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  1. Lampizator questions

    Did you flash that using the OEM Tool or have it done?
  2. Sonore ultraRendu

    That's what I thought. Same as with OSX.
  3. Sonore ultraRendu

    Up to what DSD rate? 128, 256, or ?
  4. Lampizator questions

    It may be limited to 128 DoP. (384 PCM). @t_ram what rates do you play and is it DoP or native DSD? aaahh you may not be in North America or, NA. Find your distributor, or did you get it direct?
  5. Lampizator questions

    Im not sure if they have everything figured out on the Amanero with Linux, yet. @bogi? last I heard there were 2 versions of firmware, one for each Win and Linux, but not one that will do all rates on both. I suggest contacting Lampi NA. Dean or Richard can give you the straight story. 😎
  6. Lampizator questions

    Did anyone get back to you on this? If I remember correctly the Atlantic has a 100W and the Golden gets a bump up to 150. I would expect a 250VA Topaz (smallest they make) would do fine.
  7. Sonore ultraRendu

    Glad you guys are enjoying your Lampi! Let's take this discussion to the Atlantic thread. I'd love to compare DAC config and impressions. I've had my Golden for 10 months now. Love it!
  8. Article: McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier DAC Review - Part  Two

    The Pharaohs did! Need good tunes wherever we are going. 😎
  9. Its been that way for almost a year! They opened up for the July 78 complete and it didn't work. They finally emailed links to d/l the 4 shows. Some things are available at HDTracks, at a premium price! Ouch. Dead.net has never had a strong technical staff... hmmmm wonder why?
  10. What OS and USB are involved?
  11. i7-6700 temps in fanless case?

    If Win OS CoreTemp is pretty good.
  12. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Sorry to have disrupted the flow of the thread! It's easy to tell who has a scientific curiosity and knowledge of how things might work, and who is trying to defend their silo. Have at it, kids!
  13. USB audio cracked... finally!

    I was thinking that with English being a second or possibly third language for Peter, imagination in this case probably meant something more akin to extrapolation. But I could be all wet and only Peter knows for sure!
  14. USB audio cracked... finally!

    I postulate that you are 100% incorrect in that statement. Do you see any 1s or 0s coming out of a USB cable? Didn't think so. 😀 It's purely an analog waveform. Basic.
  15. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Hi Paul, Wow, that's a slam that I don't think anyone would put up with. Imagination? In this case, Peter explained that he switched to thinking of the USB cable as an analog interconnect... which I view as insightful from someone who is a little deeper into this tech than I suspect you to be. It may be imagination to you, but new discoveries are built on the back of what one knows and suspects. Einstein's don't appear out of thin air. That would be imagination. And you are digging a hole, from my vantage point.