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  1. What is the difference between the USB Regan and the ISO Regan? Which would be better to use with an Aurender N100h? How much will the Sound Quality improve? Thanks for all the help. I look forward to hearing everyone's opinions. I know this is the Computer Audiophile Forum, Chris but it was so convenient when an app was available. Is there any chance you will be releasing another one. Rottikid
  2. I know it's Computer Audiophile and love new site but come on.  The iOS app was so  convenient when out and about.  Are you going to release another one.  

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

    Happy & Healthy Holiday To All Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  4. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Glad to hear your back in business. What filters did you turn on. Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  5. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Does the music play from the folder? Turn unit off and on. What happens when you press Artist or Song. ROTTIKID
  6. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Just hit albums or artist and they should return. Also go to folder view. You should see them there. Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  7. What is Your Favorite Frank Zappa Recording?

    Hot Rats Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  8. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Congratulations jdandy. I also ordered an Aurender N100H 4TB Hard Drive in Black. I was told the Black version should be available and shipping beginning of December. I can't wait. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  9. Album of the Evening

    Rolling Stones Havana Moon Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  10. It's also on Tidal but just cd quality. Give it a try. Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  11. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Did you get my message? Hope it helps you.
  12. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    I spoke with Aurender and the A10 is due out in September. It now will be with a 4tb hard drive not a 2td. Also the N100H will now have a 4tb hard drive. I can't wait. The dac in the A10 is supposed to be really, really good. I just can't wait.
  13. Album of the Evening

    Some good music.
  14. Who are You Going to See?

    Dead and Company Citi Field NY. June 25, 2016