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  1. bit01

    DIY DC power cables

    Ghent will likely make any custom cable to specification. If he has to buy the components there is of course quotation/lead time involved.
  2. bit01

    DIY DC power cables

    ^ I should have mentioned that the quiet backdrop to the music and the soundscape resolution is also impressive (in case anyone was wondering)!
  3. bit01

    DIY DC power cables

    Even though I have mentioned this somewhere else in these forums - I thought it worth sharing in this thread. I am getting tremendous performance from this star quad cable when used for DC duty between ISO Regen-LPS 1.2 - uR (and I have tried many other CA suggestions) It allows extended frequency extremes with nice tones and timbre- music sounds right in my setup such that I seek no more! Cable Type: Triple screened quadruple core / star quad (Balanced) Conductor Material: FUSION TECHNOLOGY: amorphous Cu/Zn/Ag alloy + HYBRID: Linear Structured Carbon saturated layer(s) https://www.vandenhul.com/product/the-integration-hybrid-halogen-free/ (No affiliation)
  4. I use J River MC 23 DLNA with bridge on my PC to the Sonore uRendu (USB> Iso Regen>Anker>uR as explained previously)- no issues at all, but have to be plugged in the m'board USB ports, not the USB hubs which seem to get bumped. Not familiar with the Pro iDSD I am afraid but it looks great!
  5. Yes you can use J River. Set it up as a media server Tools>Options>Media network and click 1st box to enable DLNA. The rest of the options can be set according to how you want to use it. Your renderer/DAC should show up in 'Playing Now' when set up right
  6. uR->IR did not do anything for me. What works for me is to use the IR to clean the PC USB then convert it to ethernet using the Anker (or Apple) USB to Ethernet converter unit. I use the PC in bridged mode (main LAN to secondary ethernet for the uR) . I find it better than the direct ethernet switch to uR connection. LAN switch->PC->IR->Anker (USB to Ethernet)->uR->DAC You may want to have a read through the thread (esp first few pages): Hope that clarifies it somewhat.
  7. In case I confused some - between the IR and the uR I have an Anker USB/Ethernet adapter. Needless to say, SQ results may be hardware and environment specific - so best to try it out yourself.
  8. I am not using it anymore - I found using the PC motherboard USB port into the above setup to be better (esp the low end) by a margin! This was further improved (esp. the sound stage resolution) by using the DC Power cable SUPRA CAT8 on the uR and Ugreen flat CAT7 on the IR! USB Links are USPCBs.
  9. I had the PPV2 also but now use this setup and highly recommend it (links are USPCBs): PC->ISO Regen<one LPS 1.2>uRendu!