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  1. That's awesome. Really happy that you--and so many others--are pleased with the results of our efforts. Thanks for posting! --Alex C. P.S. I see that this is your first post here at CA. Whether you are truly new here or a long time lurker just now feeling compelled to write--a big welcome to you!
  2. Glad you liked the shot of him. There is a funny story behind this. My wife wanted a new female cat--to balance out a bit the two males we had at the time. A woman who did part-time bookkeeping for UpTone came in one day and said she found a tiny female kitten curled up in the engine compartment of her car. She was a runt and the mother had abandoned her. So we took her in and named her Ruby. She was so small one of our sons could hide here inside his two hands. A couple of months go by, and one of us notices that Ruby was sitting and licking some "things" at the rear. Oops, our little "girl" kitten was a he! Of course at the first trip to the veterinarian they informed us that there are virtually no female orange tabby cats in the world. You would think, having owned cats for 50 years we would know this. But I guess it is like trying to find a male Calico cat. He is very affectionate and quite a character. And like most orange tabby he eats too much. We still call him Ruby, but mostly Rube. Frankly I think we are the rubes in this...
  3. Don’t worry Rajiv, yours and a whole lot more will be packed in the morning (Wednesday) and shipped. Today we had just enough time to pack most all the domestic singles and some internationals to countries that don’t need commercial invoices attached. About 60 units. Tomorrow we tackle all the ISO REGEN/LPS-1.2 bundles, the internationals that need commercial invoices, and the surprising number our doubles and triples. About 55 units. We expect to be about all caught up by Thursday, though the couple dozen orders placed since we changed the promised date on the web page to the 28th will likely spill over to next week, but still will ship on time or a day ahead. I have to count, but it sure looks like we are getting very close to being all sold out of the first 250 unit run. Purchasing for the next run has begun, though I expect we’ll run ourt of boards and cases before the next batch arrives. John and I are certainly pleased with how this is going. THANKS EVERYONE! Goodnight, —Alex C.
  4. The Paul Hynes SR7

    We'll look forward to that. Quite right, thanks. Any of you can start a thread in our forum I guess. As @jelt2359 described, a good portion of what everyone seems to like about Paul's unit is that they are "bespoke" builds, based on individual user selection of options,be they number of rails, output voltages, connectors, wiring, etc. That's simply not a business I am interested in getting into at all. As far as Paul's very fine discrete regulator design, it is hard for me to picture licensing of it to be economically viable--for Paul, for UpTone, or for the users, since profits need be factored in. Besides, John Swenson and I are not convinced that absolute lowest noise is required for a high-current PS. Very low output impedance and lack of kicked-back AC mains harmonics are also important and our simpler choke-filtered designed accomplishes that.
  5. Yes, really. Rob Watts of Chord himself confirmed this right here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chord-electronics-qutest-dac-official-thread.869417/page-2#post-13964721
  6. Well here is a quote from an UltraRendu owner who received his LPS-1.2 over the weekend. (Kevin lurks a lot here at CA but does not post, so he gave me permission to quote him.) "Hi Alex, First impression: you guys knocked it out of the ballpark. I just replaced my LPS 1 with the 1.2... no other change, and my system has never sounded better than it sounds right now (connected to an UltraRendu). Congratulations on a job well, no make that superlatively, done. Regards, Kevin" [EDIT: Looks like Kevin likes it so much he just ordered another. Warms my heart! ]
  7. The Paul Hynes SR7

    Well I don't want to rule anything out yet gents. Compared to the crazy-sophistication of our UltraCap supply, doing a more conventional supply would be a piece of cake. It mostly is a matter of physical design and doing what makes the most sense. Right now, our choke-filtered JS-2, with two user-adjustable, 4-level outputs and current ranging from 5A/5V to 7A/12V covers a lot of applications. And the deceptively simple choke design competes technically and sonically at the top levels--with the likes of Paul's fine units. What I would like to understand is what sort of power supply niche you fellows are looking for someone to fill. If there was consensus on how many rails, what output voltages, and how much current, then at least that would give us