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  1. Agreed! Not to mention the autocorrect suggestions seem to be generated by someone with English as a second language. Frustrating.
  2. I use a set of Cardas banana - spade adapters for this reason, but I have locking bananas. I think I got them from a brick and mortar audio shop that sells online. Maybe it was Dedicated Audio. No difference in sound quality noticed.
  3. Yeah, from my memory, that wouldn't be the best choice! Life is a delicate balance of chemistry.
  4. Doh! I should have looked at your sig. Apologies!
  5. I haven't experienced that with Safari on iOS or Chrome on Windows. What browser / platform are you on? Now, iOS on the other hand makes some things difficult - it's very touchy about positioning the cursor and selecting text - but that is its own problem!
  6. Yes, latest version non-blinking, industrial Intona. Wanna' buy it? 🤑
  7. My impression is short but infinitely long. "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" With the ISOREGEN I was quickly able to let my mind go, stop listening to my already nice sounding system and be drawn into the music. This product is legit. It didn't just replace an Amber REGEN plus Intona, it easily surpassed the combo. Thank you Alex and John.
  8. Oh, the handholding that customers demand these days. LOL Hang in there Alex! Good job working through the issues. The light is not a train!
  9. Sand one or more layers down. It's only a few Lego blocks. The kids will never miss 'em! 🤡
  10. @Superdad and I have talked about that issue - both of us have experienced the random dropout. Some times 10 seconds into a song and sometimes 60 minutes into an album or playlist. We beat a lot of possibilities into the ground but could not correlate it to anything. Nothing in the OS X logs or HQP logs or anything. USB power settings all good and it happened on all ports. No CPU usage issues it just seems like a buffer runs empty for a second or two. Is that what you experience? Strange, for sure. I switched to a Windows based machine and it doesn't do it at all.
  11. Articles, what articles? 😇
  12. Not solid state, but tube - Lampizator with DSD512 module. No DAC chip.
  13. This thread is like "Playboy" for audiophiles. If you are a gear slut, that is. LOL
  14. A few years back their Andra was pretty well regarded.
  15. I got to talk with Andreas Koch for quite a while at AXPONA when it was still quiet on Sunday morning. It's a whole new topology in that DAC.