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  1. Looks likes it’s managed. Access the setup and look for a flow control setting. What ever it’s set to try the other option.
  2. An external Ethernet to i2s...fine. Again at the very least all you are doing is trading one protocol for another and then adding jitter by transmitting the signal over wire and via the LVDS conversion process. Having USB to i2s in the DAC is just a better solution overall.
  3. It’s clear what I sell. I have also sold Ethernet to i2s converters so I know them very well and I know what it takes to make them. Adding that process in your DAC makes it more complex not simpler. At the very least all you are doing is trading one protocol for another and then adding the operating system on top all inside your DAC. So processor, ram, FPGA, and operating system versus XMOS chip or some other receiver. Both will need clocks, isolation and power circuits.
  4. All you are doing is placing all the processing for that task inside the DAC versus just the USB to i2s portion in the DAC. I have been looking at the solutions out there and found some high end gear with $12 boards inside them. What do you think you are getting for 12 bucks.
  5. A computer with an operating system is your solution.
  6. You mean trading it for ethernet-audio sound quality degradation.
  7. What are you guys hoping to gain from eliminating USB in your systems?
  8. micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    The Rendu needs to sees your DAC before the output modes will work. To verify if the Rendu sees yours DAC go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics. If the DAC is not listed you may have to remove and reconnect the USB cable, then refresh the page. If your DAC is still not listed try power cycling the DAC followed by power cycling the Rendu and then go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics.
  9. MicroRendu

    Absolutely. The microRendu connects to your DAC via USB and to the network via Ethernet. You Mac computer can be used as is so no worries. For A+ just set the micro to MPD/DLNA output mode.
  10. micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    Are you using the Custom DAC section? Does the unit see the DAC in Apps / DAC Diagnostics?
  11. Sonicorbiter - Native DSD support

    That looks great. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Have a look here: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/30509-sonicorbiter-mqa-decoding-on-the-rendu-series/?do=findComment&comment=782846
  13. Sonore microRendu

    We should have a few left...I’ll reset the count tomorrow. FYI when the run is sold out will most likely be discontinued. We only really made those to give people a chance to upgrade when the ultraRendu launched.
  14. Sonicorbiter - Native DSD support

    If it’s not on the list on page 1 then no. When you get the units hooked up post the information from Apps / DAC Diagnostics and let’s see what we can do.