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  1. +++ DAS sound better. Simpler is better .... as long as it works (for you).
  2. Doak

    Anybody here Ever heard of this stuff?

    BTW & FYI: R2R doesn't necessarily need to be expensive. Audio-GD has models in their R2R range that cost much less than the top of line R2R 7. http://www.audio-gd.com/Products-EN.htm Until very recently prices were posted on each model page. Hope this isn't about the "tariff thing."
  3. Doak

    Anybody here Ever heard of this stuff?

    FWIW: The mid-priced Audio-GD DAC I owned 3-4 years ago sounded considerably better than the other more expensive and better known DAC brands I had on hand. IMO it was an incredible bargain. Dealing with Kingwa and his folks was nothing but a pleasure.
  4. Gotcha, sorry. Didn't get the 2nd part at first.
  5. Auralic does "do" MQA though with Auralic proprietary decoding.
  6. Doak

    TLS THE ONE Server

    Website URL, please.
  7. Doak

    What are your "WOW" moments in audio?

    It works as advertised and reviewed, plus it's a bargain to boot. I've experienced the Swarm's effectiveness in two systems. The Swarm Subwoofer System
  8. Doak

    What are your "WOW" moments in audio?

    IMO 2 subs sound at least 3X better than 1, 3 subs > or = 5, and 4 subs ....!!!! (no kiddin')
  9. Doak

    Vibroacoustic disease

    Wow, VERY interesting. Maybe I should be spending less time in my listening room which houses a pair of speakers with three 15” drivers each along with three subs??
  10. As promised by Mr. Xuanquin: Auralic Aries G2 vs G1 & Vega G2 vs Vega G1 Chart
  11. A third brass supporting cone is hiding behind the rear one pictured in a tripod arrangement.
  12. Mercury Elite Pro USB w/o outer case (it rings) WD Black RE4-GP WD2003FYPS 2TB Noise is slight and inaudible from 3ft or so.