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  1. weldp

    CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    1. Roon 2. Roon 3. KEF LS50w 4. HiFiBerry Digi+
  2. weldp

    Tidal Masters-suggest me some tunes!

    Check out this Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10VtON9VjMAt3uyHC2-Oo2MjIa3orv9DKZfwiRQKmTAA/
  3. weldp

    Not secure

    https://letsencrypt.org/ provides free certificates for SSL. I think it is important. Especially for a site that supports username/password login. -weldp
  4. I am listening on the Meridian Explorer 2 which has hardware MQA decoding and HD650 headphones. I have been A/B listening to HiFi vs MASTER across 10 or so albums today. The starkest difference I am hearing is on the "American Beauty" album. On MQA "Box of Rain" the bass is clearly deeper and more detailed. High end is smoother and less harsh. -weldp
  5. weldp

    Meridian Explorer 2: reliable?

    I bought the Explorer 2 when it first came out. It is my first USB DAC so I don't have much of a reference to compare it to except that it is better than my built-in MacBook DAC. No surprise. I use it several hours a week for over a year and have had no problems. I'm listening to Fleetwook Mac "Rumors" with the Explorer 2 and HD650's and I can clearly hear an improvement in Tidal Master quality over HIFI. Clarity improved in the guitar in "Never Going Back Again" for instance. -weldp
  6. weldp

    MQA is Vaporware

    The original redbook versions are still there. Look at Enya "Dark Sky Island". You can play that and see HIFI displayed or you can play Enya "Dark Sky Island (Deluxe)" and see MASTER displayed.
  7. weldp

    Article: My First 24 Hours With MQA

    You need to be using a native Tidal client and update to the new version released today.
  8. My Mac OS X Tidal updated today and I am seeing the MASTER quality when playing Coldplay "A Head Full of Dreams" album. When I get home later tonight I will try with my Meridian Explorer 2 DAC to see if the MQA lights up and what quality it says the stream is. -weldp
  9. weldp

    Explorer2/MQA review

    I have an Explorer2. You can't use the Explorer2 with and iPad or iPhone even with the camera kit unless you use a usb hub because it draws too much power. You get the error "accessory unavailable because it uses too much power". I have read that people have had success plugging in USB hubs inline. This article takes that approach but with a Dragonfly: Dragonfly DAC with iPhone - Update - UofMTiger Tech I use the Explorer2 from my PC and Macbook Pro and it works great. I have played around with some of the sample MQA files and they do seem to sound better. You have to have a bitperfect player to get the MQA light to light up. I'm using Roon. There is also a review in Stereophile. -weld
  10. weldp

    The Amazing Mystery of the Moon

    I have noticed the same effect with the sun. The rising or setting sun seems much bigger. Same goes for planets and clusters of stars. Everything looks bigger when compared to the horizon vs up high in the sky. -weldp
  11. When I started Tidal for Mac today it told be there was a new version available. I updated to Still no Master streaming quality. I have HiFi only. -weld
  12. weldp

    Article: My First 24 Hours With MQA

    I tried that to no avail. There must be something in VLC that is keeping it from being bitperfect. I did try Roon and that worked. I got my blue light with MQA flac.. We now have a convenient test for bitperfect output to test software. -Chris
  13. weldp

    Article: My First 24 Hours With MQA

    I'm struggling to see a blue or green light when playing MQA files on my Explorer2. I updated to 1717 firmware and I am using the files from 2L High Resolution Music .:. free TEST BENCH. Am I missing something? I am playing with VLC.