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  1. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    Hi there. I have using Moode for a few weeks now absolutely excellent better than Volumio and Rune IMO. I have not been able to get the library to display all sections are blank. Cannot seem to find any info to bring it to life any help much appreciated thx!
  2. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    Thank you for your help. I am actually using NFS was my oversight completely I forgot to change the host Id on the NAS. All is good now and the library is updating. Thx again,
  3. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    Hi there new to the forum and Moode. Have successfully got it up and running early days but I hear a difference between volumio rune and this product, however I cannot seem to connect my synology nas to Moode. The layout and direction is practically the same as the other apps yet I continue to get error messages. I would be grateful for any assistance thx