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  1. I'm also sure I've seen Supertramp and Cars at 24/192 via Tidal.
  2. "Signals up to 24.96 fully unpack from the playback software in your computer, 24/192 would require a hardware change in the DAC to ‘fully’ unpack. There are not even that many files out there in 24/192 and I guarantee you Tidal is not streaming 24/192 at all." At least according to my DAC, the MQA file from Tidal for Hotel California is playing at 192/24.
  3. Anyone know Macintosh's position on MQA? I have a D100 and really like it with my WA5 headphone amp. My main system right now is using a Brooklyn Dac with Pass .8 amps and it's kinda so-so to me.
  4. If you select PCM Auto Detect and try to change a input sample rate, say 44.1 to 88.2, the PCM Auto Detect automatically turns off.
  5. Using PCM Auto- Detect, with USB, nothing shows as upsamled on my Dac.
  6. You guys first! I'm a little afraid to change anything...
  7. If you can find them to audition, the Joseph Audio Pulsar are stunning and in your range.
  8. markwb

    Article: Roon 1.3 Major Update Coming Today

    Can you group play all of the different endpoints? Sonos, Blusesound, Apple TV etc?
  9. markwb

    Article: CES 2017 - Nice Surprises

    Of the rooms I heard at CES, I liked Nagra the best even though they were only showing the classic line. 2nd place was Constellation. The Magico speakers worked their magic. Amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  10. Yes. Select Bypass. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  11. markwb

    Big MQA News (Really - Tidal and Software Decoding, etc...)

    I'm at CES now and visited the MQA/HiRes booth today. They are making a concentrated effort. The Technics booth was great. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  12. It still does. Auralic knows about it. Also having issues with group play. They are working on that as well.
  13. I've had issues with incorrect bitrate, but with both LDS 3.0 and 4.0. Also have this problem.
  14. Why would one want to put the Aries in sleep mode? Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  15. I'm not an electrical engineer, but the Aries ships with a 16V LPS. Not sure if using the Rossi 12V could damage it. Personally, I have Ken Lau's LPS and really like it.