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  1. Why does consumer audio SUCK?

    I listen to that wide variety in a session, but draw the line at Gilbert and Sullivan.
  2. Finally bought a new DAC, ND8006

    Gapless? Ah ok, didn't see it in the spec sheet. For DSD too, right?
  3. Is this 'advice' for real? You'd sacrifice a gas tight joint by introducing a hot spot? SMH.
  4. No, you're not choking current. This motor's terminal box is rated at 4000A, , there are two of these on the motor. The cables are about two inches in diameter. There's no choking, indeed these are tested for continuity in milliohms.
  5. Again. An isolation transformer's main purpose is to remove common mode noise. Does your place have an exemption certificate from common mode noise?
  6. Help with connecting pc to dac

    If it's not too mcuh trouble bring the PC to the M1 and use the USB. The test is to see if there are hiccups with the DAC playing DSD on USB. If there are hiccups, the usual way is to increase the buffer size in Jriver. If there are no hiccups using USB, then the 'actual DAC' is quite capable of playing DSD, so that's a start. Put back the PC and let's have a look at Jriver. - The device should be Network Player/Streamer, not a DLNA endpoint. - In DSP, try to set DSD64 as DoP for now and see what happens. If that works, then DSD128 should as well. - If that doesn't work give Roon a try, the Bricasti M5 is a qualified endpoint for Roon, the M1 SE might be, please check with either.
  7. Please refer to the use of surge suppression power strips by John Swenson in this post.
  8. Looking for advice on mechanical hum

    Please refer to this post on the first page.
  9. Looking for advice on mechanical hum

    And the rest of the measurements between earth neutral and active are.....
  10. Another member on CA is having problems with amplifier and DAC hum It's interesting the CJ humming was stopped by the Topaz. That iso transformer is a common mode noise killer, the point being is that all grounds need to come back to the Topaz in a star pattern. Daisy chaining power strips not allowed, nor is floating the neutral, bond it to ground at the Topaz. Some members report reduced noise and heat with their Topaz by wiring the output in balanced mode, requiring a 2 pole GFCI on the output. If there's little difference or worse using a Topaz, then the wiring topology is introducing common mode noise from another source indirectly, via a back door to an amp or DAC. SMPS are typical noise makers.
  11. Why does consumer audio SUCK?

    I read the 'news' from Mono and Stereo pages about 3-4 times a week, mainly to keep a watch on new DACs or software, or special music releases. The majority of the articles are high end = high bling/price gear are from boutique brands I've never heard of, mainly from mainland Europe and there are hundreds of these each vying for a very small slice of the pie making amps, turntables, and any combination of speaker enclosure you could imagine. Who buys this stuff? I can't! Does the technology trickle down to lower priced gear, well not really, unless there's a substantial manufacturing base already, perhaps an example would be Magico and their new to come USD10K speaker. Another boutique business that does well is Vincent at TotalDAC. His gear is expensive, since the economies of scale aren't on the same page as the McIntosh group, but his products are well engineered, they must sound good, cause he's still in business ! For others though, the turnover must be so small, the price has to be high to compete, I suppose once you have 'somebody of note' buy your gear others will follow, that's fine for the sale and get a foot in the door, but hardly the intent of purchasing gear for high fidelity. As for enjoyment, I'm quite happy to listen to my regular system as well as a Sony PHA-3 with Momentum headphones away from home.
  12. Why does consumer audio SUCK?

    I would have thought buying an amplifier to match $2000 speakers would be an even harder choice, given the amps in that price range including vintage gear.
  13. Why does consumer audio SUCK?

    I think we are all consuming, even for pro gear, which varies with performance. Just how much performance the wallet can stand is a matter for the individual and in the eye of the beholder. High end is defining high prices and marketing positions not necessarily high performance, since others have pointed out economy of scale can distort high end threshold like the Denon amp. NAD wasn’t high priced but sold amps quite well, they didn’t claim high end in the 70’s. High end is all about marketing positions, like watches.
  14. Why does consumer audio SUCK?

    Where's the line between high end and low end of Hi-Fi anyway?