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  1. You may want to try placing the LUSH before the txUSBUltra, if that's possible in your system. This will lessen, though not eliminate, its effect.
  2. Now THAT I did not know. Just reread MQA info on Aurender site and now "get it," I think. Looks like everything besides the A10 is "MQA Ready", to borrow from ROON terminology. This means that these renderers will pass the MQA encoded bitstream to an MQA enabled DAC. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. ????? TMK there are several MQA enabled renderers currently on the market. For example: http://support.aurender.com/mqa.html
  4. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Thanks. Is it powering the entire audio system, or possibly only front end components? Also, any pointers to info on how to convert to balanced?
  5. USB audio cracked... finally!

    What size Topaz isotrans are you using, what is plugged into it and does it make any mechanical noise? TIA
  6. Audio PCs: Waste of Time?

    Invest in a really good streamer; spend all that extra time listening to music.
  7. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Seems we are quite possibly pursuing similar goals ,,, just have different ways of expressing it.
  8. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Great that something so simple works for you. Such simplicity would not result in the quality/type of sound many of us are getting out our music systems, however. It's another one of those age old questions/debates - as old as music reproduction.
  9. Article: Computer Audiophile Turns 10 Today!

    Congrats Chris!! This spot has been a godsend in allowing me to move up the learning curve of "computer audio" at a much accelerated pace. Much of the musical pleasure I am now experiencing would not be there w/o this place you've built. Many, many thanks to you and the entire community.
  10. Tried the Lush w/o the IR. I like the combo much more than the Lush alone.
  11. Enjoy! When you are ready,,, consider adding the LUSH cable for possibly even more of what you are hearing & loving.
  12. Well,, the ISO Regen IS now directly behind the the DAC, BUT the IR is connected to the DAC with "stubbie" of my own design which has a lot of the flavor, IMO, of the LUSH. The two mini-USBs times the two configurations yields four setup possibilities with four gradients of "LUSHosity" - the config now in use being the 3rd degree. (I think) I expect the amount of the effect one wishes to invoke is both system and user dependent. It is great to have the options - even if they are two.
  13. "Sounds" like I'll have to move it back and take another listen.