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  1. Not to mention all of that came after he was severely bloodied early in the first half.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to do the legwork and for the straightforward and objective summary!
  3. See you there!
  4. Some people find that when upsampling, keeping the rate - not converting 44 to a 48 multiple and vice versa - sounds better. Others find their system is best at one or the other 22 or 24 MHz for DSD512. If you want to keep integer multiples then you can check Auto Rate Family in settings.
  5. Ouch, my eyesight must be worse than my hearing! Thanks @ShawnC.
  6. Help! (please) How does one edit the Signature. i don't have an "About Me" tab and if i click Edit Profile i get some bogus window for name and birthday. Thanks in advance!
  7. Apolgies! You are correct, it is 2.8. At eOnkyo I got a warning that the 11.2 MHz is not licensed for sale in "my country". Hmmm.
  8. Only the 5.6 currently sows at Thanks for the heads up on eOnkyo! One really has to want it a lot at US$91. Yikes! Maybe the 5.6 at US$63 will have to do. That is about what I paid for the Japanese CDs a few years ago.
  9. I'll be there. We could meet up in the lobby bar at some point. Jay
  10. About the 44 / 48 thing, I believe that if you have the Lampi 512 module it will do both. I do not know if you need to have the additional Super Clock or not. I have both Super Clocks and, as expected, can play both 44 and 48 at 512. Others may know if it can play 48 x 512 without the Super Clock. (Meaning there may be a standard 48 clock in your unit. I don't know for sure.)
  11. In settings, change the SDM Defaults Bit Rate Limit to 24xxxxx for 48 x 512. The Lampi 512 module will do both 44 and 48 x 512 rates. I have the Golden Atlantic with the 512 module. 😎
  12. McIntosh tried a few times to fix it for the D150 and never completely succeeded. Now, cuts that start with a strong intro are missing the start and there is a small tick after a a playlist is done or stopping a track. We've raked them over a lot about it but no final fix!
  13. Thank you Ed. Very generous to share your insights!
  14. If you are not doing sample rate conversion almost any computer that will run your player software is OK. If you are upsampling GHz matters more. Just make sure you have enough RAM to hold your playlist if your player loads the files to memory for playing.
  15. 1% of things are absolute and we call that Physics. The other 99% is personal preference. Respect both. 😎