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  1. I should mention the perceived improvements in bass detail/definition as well. Please note that the LPS 1 is no slouch either especially when powered by the likes of the excellent Paul Hynes SR4!
  2. After several tens of hours powering the ultraRendu I find the power supplies converge (break-in?) to very similar performance and 'sound'. I am hard pressed to select between the PH SR4, LPS 1.2 and the HDPULN + r-core. They are all excellent.
  3. You bet! I will be checkin' in, & thanks 10^6 for your posts
  4. quite interesting - do you use a shield on them? I live in the middle of an urban setting and EMI is rampant in my location. I am just wondering if that would be a factor in your setup, though I notice they are quite short?
  5. LT3045 in other locations? no, not at the moment but it seems to be a worthy regulator and will be following it in the tweaks in these forums
  6. Hi Cornan, I am not surprised by your findings and glad that your setup is stunning, a tough place to get to most times. I have had the HDPULN + r-core ps & TP running for several months, but only a few days with LPS-1.2 and PH SR4. They offer different flavors with the uR and preference will depend on other factors like the downstream setup. I can make some comments at a later date after further familiarization with them.
  7. I have an ultraRendu which I can feed with different powers supplies. LPS-1, LPS-1.2, Teddy Pardo 7/2, Paul Hynes SR4, several Far East models, and a DIY using the Stammheim's 3A LT3045 board and a ZeroZone 50W R-core tranny. I would encourage any DIY enthusiasts to try it. It gives the 'fullest most liquid' sound in my setup. Happy with it.
  8. Just to say that I am enjoying the LPS 1.2 (set at 7 VDC & with its supplied smps) feeding the Sonore ultraRendu. I get the same feeling of upgrade from the LPS 1 that the Sonore uR gave over the mR. 'Grace and timing' improvements that make the music that more captivating.
  9. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    Component interaction in different setups and different listener sensibilities come into play. In the end one has to listen with their own ears and using their own audio system. If you cannot do this, with this level of performance, toss a coin and hope for the best.
  10. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    Sonore ultraRendu
  11. I moved the ISO Regen to another setup that uses the mR and a different DAC (NAIM DAC-V1). There are no switching issues (mentioned above) in this setup, and IR benefits are more apparent. I moved the LPS-1 to the IR. PC/PPA V2 USB (LPS powered)>Anker USB/Ethernet>mR (LPS powered)>USPCB>IR (LPS-1 powered)>USPCB>DAC This setup has improved the perceived bass response (detail & extension). It is also apparent that there is much less digital edge/hardness/glare remaining if any. Good & thanks to Uptone/Sonore! ATB.
  12. Hi Cornan, Frojo Gnd wire does not fix this - I found that just plug-unplug USB chord also works. I will be doing this in the meantime. Thank you both for your thoughts and input.
  13. Hi Cornan, Thank you for the suggestion-did it but it does not help this situation. The controller reports 'unknown usb device (device descriptor request failed)' until I cycle the IR power B.
  14. The bold text above should have read 'until I cycle power to the ISO Regen'. On/off of the DAC does not change anything.
  15. I have been using the USB Regen with a Teac UD-501. I have a laptop plugged into the Regen which is powered by a TP 7/2. I have two other source components I use plugged into the SPDIF inputs, so I have to switch inputs every now and then. All worked well with the Regen. I replaced it with the ISO Regen (ISO engaged) . It works fine however when I switch to another input and return to USB, the DAC does NOT go into 'USB ready' mode, just displays USB. It will not 'lock' (or handshake?) with the ISO Regen until I cycle power to either of them. Not a deal breaker, only a royal PITA. This did not happen with the Regen. Is there something that can be done -firmware upgrade or the like? Any help is most appreciated.