parameters to sketch and calculate size, cost, etc. At the moment I can't tell if some of you are wanting a 10A supply or a 3-4A supply. One rail or four. I mean looking at the Custom Hi-Fi Cables DC3 mentioned, I see a $725 single fixed output supply offering just 1.5 amps and no real details about the regulator circuits and a lot of talk about fancy electrolytic caps. (Though I am sure they are fine units, much better than all the generic stuff that comes out of China.) Now I see the word "custom" has been mentioned a bunch. The geekier among you like to be able to specify all sorts of fancy upgrades and extras. For any busy audio manufacturer--small or large--that way lies madness and I'm not going there. Look no further than Paul Hynes or--and I don't mean to put him in the same pot at all--Light Harmonic, each with a dozen different customization tweaks. It is a road to ruin! Right now we build about 230 JS-2s per year, and I can assure you that while it is a reasonably profitable product, the labor involved (which includes parts procurement, prep, build, test, etc.) is extensive. So I would much rather figure out what exactly is desired and build one model that covers those bases. As I see it, with just the JS-2 and the 1.1A UltraCap LPS-1.2 (now 5/7/9/12V), there are two segments we are not now covering: The 3-4 amp range and the 3+ rail 8-12 amp range. Those would be two very different beasts, with very different price points. Please tell us what you are really looking for and also what your applications would be. Small devices? Big ATX computers? Apologies for crashing in on a Paul Hynes thread (I think the world of him and wish him well). But since UpTone was brought up and since I follow the LPS market closely to try to understand user needs, this seemed like a good place to ask the questions. Thanks, --Alex C.
  8. Watching the Winter Olympics while testing LPS-1.2 boards last night. One of our pets did not understand that I was testing ultracap supplies not UltraCats!
  9. Also Chord 2Qute now that the UltraCap output range extends to 12V.
  10. Well you are just shifting the USB>I2S conversion to an external box. As I have pointed out before, the USB input of the Spring is fine and typical—and about the same as the Singxer SU-1. What makes the I2S sound better is that using it bypasses the Spring’s cheap clocks and allows the much lower phase-noise Crystek CCHD-575s of the SU-1 to become the master clock for the DAC. A mod to upgrade the clocks in the Spring would tip things the other way.
  11. People are beginning to receive their UltraCap LPS-1.2 units from last week's shipment, so I have started a User Impressions & Questions thread: Let's begin to move the party over to there... And don't worry, another, even larger batch will be shipping out this week, so the rest of you will have your's soon. Here's a pic of the next 180 boards, about half of them flashed and waiting for individual testing (how I have spent my entire weekend).
  12. People are beginning to receive their UltraCap LPS-1.2 units from the first shipment that went out last week. I will add some more introductory detail here in a few days, but figured I'd best put up an "official" thread for user comments--rather than have them land in the Announcement/Launch thread. Already a fellow named Tim received his on Saturday and shot me this message from his phone: "Hey Alex got my LPS-1.2 today and has FAR EXCEEDED my lofty expectation on what this could do for my audio chain. Am using with a JACAT usb card and the LPS 1.2 has made a huge difference over the ifi that I was currently using! Looks like you knocked it outta the park on this one!"
  13. Sorry, not just yet. Been quite consumed by the UltraCap LPS-1.2 launch and another semi-secret project. Will try to slot the microB version in soon. Thanks for your patience. --Alex C.
  14. Hi Saurabh: At this point, for your system, I really do not have any idea what is causing the variabilities you have been reporting. We know it is not your sample of ISO REGEN, as we replaced it for you many months ago. Something in your system--or even with other appliances and lighting on your electrical system--may have changed. It is known that the Berkeley Alpha UBS>S/PDIF--with its floating/bus-powered USB input--is rather sensitive to even the slightest signaling disturbances. Full galvanic isolation with USB can be a tricky thing. So at this point, for your system, if the problem comes up again, you may have to live with using the ISO REGEN with the isolation defeated. That aspect of the device still accounts for only about 15-20% of its overall "greatness" in my opinion. Do keep us posted though. (And maybe look around at your system and household devices. I seem to recall you saying that in your location you have some general power problems.) Best, --Alex C.