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  1. crenca

    MQA is Vaporware

    Yea, but radical subjectivist sandyk, is he (and thus his "reports") measurable...only in a qualitative way - from same "reports". None of this is on topic however.
  2. crenca

    Civility and its educated despisers...

    cool, but kinda creepy at the same time....like those two little chinese contortionist girls I saw at at cirque du soleil.
  3. Well, unless it has DAC/DSP capability built in (not entirely out of the realm of possibility in audiophiledom cable world), I don't see how it could be the cause of your experience directly. I suppose coming back to mansr speculation, it could be somehow causing the endpoints to do funky USB speed/driver changes but this explanation is long shot as it is...
  4. Does the one your using have this?
  5. Is this the USB cable (that is obviously more than a cable) the OP is using?
  6. His speakers have amps and DAC built-in so there are no speaker terminals that he can use. So the USB cable is going directly into one speaker, and then perhaps a proprietary connection from one speaker to the other.... Firedog probably clear this up.
  7. crenca

    Teradak does not answer

    Either you updated your subject line or I just missed it (my bad), but I see you went with a taiwanese audiophile specialty house: https://www.teradak.com/products/105.html is an example. I wonder what they do to those cows, and do they really deserve it? 😂
  8. crenca

    Teradak does not answer

    Yikes. What's it made of, ubertanium? LOL! Is this a European socialist market thang? 😋 Seriously, it must be a specialized unit - what's its story and yours? Yes, at such cost levels customer service would be a real issue.
  9. Yes, the OS (of either end) switching drivers...The OP mentions a "server" - does he have (if user configurable) a "bit perfect" (turning off all OS DSP processing) on said server, and is it really ever truly defeatable...but like you say possible but many ifs
  10. If it walks like a duck, smells like a duck, and poops like a duck, it probably is a duck. Of course, you already knew this. If you experience is real and has a realistic explanation that is really related to USB/digital communication (the 1's and 0's of your titillating subject line), then I will offer a mea culpa, not for insulting you (which is a red herring on your part) but for doubting your experience. Until then, it's a UFO sighting...
  11. Your welcome, but I and many others (certainly those who lean to the real and "objective") are not here to "support" you. It is not about therapy, but the truth. In the end, if folks are to be helped the truth must be involved. I don't see the truth in your experience or in your post. I could be wrong, and will admit it if I am, but I suspect this cable testimonial thread will end up just like the rest of them...
  12. crenca

    Teradak does not answer

    atx power supply's are a dime a dozen. Just buy a new one, or rather 3 and save the extra's for backups...
  13. Well, there is your explanation. In the audiophile art of system tweaking, everything leads to more "musicality", more "resolution", more (where is Ralf Arnott when you need him). What are you selling?
  14. The usual physical layer explanations (i.e "timing", "noise", etc.) in no way account how a digital communication signal such as USB could be effected in just such a way to lead to an exact 2db increase. I have not explanation of your UFO experience Mazza. The most likely is that you are an astroturfer here to give yet another Audiophile cable tent testimonial. In other words, you are lying. OR perhaps your an oddball who likes throwing the forums into a frenzy. OR perhaps you are experiencing something and wrongly focusing on the cable change (missing the real cause entirely). Perhaps someone with USB physical layer experience will come along and explain how some endpoints are designed with a built in volume adjustment (which would be a DSP/digital layer adjustment) depending on some signal variation that could be the result of cable length (the OP is mentioning a 3M to 1.5 M reduction) or some other factor such as using weirdly specd "audiophile" USB cables from AudioQuest or any other such manufacturer...