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  1. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    The bug with a NAD M51 DAC playback remains in moode 2.0 Still doesn't work.
  2. Advice for a 2014 Mac Mini model selection

    Actually - 4GB is already enough I have Mac Mini (MC936) as dedicated source - with 4GB + SSD, last Yosemite & Audirvana - as per software everything works fine. BTW - there's a minor issue with fan noise, but it's 2011 models issue, they not as silent as other years models (look in wikipedia for noise level).
  3. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    Already sent, thank you! As you said I've start the Raspberry (Model 2), plug the DAC, reboot - and no sound. Often moode.local stops responding. Sometimes when I start the playback - i can see on the DAC display that it gets the resolution (44.1, 96) - but that's all
  4. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    Doesn't work with NAD M51