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  1. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help... I can't get AP 2.2 to play through Airplay to an Apple TV connected to a DAC. I was able to get it to work some weeks back, but no more. I have preferred audio device set to Airplay, I have Airplay NOT selected in iTunes and in Sound preferences I have audio output set to internal speakers. Thanks..
  2. I had a zone set up to play music in another room using Airplay - connecting via an Apple TV. Today I can't get any sound out of that zone. I am not sure what to do to get this working. Any suggestions>
  3. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.... Have been using JRemote to control Media Center via Apple TV and it was working fine until today when for some reason I can no longer connect. I am connecting with an accerss key. In the connection summary, it says connecting to IP address and the timed out. WiFI is working fine and there are no other issues that I am aware of. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Apple TV issue

    UPDATE: I installed the Remote app on my iPad and I can see (and play) all my iTunes library music using the iPad app. The iPhone app seems to lack some of the menus that the iPad has. Odd.
  5. Apple TV issue

    It's a new (2 month old) ATV. And it was working as it should with iTunes till a week ago - but I don't know what happened...
  6. Apple TV issue

    That is an interesting question. I moved the Apple TV and connected it to a TV. The answer is yes, I can access all of my music via the computers tab. Does that mean it's a Remote app issue?
  7. Apple TV issue

    Will do. Thanks for your help.
  8. Apple TV issue

    Yes, I did restart iTunes, and I did turn HS on and off and I also reset my router, all to no avail.
  9. Apple TV issue

    I get a screen that says "Remote will automatically find the iTunes libraries and Apple TVs that have Home Sharing turned on using (my) Apple ID". But there's no way to "proceed" from that screen ie no OK or proceed button. And Home Sharing is on.
  10. Apple TV issue

    I was hoping you wouldn't figure out that I was in your basement... This is what I see when I click "Done". There is no equivalent of TV-Stereo-Mini. Home Sharing is activated on both the Apple TV and the iMac.
  11. Apple TV issue

    It sure does except I don't have any "TV-Stereo-Mini" on my iPhone app (and I deleted the old one and reinstalled)...
  12. Apple TV issue

    Yep, did that. It takes me to a screen where I can choose between playlists, albums, songs etc. What I notice is that the only ones that I can access are - I think - those that I have purchased through iTunes. None of the others show up.
  13. Apple TV issue

    That's weird. When I start the app, I see an Apple TV icon and my Library icon, but when I tap the Apple TV icon, this is what I see:
  14. Apple TV issue

    Thanks, which screen is that?
  15. I wonder if someone can help me with this... I have been playing music through a DAC connected to an Apple TV which streams my iTunes library - controlled from my phone using the Remote app. Suddenly I can no longer access the library through Remote. I can connect to the Apple TV but the library isn't recognized. I have reconnected the Apple TV to a TV and nothing has changed - the network is recognized, Home Sharing is on etc. On my iMac, Home Sharing is on. Any ideas?