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  1. Nice to hear. Hq-player doesn't support an image but ask Jessy / Miska stated " AFAIK, DietPi comes with networkaudiod, so it should work."
  2. SMPS and grounding

    Yes I did and all other posts of John Swenson,and Super-daddy
  3. SMPS and grounding

    Dear John S, I have modified my Ethernet cable CAT6 as you suggested. Disconnected respectively interupted the inside shield wire and aluminium foil at both ends. Soldered a ground from end to end connecting the shield wires. Sort kind of a "loop" I suppose? Immediately audible and indeed another SQ -improvement. Less than grounding my Meanwell SMPS & Sbooster Ultra feeding the Uptone Regen(Amber) and grounding of my Netgear GS105 switch as you suggested earlier thread. Do I ground TOO Much? Nevertheless my SQ has improved within a week spectacular with very easy DIY tricks! Ps. More tips and tricks are highly recommended. Best regards, Andreas
  4. Dear Miska/ Jussi, I have re-installed High Sierra latest version 10.13.1 on both Mac Mini’s. No other applications are running audio. Most of the times (60-70%) I don’t have problems connecting the NAA 3.5.2. on my other Mac Mini. When I have problems with connecting the NAA the log gives following data. [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): push to queue timed out. Running my Music from a USB drive connected as sort of Time capsule with my Airport Extreme. Please see attached screen capture for the push to queue timed data. My Mini’s are both Cat6 wired. Is this caused by lack of speed / responsiveness of my drive? Ps. In the nearby past, I used one of the 2 hard drives of my Mac Mini for music. But I really prefer running via improved Ethernet with Uptone Regen with dedicated SMPS-es. But when I just start with PCM instead SDM(DSD) I instantaneously succeed to connect with the NAA. But most of the times with following sequences with buffers set as 116. [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): start 384000/24/2 [pcm] [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): Set channels: 2 (2) [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): Set sampling rate: 384000 (384000) [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): CoreAudio engine starting... [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): CoreAudio using integer mode [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): CoreAudio virtual format: 384000/32/2 [ SignedInteger NonMixable ] [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): CoreAudio using non-mixable mode [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): CoreAudio physical format: 384000/32/2 [ SignedInteger NonMixable ] [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): CoreAudio engine started at: 384000 (384000) [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): enter streaming mode [/Applications/networkaudiod] (575): CoreAudio allocate buffers of size 116. But after restarting the NAA the buffers are set to 512 for both PCM and SDM. Than I stop the PCM conversion and start playing SDM flawlessly the whole day. Strange isn’t? Another question: Teac UD 501 is set by default Mac Mini NAA in the audio/midi as 2 channels, 24 bits integer 44.1 kHz. Should this be set at a higher sample rate? Or is this managed by HQ-player? Thanks for your reply in advance. Best regards, Andreas
  5. Dear Miska/Jussy Does HQPlayer also support Allo USBridge which is running on OS DietPi. Do you have suitable bootable images for this NAA endpoint too? Thanks in advance, Andreas
  6. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Is it possible to run the Allo USBridge as HQ-player NAA endpoint? And will it be recognized by HQPlayer as regular NAA? Please advice. Many thanks in advance
  7. SMPS and grounding

    Dear John Swenson, Many thanks for the trick to ground my Netgear GS105(V5) and also my Meanwell SMPS and Sbooster Ultra which both feeds the Uptone Regen(amber) to my Team UD 501. Upsampling my music in DSD 128 by means of the superior HQ-player and to NAA Mac Mini and sometimes a Raspberry 3. Much better engaging sound in bass, voices and cymbals. An absolute must. So easy to do yourself. Thank you very much
  8. Hi Miska / Jussi, Same problem still exits with update 3.18.2 but found another strange behavior too. I don't not succeed to connect the NAA on my Mac Mini. But when I start with PCM instead my default SDM I can connect the NAA easily. Shortly after that I can switch to SDM. But in 50% of the cases the # buffers are still 116. But closing the NAA- app and restarting it gives mostly buffers size 512 Ps. I cannot hear any differences in SQ playing with buffers 116 or 512 or maybe I am wrong. Very best regards, Andreas
  9. Dear Miska, Send you a mail and several log fies including some comments to info@signalist.com
  10. Dear Miska, Since yesterday I have problems to connect my NAA 3.5.2 ( configured on a Mac Mini I5 with OS High Sierra latest version of yesterday 10.13.1 on SDXH -card etc). I use HQP version 3.18.1 on a Mac Mini I7 Server also High Sierra 10.13.1 I am able to connect the music files on my Airport Timecapsule as always . Also noticed when I try to connect as PCM 352 instead upsampling to DSD128 I mostly succeed. After that I switch to DSD ? Strange I have also noticed that the size of CoreAudio buffers is 116 instead of 512. After a restart a few minutes later the CoreAudio Buffers size is again 512. Do you have an explanation? Very best regards, Andreas Ps. attached 2x screenshots buffers 116 and 51
  11. Uptone Audio Regen

    My message for all present Meanwell SMPS users. The addition of the Sbooster Ultra for the UpTone Audio Regen USB Hub is a direct audible addition. The Sbooster Ultra for the UpTone Audio Regen USB Hub is a switch-mode power supply add on based on active filter technology. Compared to the passive Sbooster Single Unit you will get with the Ultra an even greater crispness, tightness, distinctness and focus. Due to the fact that the Uptone Regen (Amber) doesn’t need power at you can use the so-called Vbus2 Isolator which blocks the electric current at source. In my case a Mac Mini I5 running OS from a SDHC card, internal hard drive deactivated as NAA (=Network Audio Adapter software). And HQ-player running from another Mac Mini Server I7. Sbooster Ultra special including the Vbus2 Isolator for the UpTone audio Regen €79,50 or approximately﹩94,00. Ps. I do not have any business interests with Sbooster company. The only agreement is that I also come from the Netherlands.
  12. Fully agree Alex please go ahead and keep this hifi course
  13. Uptone Audio Regen