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  1. vortecjr

    Sonore ultraRendu

    No. We are working on an update though.
  2. vortecjr

    Sonore ultraRendu

    Team, the DragonFly can be powered, by any Rendu. In addition, they have hardware and software volume support.
  3. vortecjr

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    I would use an external USB to analog converter and set the Marantz to bypass mode so it only amplifies the signal.
  4. vortecjr

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    What power supply are you using with the Rendu?
  5. vortecjr

    Sonore microRendu Support Request

    I'm confused...do you have the unit?
  6. Thanks, but I’ll pass.
  7. Snake oil implies that these products have no value what-so-ever. Even if you don't see a value in a small dedicated device that replaces a typical computer in the audio room that doesn't imply it's snake oil. These products cost what they cost and if someone needs a cheaper product I'm not against them buying something else. However, I see no reason to insult our customers because they do see value in us making these products and supporting them. You referred to a particular review and not "reviews" as you wrote. There are plenty of audio reviews recommending our products. However, let's not take one deceptive review as a universal truth. First, every laptop I have measured has shown to pass it's SMPS noise via USB unless it was powered by battery only where clearly there is no AC noise to pass. Second , if you are worried about SMPS noise then use John S' grounding trick and listen for yourself if the noise matters to you or not. In summary...a simple wire will null the affect of a noisy power supply. Remember though you can always use a better power supply and I encourage it. Anyway, I won't judge you if you use a SMPS because you don't care and don't worry about very low level noise over the signal that even your dog can't hear. BTW I have not measured our competitors products, but the grounding trick should work on them as well. Third, remember that balanced DACs will likely null the noise all on their own so no reason to do anything with them. ...thats is the consensus "here".
  8. vortecjr

    Sonicorbiter - Native DSD support

    SPDIF interfaces can only support DoP streaming.
  9. vortecjr

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    Of course you can!
  10. Not Andrew, but we are aware of Jussi changes to the Linux Kernel and they indeed very interesting. We are looking into it, but understand that this kind of update would affect every unit in the field so we have to proceed with caution.
  11. vortecjr

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    No chance it will automatically see your DAC....it just can’t.
  12. vortecjr

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    The hardware design has not changed so no worries there. Have you tried a new SD card from our site?
  13. The apps on SonicOrbiter for the microRendu and ultraRendu are the same assuming recent updates on both units. We are working on a new release and the various apps will be updated then.
  14. HQ Player on the sonicTransporter can generate logs from the configuration page. Reproduce the issue and submit the log to Jussi. Are these devices connected directly to a router or passing through other network gear?
  15. vortecjr

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    You can always send it in so we can have a look at it. Just email me.