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  1. JC, Are you walking now, as imagined, with some Watermusik from Händel, visualizing fireworks at the pool's horizon? More importantly, does your new gear fulfil your expectations? Curious, Tom
  2. JC, fingers crossed you'll get the items without flaws ... Let us know, if you will get into rhapsody about the sq (solely when walking in the pool, for sure) And dont forget the playlist 😉 Cheers, Tom Last thought: Could the Pono as well be used to improve the sound inside your new car?
  3. JC, I feel your desperation! Pushing water for an hour might need some effort for noise cancellation from the HP's. I use bluetooth usually just in my car, where I find that playing FLAC and HR-files (on Hiby Audio Player for Android) on the car audio system sounds much better over bluetooth, than playing MP3 via USB. Same occurs when using the JBL FLIP 3 from my son. Having your BT device on arm's length shouldn't display the findings of these reviews, I would think. BT is, on my ears, capable to significantly reproduce the differences in source quality, maybe not to the highest quality, but with most portable devices at consumer friendly prices you may also find limitations with the DAC and the analog output section, so perfection might not to be archieved easily. Alternatively, for use with cabled HP's you may consider a used (like this -> Pono Player, which sports an Ayre Acoustics DAC. You might not get nearer to your vision of purest sound in semi-warm water during your workout, for that price. Going all digital, I'd second the phone/BT HP solution for the start to limit unnecessary invest. Going up in spending always exist as an option. Finally, you get what you pay for ... I wish you the best possible recovery from your health conditions and keep us posted about your watermusic playlist 😉 Cheers, Tom
  4. JC, as Google Express is US-only, your link does not open correctly on browsers outside the US. Let's assume that is the perfect match, bluetooth might not be necessary, yet you have to consider the comfort without cabling, especially in a wet environment during sports. If you are looking for a closed design for affordable price, you may have a peek at the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Good luck & cheers Tom
  5. DuckToller

    CA Is Hiring!

    I was also curious, but hesitated to ask .. Me: 37
  6. DuckToller

    Best Cover Songs

  7. DuckToller

    CA Is Hiring!

    PM sent 😉
  8. JC, back to your mobile, bluetooth isn't dependend on mobile signals, so you could carry it in a waterproof bag for mobile phones on your arm ... could fit the Shanling as well ... Cheers, Tom
  9. Marc Ribot feat Tom Waits "murdering the Classics" 😉 .. love it ... ❤️
  10. DuckToller

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Chris, I have read your initial post and all the pages after. And I would really like to express my greatest respect for you to publish the correspondence. From my experience I can tell, it is not always wise and practical to react in such a manner against bullying and threatening, but in my personal feeling it definitely should always be that way you did it. BRAVO!!! For the ones who have become worried about netiquette, calling it crap or advise for the high road : (pls note: this is not personal for the ones, who advocated the above, I have just cited as examples the last reasons I have noted) These kind of advise only feeds the person, who actively decided to interact socially awkward with bullying and threatening another person. I would assume most people supporting a diplomatic and under the radar solution on the existing problem as the only correct way to respond, are missing the experience (sometime as well the empathy) to be in the focus/the victim of misbehavior like that. I could imagine, some others support the low profile because they may have more often a stake on the other side of these conflicts in real life. Or, it is just uncomfortable for some to get concerned about such issues. IMHO, the silence of the victims are like an applause to the ears of the offender ... so is silencing the victim ... I have met many (honorable?) people who just don't want to look on bullying / threatening / harassment, because it only supplies them with discomfort (mostly in personal relations to people, who are active offenders or close to them), no personal profit and even less honors. This is called having a personal agenda. One that does not dispute the existence of bullying itself, but the right of the victim to speak out loud and clear and to point to the malefactor(s) and the demand for correction. In my opinion: If you are an offender, expect to be treated like one and expect a reaction to your offense. If you did not want to offend, get that straight and clear, you may have a chance to get over that, maybe even more than once. If it is your standard behavior, you might address it for getting professional help to initiate a change, usually that doesn't make you irresponsible for your acts you have already done. Even you have friends defending your position. And even in the Internet. Therefore, Chris, my highest regards for this threat ! Thank you!!! Tom
  11. Hi, did you lately had a look on your product page for the Micro iDac 2 ? https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/micro-idac2/ Looks kinda (un)healthy ... regards & get well soon Tom
  12. Tubelover, just got a post from DIRAC picturing this sweet car, which is announced for 2020. It is announced to have full DIRAC support called DIRAC UNISON, which may make audiophiles think twice that it ain't a Maserati but a Volvo ... Cheers and all the best for your hunting your ride Tom
  13. @Condocondor Sorry, I was mistaken on the go. On the phone screen I took it as a Nano/Micro length comparison ... with a second glance on my comp I noticed the chain description and felt a wry smile in my face. This on is on me ;-) I hope you are happy with your gear and your HD6XX give you smiles everytimes you enjoy listen to them! Best regards, Tom!
  14. @Condocondor let me quote a english proverb: Obvious to you is amazing to others. Derek Sivers
  15. DuckToller

    My CAPS 3 replacement--Engineered.ch NMR

    @lanmac Thank you for sharing the information. The board looks quite interesting, just ... it is only DSD128, which might reduce the usage to a second system for some. I am aware that DSD512 is difficult to archieve at this point due to the necessary computing power, just think it is a trigger for future usage. Does @wisnon from Switzerland know a little bit more about this company and their products ? Their NMR could be an enhancement to some JOB products, I could imagine ... Cheers, Tom