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  1. One and a half

    New mac mini

    This chap has successfully used an Intel NUC as a new 2018 Mac mini replacement for better performance at half the price (with a little work). Yes it does run MacOS.
  2. The external drive should be formatted to any of these types: USB storage, flash drive, USB hard disk (FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and EXT2/3) See: http://www.luminmusic.com/lumin-u1-mini.html
  3. One and a half

    losing my mind!

    I had a recent version of Fidelizer really screw up the SQ, turns out a reaction to a Windows update. Please check with the author, cause a fix is available and it does sound good 😏
  4. One and a half

    It *cannot* just be about 1's and 0's - surely?

    @Mazza, do you have MusicScope? Rather than use sine waves for testing, try to analyse what’s missing from the frequency spectrum to cause the drop in loudness , MusicScope will advise. Or perhaps Audacity, but that program can give false results while looking setup correctly. Another reason could be the longer cable having more capacitance is holding charge longer than the short one causing the driver or receiver to interpret data that’s just not there. If you place the two cables in series you might end up with corrupted signals, and will show up as clicks and pops. An alternative is to use a 3m printer cable and check this operation and the sound level. With the longer cable the corruption may just may just be below the threshold of pain. @mansr advice could also be another reason due to cable length the OS is switching gears. Interesting problem. Something kii could have picked up in the development and didn’t use audiophile cabling.
  5. One and a half

    Windows 10 Worth It?

    does anyone know what the UNKNOWN OS is? whatever UNKNOWN is, is the alternative to Windows on desktops, since when Windows go down in use, UNKNOWN increases becoming the 2nd most used OS, more than OSX. As a wild guess, probably Ubuntu, since it sure looks like Windows, some familiarity makes it easier. Ubuntu is quite good for a general OS, but there are some programs I've used for years on windows, learning something new is too much trouble. http://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share/desktop/worldwide
  6. One and a half

    Pros and Cons of CarPlay?

    CarPlay is standard with my employer's supplied VW (petrol/gas) Passat. CarPlay requires Siri to work, so the car informs, well, that was the end of using CarPlay, simple choice. For listening to music is Onkyo Hires Player for iOs since it can accept anything (DSD, FLAC), other than to PCM & Bluetooth to connect to the car's audio system. Keeping your eyes on the road is far more important than pi$$ing about with apps on a phone, which if you touch and are caught in our state is AUD320 (USD250) fine + 3 demerit points. You only get 12 points and still get to drive, legally. Plans are underway to photograph drivers who operate their phones while driving, and present them with a fine in the mail, coming soon.
  7. One and a half

    Article: Audio Engineering Matters, Not The Format

    Hear, hear! Great Article @JoeWhip ! The quality of recordings are the top gripe here at this site, heck there's a section devoted to music downloads and analysis where shortcomings of recordings are outed for bad behaviours, and poor techniques. The audio format is only the highway used to send the music on, the road is open so to speak. Equipment needs to read all formats, so there's no chance to miss out on that ONE recording that's recorded in a format that's missing. That is, IFF, the recording process doesn't stuff up, a tall ask!
  8. I use a MacMini High Sierra (2012) TOSLINK output max 96 kHz to an Accuphase DAC-30. It's a simple S/PDIF, so to speak. When VLC is playing a video from the get go, there's output no problem. When VLC stops, the DAC mutes, no relay as such, but it's quiet. If VLC plays another video, the DAC is still silent. To overcome this problem, I select a different input on the Accuphase like Tuner, and then switch back to the DAC, I hear the relay pick up and there's sound again. In principle, there's a Sony BD player using the coax out to a plug in DAC-50 on the same amp. I can change BD till blue in the face, and the sound picks up every time, no need to switch inputs for the DAC to wake up. Is there a setting in OSX to keep the output alive? I do have a Wyred4sound Remedy device spare, would that keep the output hot for the DAC?
  9. One and a half

    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    Copernicus, and Columbus to mention two individuals whose views conflicted with the Church and came close to shave just below the neck, oh & Martin Luther (although not related to physics). On Galileo, the apology. 350 years later, better late than never.
  10. One and a half

    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    Video has enough bandwidth but will it attract RF too much or don't filter enough? This device from RDL found quickly, but it says it reshapes S/PDIF data, and works from 24V dc, real high voltage 😏
  11. One and a half

    Regarding Soundstage...

    Yes, Almost Persuaded 2018
  12. One and a half

    Regarding Soundstage...

    Full version.
  13. One and a half

    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    S/PDIF needs levels looked at carefully. 0.5V pp is it, no more, video is 1vpp (nominal), the gain has to be watched with some diligence. That's the major reservation I have with the device.
  14. OK, that's means I need not be adding an isolation transformer for the AES3 or coax. More wine money
  15. One and a half

    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    They certainly have the bandwidth, the transformer though requires no PSU and are totally passive. So long as the voltage is around the 0.5V for S/PDIF it's not a problem.