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  1. Understanding USB

    Consider it's possible that during packing, the white ties binds the cable too much in the packaging, breaks or creates a high resistance joint, or worse perhaps in your case, a short to the shield. I haven't experienced any such drama with the stock iGalvanic 3.0 cables, the system works, but cabling does affect the SQ, subjectively.
  2. Teac 10MHz clock : CG - 10M

    Thanks John for your insights. Nice to hear a new song, rather than the lame old ones.
  3. Teac 10MHz clock : CG - 10M

    Further to above link at Phileweb, a feature page from TEAC. The feet should be sold as DIY. Instruction Manual is in Japanese.
  4. I should have started a cable thread ya think? The release date is not that far away, the phase error plots should be out by then. The Cybershaft for its price is very good performance. I've placed a UD-503B in the shopping cart at Amazon and looking for a 50 Ohm BNC/BNC cable, shouldn't be that hard to find a 1m. Found one for AUD15.00.
  5. Tim Cook on Mac Mini

    Nothing can run Hi Sahara, chum, except camels perhaps?
  6. Mutec MC-3+

    While a separate power supply connection would be ideal for tinkerers, the issue of product performance comes into play. As we all know power supplies vary considerably in quality of DC they deliver, not only to the equipment , but throwback to the AC supply. To conform to a known specification and to comply with EMC regulations, the choice of power supply could breach regulations, and also performance could suffer. The way around this is for Mutec to offer a separate linear supply box as an option, so the PSU can be tested to a known set of EMC rules, and there's less chance of the hobbyist using their own psu blowing the MC-3+USB. That PSU should be strong enough to provide power to several MC units, since many have purchased multiple Mutec units. OTOH Mutec manufacture clocking devices not power supplies, so limited resources have to be allocated. Not a simple solution. If anyone is prepared to void their warranty, then the choice is wide open!
  7. Tim Cook on Mac Mini

    Maybe there's a space grey version....or rose gold. Macs are still selling, but how many minis though the (public) stats don't say. high spec minis are not cheap. Still a lot behind HP and Lenovo.
  8. Building a PC to improve SMS-200 Ultra

    No matter how good the PC is going to be, the containment of noise is the highest priority. The PC should adequately drive the software and that’s it. Allow for LAN isolators, linear supplies for the PC is a start. Anything that can avoid conductive emissions. Pay particular emphasis on bonding all metal sides of the PC, use braids and not wires. Alternatively, for USB many galvanic isolation remedies are available now.
  9. Teac 10MHz clock : CG - 10M

    You set up the tests and we might listen, with a lot of ifs buts and maybes. Old argument, and not welcome. I don't listen to numbers, sorry.
  10. Teac 10MHz clock : CG - 10M

    The Mutec REF-10 by all accounts makes an improvement which is proportional to its price . Let's see what early adopters have to say, I'd be keen on the NT-503 and the new clock combo. If only the clock would work with a computer's USB stream somehow.
  11. TEAC will shortly release it's 4 output 10MHz Clock, confirmed to work with the UD-503 and NT-503. Details posted on PhileWeb. EAC will release the master clock generator "CG - 10M" which will transmit 10 MHz clock signal on October 28. Although it is an open price, actual sales at around 148,000 yen are expected. CG-10M External clock generator used in combination with USB-DAC, network player, CD player, etc. The company says "to maximize the performance of products that support all 10 MHz clock inputs." Product ( reference news ) which was exhibited at IFA was officially announced. The crystal oscillator which is the heart part adopts "TEAC Reference OCXO" (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator) that the oscillation stability with the thermostat is high. High accuracy specifications with frequency temperature characteristics within +/- 3 ppb and frequency accuracy within ± 0.1 ppm were realized. Also, the analog meter on the front panel always displays the oscillation stable state inside OCXO which can not be confirmed. So that the stable operation state of the OCXO can be confirmed. Four gold-plated BNC terminals are equipped as output terminals. In addition to completely eliminating the interference between the systems by a completely independent circuit configuration, stable load current can be supplied by mounting a large-capacity toroidal core power transformer. The legs are proprietary three-point support pinpoint foot which patent also got, "It is easy to positively pinpoint groundable". Moreover, aluminum which is resistant to radio wave noise is adopted as the front / top and side panels. In TEAC products, it is said to have been confirmed with "UD - 503" and "NT - 503". Back terminal part
  12. SMPS and grounding

    In fairness, Cornan's drawing doesn't show any protection systems. The whole idea of grounding one of the secondaries is for safety, the other(s) are: - Common mode noise is not introduced again. - Floating the neutral creates a voltage between earth and the neutral which equipment may not be appreciative of Here's a white paper from Powervar explaining the causes of neutral to earth voltages of interest. Their ground guard device is an isolation transformer, so common mode noise is knocked on the head, and one secondary is tied to ground (earth). This keeps the voltage of the neutral very close to ground, but , and but again, does not cause current to flow in the ground, the return current goes to the transformer where it originated. - Powervar Neutral to Ground Voltage causes and cures wp202.pdf
  13. Re the Korg. I will try all USB2.0 see what happens. Choppy = dropouts. IOW the output resembles choppy seas as opposed to calm sea.
  14. Also thought about using a hub in front of the regen as sometimes audio and internal devices within the laptop conflict. A powered hub if you can.