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  1. That's not how USB works. Not at all.
  2. Yes, USB 1.1 supports up to 96/24 stereo. If the source file has a higher resolution, something would have to downsample it, and that something could well introduce a slight attenuation.
  3. A device that intercepts and alters USB audio data while otherwise being completely invisible to the endpoints would not be difficult to create. Although I wouldn't put it past AQ to do that, I still think some other explanation is more likely.
  4. mansr

    Teradak does not answer

    I suspect those bovines are male, and that their rear ends are involved.
  5. I can think of one vaguely plausible explanation along those lines. Suppose the long cable is so poor that it drops down to USB 1.1 full speed while the short one manages to support USB 2.0 high speed. As a result, different OS drivers might get used, or the DAC might be otherwise differently identified. This in turn could lead to different saved volume settings being applied. A lot of ifs and mights, but it's not entirely impossible.
  6. mansr

    Sublime Christmas Music

    Now we're getting somewhere.
  7. mansr

    Player cannot play the disk I burned

    Where did the songs come from? How did get turned into an ISO file? Using which program and with what parameters?
  8. mansr

    Sublime Christmas Music

    The trick with hairdressers is finding one who gives you a better cut than you would have known to ask for.
  9. mansr

    Sublime Christmas Music

    Thanks. I'll have to let my hairdresser know that his music finding skills are lacking. He only found Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis.
  10. mansr

    Sublime Christmas Music

    Tom Waits ought to make a Christmas album.
  11. mansr

    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    Thou shalt not travel faster than the speed of light. Thy entropy shall be non-decreasing. ...
  12. mansr

    Two simultaneous sound outputs in different formats

    Even if you manage to compensate for the differing latencies, you'll still have clock drift.
  13. mansr

    Best AD converter in studio

    The Merging Horus and Hapi ADCs seem to be popular in large studios. By all indications, they are excellent products.
  14. mansr

    iZotope vs SoX Upsampling in Audirvana Plus 3.2

    Right, a FIR filter is a linear system. There can be no non-linear distortion (harmonic, intermodulation, etc). The frequency response, which is the Fourier transform of the impulse response, says all there is to know.
  15. mansr

    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    Distortion in the expensive one, either intentional or a result of boneheaded design choices like discrete resistor ladders or vacuum tubes.