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  1. MusiCHI Suite

    Hello I am the person who designed MusiCHI On the local version (not the client server) you can delegate the sound output to an external player included HQPlayer if you want, you use our player just to select the music and it will write a m3u file and load HQ Different philosophy on the sound we try to be as close as the original bit by bit not adding effects, but in wasapi + ram playing - MusiCHI really sound good.
  2. Intona is a great piece and they have indeed a great service, for a "poluted PC" it does a great job I used to have one intona and after that 2 regen in series with linear power supplies. I put that in the garage, because I found this amazing device the 3R by ideon audio. I also use 2 in series but with one you get 85% of the improvement It is cheaper than the intona, and works way better [than the regen as well]
  3. MusiCHI Suite

    Hello we just came out with a client server, the stuff has been in use for more that a year but we just decided to put it out for public consumption but both machines need to be windows, you can read more here https://musichieu.wordpress.com/tagging-audio-topics/musichi-client-server-architecture/
  4. I have both and it is amazing intona first then a regen after with a good linear power supply that is IMHO the best but intona does most of the job if budget is an issue get intona first, then icing on the cake a regen
  5. MusiCHI Suite

    Hello I am the designer of MusiCHI, It is valid for 3 weeks, but if you need an extension just sent us a mail at support@musichi.eu and we will give you a new serial. No time pressure... The tagger has a lot of features so it takes a little time to discover them all We have videos that show step by step how to do "things" Videos Cheers PW
  6. MusiCHI Suite

    Yes Sir at your service
  7. MusiCHI Suite

    We are looking to port the tagger only but it is very slow: the programming tools are not as good under mac For the player with the all powerful iTunes...?
  8. MusiCHI Suite

    Ok Chris, will do then Thank you Philippe
  9. MusiCHI Suite

    I do not want to be dis-involved but I am prudent. It is very easy to be banned.... For those who have the suite installed and want to use any other external player than foobar just download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15135875/MusiCHIPlay.exe overwrite the old one in C:\Program Files (x86)\MusiCHISuite and in main menu > settings >audio > external player set the path
  10. MusiCHI Suite

    We use Firebird as a database server, it is a real DB server open source project. The Server and the library have to be on the same machine. Meaning the server installed on your desktop and the lib on a nas will not work or will only for one connection, anyway not a good idea. it runs on Linux too, so depending of your nas os, it can be installed and run on the nas, the lib can be saved there and many clients can share it. I have Lenovo NAS I cannot do test this. I have read someone managed to do this on a sinology Firebird SQL auf Synology Diskstation installieren 08/2012 » Blog in german but translate can take care of this.
  11. MusiCHI Suite

    Hi Geoff, Please, I do not want to run into trouble with the moderator of this site, by turning this tread into a support page for Musichi, please write me an email at support@musichi.eu and I will accommodate you request ASAP. As far as remote - I do believe a lit of bit of walking is good for the health...but for the stationary kind you can use teamviewer or remotedesktop from microsoft for android why re-invent the wheel ? until we change our minds... :-) Talk to you soon Philippe
  12. MusiCHI Suite

    Welcome The latest "official" release works only with foobar but a week ago, one user wanted to use HQ player; so we made it more generic, basically the user has to indicate the path of the external player he wants and it is kept in the settings [but default is still foobar]. I can provide dropbox link for whoever needs this feature ASAP. One of the icons of the tool bar deals with playlists the last option "send playlist to external player". It will stop our sound, write a m3u8 file with the path of the audio tracks present in the playing Q. then the external player is called: example with foobar "C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe" "C:\Users\......\MusiCHILists\_temp.m3u8" Of course for it to work, the external player has to be designed to pick up the m3u8 files upon loading if called this way, that is the case for foobar & HQ. I have never tested it, but I would think Jriver does it too, like few others...I hope it does answer your question, if not reformulate it and I will try to do a better job...cheers Philippe
  13. MusiCHI Suite

    Hi I am the developer of Musichi, 1) there is a way to send the playing queue to an external player of your choice. basically it creates a temp m3u file and call your player to load it. 2) Jriver supports the creation of custom tags columns, nothing prevents you to read for example the composition field and make use of it in Jriver. They have tutorials on how to do that