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  1. One and a half

    in panel circuit breaker

    Circuit breakers will only cause noise if the connection line or load side are loose. The noise is in the RF region and AM radios can pickup this noise. For a 30 yo installation, an inspection by electrician is well overdue on the breaker panel as well as the receptacles and lighting circuits to check for loose connections.
  2. One and a half

    Kate Bush Remastered Box Sets Coming!

    May as well add the Beatles White Album and go for the trifecta. A nice Christmas cometh.
  3. One and a half

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Accuphase gear can reveal anything that can go wrong in the signal and power chain quite well particularly with digital audio. The DP750 can accept a coaxial in with no major issues other than correct conversion of DSD to PCM, be sure to enquire with Aurender & Accuphase whether their Linux driver can work with the USB input of the DP-750, this would apply to the S10 and the X100L. Perhaps the N10 maybe more suited. Was it at Axpona last year where every 2nd source was an Aurender, this time at RMAF, turntables, and less computing gear was evident. Does that say something, or the room acoustics were that bad, a poor source material made the sound worse? A lot of variables to apply no doubt. BTW, I have yet to find a digital-analog source that equals my now superseded DP-720. So have given up that quest and playback computer audio from modest components.
  4. One and a half

    Fas42’s Stereo ‘Magic’

    Like wishful thinking really.
  5. One and a half

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    I didn’t know about Radiohead, so had to read... EMI was their label at one time, since left and released albums financed by their model or royalties from EMI, concerts and pocket money I guess.
  6. One and a half

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    The artists make a lot more cash from concerts than physical media these days, and streaming pays for pocket money. A tour can cost millions, but the rewards, for popular artists anyway are venues are sold out. For a stadium of 100,000 people paying a minimum of, what, $120/ticket, and the publicity, it's worth the pain of travel and hotel rooms. It's not for everyone, and the schedules are very demanding, and home life really suffers, like they were in the 1950's Rock n roll era.
  7. One and a half

    Upgrade at your own risk

    ? Your opinion is opposed, meh.
  8. One and a half

    Upgrade at your own risk

    If you run Audirvana, there are many tube-valve plugins that can work, without another box, to test the proposal.
  9. One and a half

    Upgrade at your own risk

    So what’s worse, bad DR Versus surface noise and added snap crackle and pop? I gave up on vinyl nearly 40 years ago. For digital playback , I still don’t understand how stringing the chain out with added components is meant to make sound better.
  10. Ugh UK sites are so slower than most, anyway. Yes Lindy provide what you want, they produce quality cables for a reasonable price. Their $5 USB A to B 15cm cables ‘sound’ very good. I received a USB C flyer the other week highlighting extensive knowledge and introducing USB C in a large range of cables. Suppose another manufacturer could be Supra, but they may not have USB C just yet. For travel, a six year old Lindy USB A to lighting cable 2m has just now started to fray at the connector, and that’s used with no delicacy, done the hard yards.
  11. Did you try Lindy?
  12. One and a half

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    When a company is bleeding GBP19,438.74 per day, there's going to be anger to those who question and lay down facts. The MQA gang have their interests in their greedy, manipulative ways to make money and will strike out at anything that doesn't suit them. Well tough luck MQA, lose more pounds per day, FU. @The Computer Audiophile - Presentation well done, you drove a knife into the blubber that is MQA. Good on ya Chris!
  13. One and a half

    Mutec MC-3+

    I thought the Cybershaft clocks were discontinued.
  14. One and a half

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    Even though a thread is locked the thanks , like OT buttons are still active , any chance to stop this too? Not much point if a thread is locked, the horse has bolted.
  15. One and a half

    Need Desktop Power Supply STAT - Recommend pls

    Just use an ATX supply as before. To minimize noise to the Dac, either use USB or Ethernet PCIe cards from sotm or jcat. It’s just about impossible for a psu to make a computer electrically quiet, so isolation is an easier way around the problem.