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  1. HQ Player

    I noticed that just last evening with volume min/max the same - before loading any tracks. It isn't filled in like the Limited indicator so I'm taking that it just means volume control is off. I may have to actually look in the manual to see if Jussi slipped an explanation in there with one of the updates.
  2. I've been waiting for the Amanero Linux update to try with my Lampi GA. The original Win ASIO is rock solid for all rates but I would like to use one of the newer Linux - based network streamers (SOtM or Sonore, etc.) to see if I can improve on the sound quality from the current NUC as a HQP NAA I am using. MANY HAPPY RETURNS TO ALL!!!!
  3. @ddetaey Check the DAC8 thread... that is in the works. It's a firmware change.
  4. Hubbell Hospital Grade outlet as an upgrade

    Or; Which is the heaviest?
  5. I've been very happy with two 850 Pro SSDs that I use. Almost 3 years now with the first one.
  6. @TubeLover Using it as a HQPlayer NAA is an option. 😜
  7. DIY DC power cables

    High quality lab bench linear power supplies ALL use banana plugs. The barrel plugs are only on consumer electronics.
  8. Your System Sucks

    I hear you. I was away all week working with a client and had zero time to read CA. I come back and this thread is still on continuous repeat!
  9. HQ Player

    I don't remember exactly so don't want to mislead you. The key is if that screw on the case is connected internally to the DC NEG - I'm not sure if it is. Anyway, this is the HQP thread!
  10. HQ Player

    Search and find the thread on improving the SOtM SMS-200 and the one on AC mains isolation for a lot of info on leakage currents through SMPS and linear supplies for switches. Read the stuff written by @JohnSwenson about it. All good!
  11. Is it just me or do all IEMs sound inferior?

    I've been searching for a replacement for my Etymotic ER4P and Cardas 5698 for a while, also. I got to try a couple different brands at AXPONA again this year, and until you get into the $1-2K range you just don't get there. The Nobles were some of the best I heard - at $1800! I have smallish ear canals so the smallest tips were necessary but man did they sound awesome when properly fitted. Custom fit would be even better. Search CA and find @The Computer Audiophile 's thread on replacing his IEMs after his were stolen. Some good recommendations there.
  13. Lampizator DSD512 Upgrade?

    I have a Golden Atlantic that has only the chipless DSD512 module. Couldn't be happier with the sound. Be sure to get both the 44K and the 48K superclocks while you are doing it. You might also inquire about the Linux for DSD512 Amanero firmware if you have an idea to use a non-Windows NAA (Linux based) like a Sonore Rendu or other. The Windows drivers work fine (even though it reports unavailable rates to the HQP NAA daemon). I think better boxes are available as a NAA based on Linux, unless you have AO and/or Fidelizer to calm the Windows box down and add some outboard power supplies for the CPU and etc. Let us know what you do and how it turns out!
  14. Drugs

    "Love IS The Drug" - Roxy Music
  15. I believe that SE PS has been discontinued. I think that's why @m3lraaHnevetS recommended trying to locate a used one.