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  1. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Your own, as well?
  2. Definitely get a -3x model. Pricing doesn't seem to follow with the lower capacitance. Not sure the sellers (mostly used available anyway, although I did get a great buy recently on a new 750VA 0.0005C!) are concerned or even aware of the importance of the capacitance.
  3. Lampizator questions

    If I remember correctly you have the Ladder module so DSD256 max, correct? The new Amanero firmware / driver is supposedly nearing a final version, but I understand there are 2 versions- one that supports DSD512 on Windows and DSD256 on Linux and one that supports DSD512 on Linux but lower on Win. It seems a choice will need to be made and your endpoint (NAA, renderer, etc.) may drive the choice. Or, if you are up for getting a new endpoint you can choose one based on the firmware. Linux DSD512 might be a really good thing. I've enjoyed the sound of my Bootcamped UpTone powered Mac Mini NAA with the Win ASIO at DSD512 but the sound of an ultraRendu or similar product running a Linux based OS may be even better!
  4. T+a dac 8 dsd

    Lampizator also reports that they are testing working firmware versions for their Amanero USB. They are saying that they have 2 versions... one which does DSD512 with Linux but only DSD256 with Windows, and one that does DSD512 on Windows but only DSD128 on Linux. We will have to commit to which type to have installed. Do you know what / if the T+A firmware will do either?
  5. Dave's Picks 23

    Reprted to be one of the best shows for the collective vibe experienced that night.
  6. Dave's Picks 23

    Yep. Ya gotta get the prescription.... errr, subscription. It's the best medicine! Bummer no downloads known to be planned. I would love to hear this one in hi-res - they played some today on XM GD 23 and Lemieux was salivating and blabbering about this being the best Dave's so far for SQ and performance. Looking forward to receiving the CD!
  7. OT: Terrible Geek Puns

    Who designed King Arthur's Round Table? Sir Cumference, of course!
  8. HQPlayer DSD256/512 PC specs

    Try this thread as a start. https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/25149-design-a-pcserver-for-roon-and-hq-player/#top
  9. iPad 2017 to DAC

    Why don't you try something for yourself instead of looking to others to do it for you. You wont listen. Many of us are using the Onkyo player on iPad.
  10. iPad 2017 to DAC

    I checked the iTunes Store just now and it doesn't show! Very weird because I just updated it today. I went to Onkyousa.com and went to the Mobile Apps section. There it shows it for iOS with a link to the Apple Store and voila, there it was. Try that and let us know.
  11. iPad 2017 to DAC

    No CCK. Oppo has USB A connection so only need 30 pin or lightning to USB A cable. Does your statement above mean that you think there is no Onkyo app for iPad?
  12. T+a dac 8 dsd

    I have a Lampi with the Amanero USB and so I needed a Win NAA for the ASIO driver. I put a 12V capable i3 NUC (D34010) into a fanless Silverstone PTI-4 case. ~US$300 total with 4GB RAM and 128GB m2 SSD. Works well and sounds good here.
  13. iPad 2017 to DAC

    I'm using an iPad Air iOS 10.3.x, Onkyo HF Player, lightning to USB A cable to Oppo HA2 DAC / amp and get DSD128. Don't know for sure, but would expect the CCK to do that also. It's just a connector changer.
  14. Sonore microRendu

    I use a Y.F.S. (Your Final System) USB cable that, in my system, sounded better than Jud's longtime favorite Mapleshade. I've used both 1m and "REGEN link" length with and without 5V. Very similar to the Curious link I have. Solid engineering, quality handmade construction and quick turn around. Can be a little stiff. I've used them with both my McIntosh D150 and Lampi Golden Atlantic DACs and it doesn't seem to impart much, if any, sound of its own. Comparably priced to the Mapleshade Plus, which is much less than Curious.