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  1. This is a concert I didn't attend because it didn't occur. In 1972 or 1973, not long before Duke Ellington died, I saw a listing in a local newspaper that DE and Orchestra would present a concert in Gilroy, California. Gilroy was then a very small town nearby the then very small farmtown in which I lived. The concert was to remember and honor Ivie Anderson who sang with Ellington during most of the '30's and the very early 40's. She was born and raised in Gilroy. I tried to find a place to buy tickets, but never did find a real contact of any sort. I did see a reference later that it had been canceled. Skip
  2. Here's and analogy that might have equivalents in audio: Reciprocating engines (others too) are typically described as generating a certain torque value at each measured rpm and horsepower falls out when the two numbers are combined. However the time it takes to accelerate from one rpm to a higher rpm under a near full load can only be calculated if you know rotating mass (as well as other things, I imagine). The analogy here might be the change of each order of harmonic distortion at a near-step change in overall amplitude. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if this is captured fully in another measurement, but I suspect changes in normally constant test characteristics when other factors are temporally variable might correlate to our perceptions. Skip
  3. Mick Jagger in HD

    I can understand why you ask the question, but Memo from Turner from the Performance sound track is, IMHO, one of his very best songs ever. Skip
  4. PlayClassics TRT v2.0 master file giveaway for CA members

    Please send me the codes for Albéniz Iberia and the Cabrera plays Debussy. I have the first version of Iberia, and the comparison should be very interesting. Thank you, Skip Pack
  5. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    Tim, Here's a thread that just started here. http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f13-music-downloads-and-streaming/favorite-radio-station-url-29529/ Some likely additions to Moode? I also noticed that Radio Paradise now has a 320k AAC stream. Is this what you have hooked in presently? thanks, Skip
  6. flacit.com?

    You have to provide a credit card # and fund a balance higher than your purchase. That raises a small flag. I'll read the terms and conditions before I jump. Skip
  7. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    I upsample to 192/24 using the SoX option. "Audio Information" has always said that 192/32 is going to the DAC. This has been the case since Moode v.1.8. Skip
  8. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    I am running that combination without any problems currently. Happy to follow diagnostic instructions for comparison to CV's situation if that could help. Skip
  9. Linux net book vs RPi 2 descission time

    Best to post this request in the Moode Audio thread in the "Software" topic section here or the "Source and Line>PC Based" section on DIYAudio.com. Tim Curtis, Moode's developer is very helpful to users. I've very happily used it for over a year now. The latest release v2.6 is probably the best place to start. Skip
  10. PlayClassics Truthful Recording Technology v1.1

    Mario, Could you send me the code for the Debussey Preludes. Thank you for your efforts as well as these offers. Skip
  11. New Rasberry Pi Announced. Is this news?

    A little further elaboration to clarify my earlier post. I am getting my music data off my NAS via the RPi2 ethernet port. I am not using any of the USB ports. My output device is the HifiBerry Digi + which gets the Moode player output via the I2S pins. I believe the Digi + reclocks the data without changing the sampling rate or bit depth. I have Moode configured to resample all input files up to 192/24 using SoX medium quality. Moode pads the 24 bit result to 32 bits (the added 8 bits carry no data) and the Digi + sends this out via its SPDIF port to my DAC. I have never had the slightest hiccup getting files already at 192/24 from my NAS to the RPi2, so using only the ethernet port but not the USB ports seems good. This all works very well for me. Some people have reported that RPi2 I2S output directly to the Soekris DAC works very well. I believe it has very sophisticated reclocking. Another avenue may be to use the HifiBerry Dac + Pro. I read mixed reviews of its DAC output, but they say that one can connect I2S outputs from that card to carry data reclocked by the quality clocks on the DAC + Pro, leaving the DAC section unused. This may be a route for high quality 384k PCM or 128/256 DSD. It looks like the key to good results from any RPi is using the ethernet/USB capability for one input and depending on I2S for output. Skip
  12. New Rasberry Pi Announced. Is this news?

    One of the issues that has prevented use of RPi devises from wider usage as high quality music devices has been the shared (wired) ethernet and USB IO. If you are getting your data (song files) via ethernet from and NAS, and hoping to output via USB to your DAC, contention can be a problem (this is from reports, I haven't tried this). I use an RPi2 with a HiFiBerry Digi+ SPDIF output, bypassing the need to use USB. The RPi3 still has the same ethernet/USB configuration as the older RPi's, but the WiFi is on a separate controller, so that might open up a jump in USB output quality as you could handle all ethernet traffic with WiFi. I'm eager to hear reports about this newer configuration. Skip
  13. Your favorite blues track?

    Three from the late '60s and early '70s: Jumpin' at Shadows off disk 3 of Fleetwood Mac Live at the Boston Tea Party (CD) Born to Die from Halfbreed, Keef Hartly (vinyl and probably CD) I'd Rather go Blind from Baldrey's Back, Long John Baldry (CD) edit: It's Baldry's Out, not Baldrey's Back. Skip
  14. Raspberry Pi + Hifiberry Digi+ as a Streamer

    No immediate help here, but I have been using an RPi2/Digi+ combination for 9 months and am very happy. There are a couple of newer possibilities that I have not heard or read online online comparisons. The first is the HifiBerry Dac+Pro, with two clocks to clean up the I2S from the RPi. That's promising. Also, HifiBerry mentions the possibility of getting reclocked I2S output from the Dac+Pro to feed more sophisticated dacs (like Soekris) than the onboard chip. All very interesting. Skip
  15. Odroid or Raspberry Pi2 vs PC for audio

    An interesting discussion can be found in the following thread: The Best DAC is no DAC - diyAudio which discusses output filtration of a DSD stream in very simple ways. This thread in its later stages gets into the NAA concept, so I think it's germane to our discussion here of taking the RPi2 I2S output for higher data rate DSD. John Swenson has tried/built a output-filter-only DSD DAC and uncovered an unusual distortion that he feels is a deal killer for that simplest of approaches. I believe I read this in a post of his from a couple of years back. He thinks Miska's shift register solution in the DSC1 is the right approach. (I hope I'm stating this correctly.) I have not got my head around the shift register concept at all. Skip