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  1. I cannot speak to the MoFi versions, but the recent Original Mono 6 CD box set is incredibly good compared to whatever stereo versions you might have. They are a must buy for any Dylan fan. Once you've heard the mono, you will only hold on to the stereo versions so that you can tell yourself you would have done a better job mixing that Dylan's guys (haha).
  2. Good news! The price has come down (I'm almost certain that I paid $300 a few years ago, and they are in Wirecutter as a top choice for $300). We have not had the durability issues mentioned, ours have been very rugged. Also note that you can get the noise cancellation version for well under $300. I still think you are better off without noise cancellation, even if both were the same price. Rock on! https://www.amazon.com/PSB-M4U-1-GRAY-Performance-Headphones/dp/B00AFUF2EE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1544304019&sr=8-3&keywords=psb+headphone
  3. You might consider sacrificing the noise cancellation and Bluetooth in exchange for what might be fairly described as headphones for audiophiles who don't have much money or who don't want a super expensive pair banging around the airport. PSB has a pair for $300 that give a passive noise-cancelling seal around the ear and will sound much better than those with the features you describe. (Both active noise cancellation and bluetooth have a price in terms of both sound quality and dollars.) I use mine on the plane, my son uses his on the subway--two thumbs up! They're carried by both hifi shops and Amazon.
  4. PeterG

    Article: New Limited Edition McIntosh System

    Gorgeous! Plus, from a functional perspective, I love that all the MC2152 connections are in the back, as opposed to the left and right side connections of the MC275.
  5. PeterG

    Article: The Definitive Dynaudio Music 1, 3, 5, 7 Speaker Review

    Be brave! Your friends will be rewarded with better sound and bigger smiles. Srsly, the Naim interface, just for example, is easy enough for my wife who has zero patience for tech, and it looks like the Music is easy too.
  6. PeterG

    Article: McIntosh MS500 Music Streamer Review

    Great review! I appreciate the clear outline on the pluses and minuses. I'm a big McIntosh fan (and in love with my MC275), but it really bums me out that the MS500 does not output bit perfect audio. The McIntosh proposition is that we "overpay" for incredibly beautiful music. So it does not bother me when, just for example, McIntosh and/or tube detractors rant and rave about price/performance ratios. If I wanted to focus on bang for the buck, I'd buy a terrific whole system for less than my amp alone. On the other hand, the lack of bit perfect output appears to be a compromise with no return. For $6,000, there should be no obvious shortcomings.
  7. I love this article, and I'm going to buy the disc. (This is especially noteworthy since I don't really like the Airplane and you don't really like the sound quality, haha) You've made a critical topic so much fun and accessible. Recording quality is a HUGE variable, especially on hi end systems, yet except for the excellent loudness wars database you reference, it goes almost completely unmentioned on the interwebs. You've done a great job with a full evaluation. THANKS! Keep'm comin'!
  8. Aren't we laying it on just a bit thick here? DSD is a good point, at least for the folks who have already invested. But does anyone have any 32/384 or expect to buy any? Has anyone dropped $2K on a DAC and decided to skip the preamp? Filters? Selectable output stage? One important lesson my dealer imparted years ago while persuading me to switch from my Denon amp to an NAD--if two components have the same price and both are made by well respected providers---there's a really good chance the one with fewer features sounds better because they put all their cost budget into fewer parts.
  9. I agree that the complexity would be overwhelming at this stage. But Kelly does raise an interesting question. On an anecdotal level, I was stunned by the difference a cable change made on my DAC (and for reasons that I will spare you, I am certain it was not all in my head). Maybe after you find your favorite DAC, you'll write on your quest to optimize your DAC? Obviously the lessons would not apply as directly, but they would at least offer prescreened hypotheses to readers. Just a thought 😊
  10. I agree with Ralf. I have great appreciation for many professional reviewers, but your reviews are more interesting and informative than those done by most of the guys who are doing this professionally. One great thing about the series is that as your stable of DACs has grown, your comparisons have become ever deeper. As I've probably said in the past, at these levels of performance, just about everything is really good, so it's all about the tradeoffs. Bravo!
  11. I started with a DragonFly--extraordinary sound for the money, plus zero intimidation factor.
  12. Great review! I especially appreciate the comparison to a full traditional setup such as your Yggy/Ayre--too many reviews of good all-in-one products fail to mention that there are some sonic compromises. I will recommend Atom to a friend who is looking for something a bit easier than a full setup. Also--thanks for the music recs--listening to Long Black Coat on my Naim Unit Core into Yggy/McIntosh now. Sounds great!
  13. OK, after something like 6 months (5 in the queue, 3 weeks in transit), my Gen 1 Yggy is back home with the Analog 2 upgrade, and... WOW! I am blown away. From the very first notes it's clear that the bass and transients pack more punch. Noise floor has dropped significantly, and I didn't think that was possible from where we started. Virtually everything is better articulated, with better separation, and thus the soundstage has also improved. All of this is done with no apparent loss of the musicality or warmth that Yggy fans love. Frankly, I'm stunned. I was a bit worried that with no side by side comparison I wouldn't be sure the improvement was worth the $600 and 3 weeks apart. But it's taken my system to a whole new level. This is the best $600 I've spent in ages. If you have a first generation Yggy, upgrade NOW!
  14. Thanks for another great review. As I think I've said before, I love your head to head comparisons. At this level of performance, they are the only way to identify weaknesses.
  15. PeterG

    Onkyo Music

    Onkyo Music looks terrific--strong catalog, FLAC, reasonable prices--so I am thinking of migrating my purchases of new music to there, away from CDs purchased on Amazon. In the past I bought a bunch of stuff from HDTracks, but I tired of their high prices matched with unreliable sound quality--as most know, too many of the versions did not sound as good as readily available CDs. Please advise on experiences with Onkyo Music sound quality, especially dynamic range. A big shout out and thanks to new_media for introducing me to the site in response to an earlier thread. (I am surprised it has not garnered more coverage from the CA community.) Thanks! https://www.onkyomusic.com/US/home