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  1. Tried the Lush w/o the IR. I like the combo much more than the Lush alone.
  2. Enjoy! When you are ready,,, consider adding the LUSH cable for possibly even more of what you are hearing & loving.
  3. Well,, the ISO Regen IS now directly behind the the DAC, BUT the IR is connected to the DAC with "stubbie" of my own design which has a lot of the flavor, IMO, of the LUSH. The two mini-USBs times the two configurations yields four setup possibilities with four gradients of "LUSHosity" - the config now in use being the 3rd degree. (I think) I expect the amount of the effect one wishes to invoke is both system and user dependent. It is great to have the options - even if they are two.
  4. "Sounds" like I'll have to move it back and take another listen.
  5. Get the TV out and away from the audio system ... nothing but trouble.
  6. Substantially better with ISORegen - a synergistic combo. Will add: If had to use only one, would most def be ISORegen.
  7. I experienced the same thing ..... at the beginning. Then after at least a month of use I tried the "Lush 1st" placement and now prefer that configuration. Go figure?!?!
  8. I've wondered if that may be beneficial ... but sold Recovery & Regen before finding out.
  9. "The Holy Grail of Computer Audio" ?? Nothing wrong with blowing one's own horn, I suppose. It does, however, set a high bar to clear once the product becomes available.
  10. Woman vocals - suggestions

    BTW: Sound Liaison recently announced an upcoming Paul Berner Band release recorded in DXD format.
  11. USB audio cracked... finally!

    .... and one more thing: Thank You for the Lush cable, Peter. Yes, I know I paid you for it but you also deserve to be paid the compliment.
  12. USB audio cracked... finally!

    OK,,, dead to me then. I've music to listen to.