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    Suggested improvements to J River for 2015

    What about improving the Library management? The requirement would be to be able to have a central NAS copy of the library for streaming, and a fast access local library in a second PC/Mac for management, and have them both updated. Been playing with this issue with some faulty results so far. If you approach directly in one library directly with NAS, i end up with missing data. The Sync functionality seems to be designed for something else. I have opened this thread for discussion on the issue: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f7-disk-storage-music-library-storage/library-location-jriver-use-2-pcs-23432/ Cheers,
  2. Bplexico, thanks for your post. I will try to respond to kumakuma too relating with my sync problems: 1. I fortunatelly have the habit of storing cover art in the files themselves, i will check Jriver options on this to make sure it is Ok. 2. See below 3. I have stopped my ripping now, lately with music bee, because of the low volume i am getting in some cds. Before that i have used Itunes (hate it), DbPoweramp - free version, not that friendly). I will try with JRiver now. Looking at the Replay Gain issue to get it right. Going back to my setup and trying to respond to point 2. 1. Central Library in NAS shared by 2 PCs - Prefered Solution I imported more or less 50% of my library locally, cloned it the NAS, and imported some more folders from there. The day after realized that most part of the files did not import the album name, and some albums did not have all the tracks. As JRiver in their wiki advises to use a local fast access "The Library files are not large, and should be stored on your fastest, internal disk in the computer (an SSD if possible)", i assumed this could be a wrong approach. 2. Synced Lib As the Lib structure is not very large, this could work too, but i must have done something wrong. I have created the Main Lib locally, cloned it to NAS. I made the Main Lib a Server Lib and checked "Authentication". The idea would be: i. To avoid problems stated in 1, manage locally the Main Lib ii. In the end of a "management" session, sync just the lib files with the NAS. iii. Use it from the stream laptop that 99% of the time would only read the NAS synced lib. This would be perfect. Just to check if everything ok, i started to sync the Lib in the NAS with the local one. I thought it would instant, since they where equal (just cloned). But it started really slow, and i let it ran to see what it was doing. When i got back to see what was going on, a couple of hours later, i found it was copying all my files from NAS to my PC! Had some difficulty turning it off... When i have time (next weekend i suppose), i will revisit this sync approach because it should work. I suspect something in the auto-import options might have something to do with it. Anyway, not leaving it alone anymore! For kumakuma, i would really not like to have 2 Pcs on for steaming... Sound from laptop-->JRiver-->Dac/Amp far superior to Sonos-->Amp but, fair to say, Sonos software is very direct and friendly: Power up Amp, get the ipad and you are on the go! Would like to keep it the simplest as possible. Must say that JRemote and the Smartlists features are very interesting. Hope i can fix the wole thing quick. Cheers to you all
  3. Thanks for your input. I have the same approach but it annoys me of having/maintaining 2 folders when some of the albums will end up in both of them. This and Sonos 65k song limit is making me search for alternatives.
  4. Rn701, kumakuma Does this means that for streaming you have to have 3 Pcs powered up? The manager with lib, the file server - NAS and the stremer? I was trying to avoid powering up the PC manager with the lib...not that simple it seems! I am using JRemote with iOS and happy with it, great, having another PC up for streaming was not my initial idea. To avoid that, following Barr post, need to backup mai lib to NAS and restore it to the streaming PC everytime i make a change? Not perfect. My sync approach was a complete failure since i did not realize it would copy music files also...
  5. Guys, Great community, thanks for your quick answers. I am performing somes tests on the issue and i am happy to see that this setup is used by others and it works. My initial approach, one single Library on the NAS shared between 2 PCs, theoretically should work, but after i refreshed this library with a new folder of files, the meta data did not upload right, and half of it was missing some data (mainly album data...). I am now trying to test bplexico approach, making the lib visible to the NAS through DLNA, and sync with the "manager" laptop (so i can stream with only the stream laptop and NAS powered up). I first did a clone to the NAS, and then synced it. The problem is that, after 4 hours of sync, i have 50% of the lib sync done when the initial lib was a clone of the first one. Did not expect this, since both copies where identical to start with! I will continue to develelop both, but it seems that what would be the preferred solution of a central copy of the lib in ones's NAS is not yet reliable...
  6. I have been using Sonos so far but due to lack of HD Res, starting to explore new configs with a Laptop with Win 8 + J River. Also a bit tired of Sonos sound. Music files are in a NAS. This laptop is audio dedicated for streaming and is connected to a amp with usb dac, but i would like to manage my collection from another computer on the same network. Is it ok to store Jriver Library in the NAS in one shared folder so that both PCs may connect to it? One for management and one for streaming? Does this make sense or is there a better way to achieve this goal? Anyone to share their experience on this? Library is medium / large size, around 30 k tracks but still some ripping to do. Both PCs are wired into the network. Thanks guys, TrayZ