertical full size bracket, then i attached a full size bracket on horizontal slot to input dc via it. my JS-2 has 2 rails, one i switched to 5v and powered USB card and another one with 12v to power my Brooklyn DAC (the black one with 2 green light bar on the right of JS-2 [QUOTE=kilroy;bt2389] In one photo from above there is a small silver box next to the HD Plex server case, looks like it has 2 green LEDs. What is this?[/QUOTE] It just a AC receptor inlet (SINE cyro platinum LOL - I don't use it anymore and just place it to stop vibration of the DAC only) [QUOTE=kilroy;bt2389] How do you like the JCAT dual USB cable? I am considering this or the Audioquest Diamond.[/QUOTE] I never have a chance to try Diamond. I just read some reviews especialy on Audiostream. They said JCAT can go far in highs and bass with more clarity and transparency compare to diamond. Diamond seem to be warmer and more ear friendly because of its tonal character but i like something reveal and true, i don't like coloration. [QUOTE=kilroy;bt2389] My DAC does not need the 5 volts. And the short JCAT cable on the Intona, is this cable flexible or stiff? Also I am thinking of getting the new JCAT card to replace my PPA card. Are you still using the PPA?[/QUOTE] Brooklyn DAC is 12v not 5v JCAT is produce by PPA. Yes it is very sitff, very hard to place the intona. It's going to flip or move because its light weight. [QUOTE=kilroy;bt2389] What power conditioner do you use?[/QUOTE] I use a local brand (Thai brand names AV-Zone) It's fine. I used it for almost 20years now. [QUOTE=kilroy;bt2389] What are your ATC speaker stands, and how tall are they to the top plate? [/QUOTE] It's is old stands for my B&W685S2. It's too high for ATC but i feel OK with them. Thanks for dropping by, Kilroy ^^
  6. Thanks, Kilroy. I'm Mr. Roboto (are going to die ) LOL!! I stop upgrading anything now. I afraid of compatibility of custom made product like PPA. It's my bad experience. Now i just loss my $500 for nothing. (30% deduction of 2SSDs + shipping fee for round trip (repair and return) + 2 SATA cables which he claimed doesn't meet warranty condition (unplug over 10 times - who's know?) for LPS, yes it does improve SQ, now i used Uptone JS-2 for USB card and TeraDak ATX 350w for PC.
  7. Everything of Paul are the same problem, I don't know why? The problem is sometime boot, sometime not, sometime recognize, sometime not. All Paul stuff, i returned to him except his red II SATA which worked well in the beginning then i fix it position and never touch it again because Paul said it will be broken if unplug it over 10 times!!! but those problem is still haunting me,even it is just a cable!! Why? ,, boot and not boot and not boot and not boot and boot. I have to restart around 10 times before it wake up and ready to play music. All the problem is gone after remove all Paul's things and replace them with standard cable and standard SSDs.
  8. Believe me. If you don't want to put yourself into trouble, please don't buy anything from Paul. ( Now Marcin are going to ruin himself by taking this crap into his business and take JCAT at risk.) Paul products are awesome, great SQ which others can't beat it. The problem is it is unstable and not compatible with others at all. (except you buy his music server) and his very bad after sale service is crap. His products are easily broken because all parts he used are crap and low quality. He applies clocks on them to make a better sound while he never care about how long can they work? That is why he never reply your mail, never contact back. I've returned 2SSDs and 1 black and 1 sarah cables to him after he cancel his trip to service me at home. He sent 2 new SSDs for me instead and told me that if they don't work, i can return them to him and he will refund me. After test, all came out the same, then i returned all to him ($115 shippng cost) Yerterday he mailed back, he will refund me 70% for 2SSDs and for 2 SATA cables can't be refund because he guarantee for plug and unplug not over 10 times, Ridiculous! That is my worst experience playing PC server. If you don't care about after sale service and you have time to boot it 5-10 times before it's ready to play, go ahead. Good luck, Bro.
  9. I don't know why everything from paul has gone wrong,.even his SATA cable. Last few weeks, i returned or paul's things to him and keep 2 red II SATA cables. Even his cables can cause PC unbootable. Now i have to restart 4-5 times at least before it ready to play songs. What a shame...
  10. I think this is why PP products are no longer in Highend audioPC. Yes. that's it. but now Marcin are trying to put JPLAY at risk with Paul SSDs. I really wanna ask him.... " Are you sure about this? "
  11. Yes, Sad but true. Now i feel like i just loss my $3000 for nothing. I returned him all now ( he promised me to pay me back) but now i don't get any coins from him.
  12. Agree. My Brooklyn DAC also Galvanic isolation built in. SQ is still improved after Intona connected inbetween.
  13. Most of micro or mini pc work very well today because of new technology. It depends on what is its spec. (cpu?/Ram?) It's fine if your NUC can handle DSD well (please try testing DSD playback before you buy it especially while upsampling via Hq player). but if you wanna go to the top, you need more space inside the case for USB card added or even more SSDs. SSDs need SATA filters on them because its noise generated from microchip themselves. Some decent audiophile grade cable (dc cables, SATA cables) You can add more upgrade things in there but except PPA stuffs ( i swear.., it's extremely unstable. I need to restarted almost 4-5 times for its waking up like knock knock.. hey... wake up you, lazy boy.. LOL) but it's ok for NUC. Nice choices.
  14. Yes, i did understand all of what you mentioned to Paul positively. I, myself don't feel pessimistic on him. I think he's like a geek guy who try hard to push something up to the best and he did it. No any other standard parts( mainboard, SATA cable, SSD, usb card) sound approach to Paul product. When his hobby turned into business, it needs a business administration wise which he may not think of. He lacks of team work to help him handle other mess up things besides his research and production concerned such as Customer Services, e-mail correspondents, delivery services. That is the point. Lack of Communication. Bad customer services. I honestly say that i can't live without Paul's products. They sound like in another league with the others. Now (while using Samsung 850 pro instead - OS SSD) and standard SATA cable, the sound get worse and makes me feel miss my OCXO SSD much. If he can get through those things, he will live for long in business.