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  1. Solstice380

    Concrete Speakers Anyone?

    That could happen in Michigan!
  2. Solstice380

    Power Conditioning, Regenerators, and Cables

    Good point. I might poke PS to see if they have looked at what a Pxx puts back onto the mains. I do know that there is no THD reading increase on one when I plug a second one into the same circuit. Those are the only 2 things on that circuit.
  3. Solstice380

    Power Conditioning, Regenerators, and Cables

    We are at the edge of our power company’s territory. That utility was the last one to go out during the northeast US blackout in 2003. The next one stopped it. @austinpop You’v Done the best that can be done with the dedicated line and I know you went with the mega gauge wire. I ran a 20A 10 ga run and know it is better than what was in the wall before. We’ve got a better shot at getting closer to what comes in the house than typical 14 ga. But, I have no idea what that impedance is relative to a regenerator.
  4. Solstice380

    Power Conditioning, Regenerators, and Cables

    I’ve used them for almost 10 years now, starting with the Premiers and now using P10s. @austinpop said he thought a P5 dulled transients in his system but I haven’t experienced that. I don’t have the same power cord at the 9 feet I need to go direct to my amp, but it’s a good one, and when I compared we and w/o the P10 I find with is just as dynamic and detailed but smoother. I have one P10 for my front end gear and one for my amp. I’m considering the current trade-in program to move up to a P20 for the amp. I have varying voltage and high THD incoming power. The waveform is horrible at all times. The P10 is stable at 120VAC and 0.4% THD with a nearly perfect sine wave. Even at ear bleed levels the amp only draws <100W. With the output impedance lower than the wall socket you’d expect it wouldn’t dull the sound.
  5. Another way to say it: Putting out the same rubbish with fewer people to make more profit from customers by making them feel good about themselves.
  6. Solstice380

    R2R DAC owners and lovers

    Thanks for clarifying that. I didn’t understand it well enough. 👍 😝
  7. Being limited to 192/24 will limit the interest. Most likely it is well suited to the Metrum DACs.
  8. Solstice380

    R2R DAC owners and lovers

    @davide256 and @TubeDriver clarified it well. It is a hybrid approach that uses the AD chip and not a resistor network. And it oversamples and uses Moffat’s “mega burrito” filter. So I guess a little of both, but not NOS R-2R ladder.
  9. Solstice380

    The $3K all in exercize.

    Then he would be neurotically typical. Maybe neurotypical is just a mashup.
  10. Solstice380

    R2R DAC owners and lovers

    Errrr, I think the Yggy uses a DAC chip and is not a R-2R ladder DAC.
  11. Solstice380

    Age of your "stuff"

    I would be surprised if it didn’t! My brother brought home about the same system when he came back from Vietnam. I don’t remember if it was a Teac or an Akai reel-to-reel. Must have been sold in the PX. It was great gear at the time.
  12. Solstice380

    Innuos ZENith "STATEMENT"

    Same answer at AXPONA.
  13. Solstice380

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    That’s what I was getting at. Some people find that they don’t get the value, I guess. Surprising. Go buy another tweak.
  14. Solstice380

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    What ad?
  15. Ya but!! What did you have to do to get the direct up to a renderer level of SQ? I think I’ve read about the numerous individual LT3045 regulated LPS just for the computer. And then there are the clock upgrades and clock cable effects. You’ve got as much spaghetti as I do! 😝