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  1. Sonore microRendu

    Yeah! That's true rebooting sometimes can be fussy on some uRendu. I have three uRendu and it is not easy for firmware upgrade when DAC is Mytek stuff. Unplug does not seem to help but thank you for the advice anyway. I will contact Juses tomorrow. Just found his email contact in my home laptop.
  2. Sonore microRendu

    Jesus, My uRendu froze again after upgrade. Need you help!
  3. Sonore microRendu

    Jesus, Is current firmware update good to go with mytek manhattan and 192DSD?
  4. Sonore microRendu

    The USB 1.0 on mytek 192 does not work neither. The DAC locked and play as it would on USB 1.0. But no sound output from the DAC. Can I return back to 2.2 so at least I can listen.
  5. Sonore microRendu

    My DAC(mytek DSD 192 with 1.8.3 firmware) could not recognized by Microrendu after the firmere 2.3 upgrade. And the time to get into "Manage" page is extremely long compared to before. It looks like the clock could not be locked on USB2. Any resolution or suggestion that I can do? Thanks!
  6. Visit to Paul Pang in Taiwan

    No betel nuts here! Following images shown production lines dedicated to P900 CAT project for only case plating using trivalent chromium plating on 6061. This process along will excess any technology exists today just on audio gear cases, not to mention efforts done within the team from other members toward to software and hardware development. Our love is music! Cheers! Daniel [/url]
  7. Mytek Stereo 192

    What can I do if I do not see the jumpers? Earlier version does not seem to have those jumpers.
  8. Aurender S10 with Weiss DAC 202

    Please, as I advised earlier, don't bother trying batteries other than LiFe ones. It does not cost as much as a nice liner PS but the effect is much noticeable.
  9. Aurender S10 with Weiss DAC 202

    Hi weyskipper, Do you still have the 305? Please try two things: 1. Get a 36V LiFePO4 battery, DC regulated to 24V to replace the AC PS for 305. Any other battery might not do the same effect as the LiFe battery. I tired all and the difference is very noticeable. 2. Connect a clock source to the 305. I have other DACs too(Linn Klimax Renew and Mytek DSD DAC). The 305 with the above options will stand shoulder to shoulder to my other DACs. In many cases, it might be the best DAC around. Cheers! D
  10. Mytek Stereo 192

    Hi Rasmusen, Please keep in mind that DSD material is not a popular format in the market. And ripping DSD files from SACD is not too easy. Sometimes it can be very depressed. The good thing is that folks here are very helpful, especially ted-b. Enjoy D
  11. Mytek Stereo 192

    Hi Rasmussen, I do have Linn Kilmax Renew and Mytek DSD in my system at this time. I sold my Akurate DS (first generation)as soon as I received my Mytek DSD DAC. I do prefer Klimax Renew over DSD DAC when playing normal wav. files ranging from 88.2/24 to 176.4/24. But the difference is really small especially the Mytek DSD is paring with a good pre-amp. For DSD playback, Mytek is apparently in a different level comparing to Renew. I can not comment 100% that DSD playback is the king but I am about 80% there. And with the money paid, I do not think you can go wrong with your own decision. One negative comment on Mytek is that technical service is not as good or as fast as Linn. But then again like computer, upgrade is everyday business. You do not get major problem with Mytek stuff is for sure. The above is only my personal opinion.
  12. Mytek Stereo 192

    Hi Ted_b I am mainly looking for fixing channel swap issue for DSD native playing. Also DSD over USB. My firmware is still at 1.2 Thanks!
  13. Mytek Stereo 192

    I think that is very normal that Mytek slow on replying customer's request. I can't even get an upgrade version of firmware after many emails sent to tech support. I would not and should not feel bad if Mytek removed their advertisement on web site-----Drivers: (For the newest firmware version for your DSD DAC contact Mytekdigital support)
  14. Mytek Stereo 192

    No, you are not along. The majority of CAS audiophile here in Taiwan is doing everything possible to maintain lowest latency in computer. A very specific computer mother board is required-- GA-890GPA-UD3H rev3.1, only one CPU is preferred(AMD Sempron 140), special BIOS setting for lowest voltage on CPU and RAM, specific OS required(Vlite Vista), fanless PS, low latency RAM . Please understand that I am not good at computer nor do my English is good enough to fight. Also there is no business intention here. But everyone who enjoy computer music , please take a look here: http://myav.com.tw/bbs/showthread.php?=&threadid=349951. You can see that computer audio had been developed in Taiwan for many years. How is the sound? People from MSB were surprised just couple months ago during their show period in Taiwan. Go figure......
  15. Mytek Stereo 192

    Hi Ted, Merry Christmas! I am still on V1.2 I am depressed as I was able to play native DSD using PM1.83d5 before. And now with new formal PM1.83, I can't do natively DSD anymore. Don't know where the problem is!