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  1. Doak

    Kill all the experts

    A public service announcement: STFU .... and go listen to some music. 🎼🎶🎵
  2. Doak

    Article: AURALiC ARIES G2 Review

    I must say the this the comment I posted was made in the context of a larger discussion. Mr. Wang has indicated that there are other reasons for the G2 to sound better than the G1.
  3. Doak

    Article: AURALiC ARIES G2 Review

    Xuanqian Wang’s (aka: “Mr. Auralic”) take on SQ differences between Auralic models: “Galvanic isolation contributes a lot to sound quality because they isolate the digital noise generated by processing circuit. There is no galvanic isolation in either ARIES G1 or VEGA G1 so the sound quality of G1 are not comparable to G2, only software features are the same. My personal rating of the sound quality for different devices are as below: For USB output: ARIES MINI: 100% ARIES (Femto): 120% ARIES G1: 140% ARIES G2: 240% For digital outputs: ARIES MINI: 100% ARIES (Femto): 110% ARIES G1: 120% ARIES G2: 300%”
  4. Doak

    Article: AURALiC ARIES G2 Review

    Photos of interior of Aries G2 and G1 for comparison: (open for enlargement)
  5. Doak

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    Find anything to your liking elsewhere?
  6. I own the same BC PLC and have owned many others over a multi-decade time period. This Blue Circle unit is the first one to be a “keeper” in that it does no harm and lowers the noise floor of my system. Everything but power amps is plugged into it. I consider it quite a bargain compared to other PLC options.
  7. Great. Go for it! I honestly cannot imagine an owner of Aries being disappointed 😢 with the Aries G1. 😊 I do want to add that I use a the Uptone Audio ISO Regen along with their LPS-1 power supply to treat the USB connection. This provides galvanic isolation plus regeneration/ reclocking. I’ve used this with my original Aries since the Regen first became available and then switched to ISO Regen when it was introduced. This improved sound of Aries G1 too! Since, from what I gather, one of the main differences from Aries G2 to G1 is galvanic isolation maybe using these products with the G1 may make it into something closer to G2! In any case I highly recommend their use and love the sound improvements they provide.
  8. The Aries G1 has been in my system for about 3 hours now. I have used the Aries (Femto) for over 3 years. IMO Mr. Wang is “sandbagging” on the G1 for whatever reason. It’s better and substantially so in every conceivable way - and I'm referring mainly to its sound quality. At this point the G1 can only get better. I will put the original Aries back in the system eventually, but I doubt that my ears are deceiving me. I’ve listened to/through my “old” Aries for many hundreds if not thousands of hours and it’s sound is pretty much ingrained in my brain 🧠..... 🤓
  9. Certainly. I understand there are some who seek such equipment with several (or more) audio channels. 🖖
  10. As in all such matters, the assignment is to get as close as one can with what one's got to throw at it.
  11. Translation: Research purpose built servers/renderers and buy one that serves your needs and meets your budget constraints - limiting the computers to file acquisition/management .... and posting on CA.
  12. The BEST "computer audio" is one W/O the computer.
  13. Doak

    R2R DAC owners and lovers

    Having owned a couple of Audio-GD DACs I rate them as incredible values. Support from Kingwa and his staff, when needed, is nearly instantaneous. Check out threads on Head-Fi for more.
  14. Doak

    R2R DAC owners and lovers

    Dubious advice, at best.