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  1. Wow, I was traveling today and there were 15 or so more posts since then! I’ve found the PS regenerators helpful in my system / location. We tend to have poor quality power - up to 4% THD and definite power factor issues. So time of day and phase of the moon would change the SQ. The dedicated circuit wasn’t feasible at the time but I did make that move eventually. Ted, you can have many runs but see which type panel you have and keep them on the same phase. And put the fridge and microwave etc on the other! i started with a Chang Lightspeed and then a Transparent Ref conditioner. I then tried a PS Power Plant Premier and ended up with 3 of them. @austinpop mentioned not putting your amp on an UNDERSIZED regenerator. I added the undersized caveat. Despite the specs for current delivery etc that are great with these things, I think they over rate them. I now have a P10 for the front end a P10 for the amp only. The P5 isnt even big enough for a front end with very many components. I wouldn’t put more than a few hundred watts load on it for it to perform its best. The PPP and P10 have the same 1500 watt rating but the P10 is fine for my amp where the PPP wasn’t. There is a reason why PS has introduced the P20! I’ve also heard a solid demo on the big Stromtank unit out of Germany. Similar idea but wicked expensive and probably better than the PS. Also, PS is now using DSD to generate the signal and not PCM. 😎 When it comes to power, more is always better. Oversized PSUs in components are usually better for SQ. Heat be damned. I snagged a Topaz off eBay to try. 750VA 0.0005 cap -31 model and put my whole front end on it in place of the P10. Hundreds vs thousands of $ is worth a try. It collapsed the soundstage noticeably. No question. The newer PS units have some measurement and graphical capabilities so I plugged it into the Belkin power strip that I hardwired into the Topaz to see what I could see. The THD was a little lower than the wall outlet and the waveform was just as bad. Flat topped, skewed sine wave. I dedicated the Topaz to my HQPlayer server and LPSU powered drives. My NAAs are powered by Uptone JS-2s into a PS regenerator I now also find find no difference with or without any DC neg grounding. We do it in our industrial equipment because we never know what type of power environment it will live in, and factories are baaaaaad. I plugged in a system once and watched the cable start to melt from the outlet being wired incorrectly at the panel! We make a “transceiver” for 5 Hz - 5 MHz incorporating both a DDCDAC and an ADC so we also use a pretty serious Powervar power conditioner. But, I think by now we all know about good grounding and power. So for my system, which consists of generally well engineered components, the benefits are there. Better soundstage, longer decays. Does everybody’s system let you hear the ambience after a piece is over and before they cut off the recording? Like the sheet music fluttering and the whum whum whum of the HVAC. Maybe we should start a thread on Regenerators but I won’t do it, I’m convinced they are good in my system. P10s are almost always available at US$2999. P5s are almost never on sale and I can’t figure out why. Maybe they cost to much to make? Wouldn’t be the first product to suffer that fate. I don’t know if they even make the P3 any more. Maybe you could power a headphone setup with it. Apologies in advance for typos, run on or incomplete sentences, etc. I hate phone typing!
  2. OK. Keep throwing PSUs and fixers at your power and ground issues.
  3. Gigabyte GTX GPU savings. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1060-1070-1080-windforce-oc?1=1&utm_placement=7&referer=626FNX&mode=guest_open&utm_campaign=Automated Daily Promotional 2018-03-21&utm_source=SparkPost&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Daily Promotional&utm_content=1521625675152.351625828327450263676564
  4. An AC regenerator will ALWAYS improve the power delivery to your components. Delivery includes lower impedance as well as clean.
  5. Earphones Stolen - What's My Next Pair?

    AXPONA is right around the corner! I’ll do the IEM cruise through the Markeplace with you. I’m in the market for a new pair, also... still... again. 😜
  6. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Yes, it has a SON item number. As far as we know, MoFi doesn’t offer anything as a download.
  7. Earphones Stolen - What's My Next Pair?

    Hey @The Computer Audiophile What did you end up getting to replace your JH IEMs?
  8. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Doh! Thanks Ted. I wonder how the new mono SACD is. You going to AXPONA?
  9. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    The stereo or mono SACD?
  10. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    You cant bully a bully. Very obstinate, to say the least.
  11. This is a 2016 article that I just found about Capital Records archiving their analog tapes. Not too technical, but interesting with snippets from Bernie Grundman and Don Was. http://www.laweekly.com/music/master-recordings-from-abbey-road-to-born-to-run-could-be-lost-forever-without-archivists-help-7575450
  12. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    It’s possible that one could listen to LV and AN speakers with dCS and find that LV and AN are not good, for that person. A lot of nice sounding systems out there with either of them.
  13. OT: Massdrop Power Sit/Stand Desk

    Maybe not so fast. The other view of stand up desks. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2018/02/23/standing-desks-increase-pain-slow-mental-ability-new-study/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw
  14. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    Not enough can be said about this man and his contributions to theoretical physics.
  15. @fsmithjack We’re glad that you are happy. Really, we are.