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  1. Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    - question yourself on them, they are free to test... - You don't have to upsample - try to upgrade your DAC or devices with 75$ - no, but you can control better the shitness from it - you don't need plug-ins - Have fun with iTunes - Like most of the Mastering guys these days who destruct the music with bad mastering and compression to death.
  2. iZotope vs SoX Upsampling in Audirvana Plus 3.2

    I think your safe volume reduction should be set at -3 when upsamplinh to DSD... don’t ask me why 😀
  3. Have you done a backup recently?

    Clouds are like a rent you pay to store something somewhere that doesn't exist in reality Remember: Mafiaboy, the teen who brought down Yahoo, eBay and CNN that can happen in a flash anyday, anywhere now. Yes music files are not that important but it is an hassle to get it back if you lose it. I play with music everyday, download, edit, save in A+ and JRiver library, convert all to mp3 also for my iPhone but i don't backup everyday... my hard disc is at my father house and i bring it back home every 2 months maybe... yes i can lose 100 albums in that time over 2900 already backup... but fire or robbery or hard disc crash doesn't happen much. Clouds are not in your hands or can be feel really (sorry french speaking). But yes as a second backup or third if you have money to give there, why not
  4. Have you done a backup recently?

    Clouds come and go... You never know what can happen in the sky... Like we are sorry to inform you that all our passwords and files were deleted by a 13 years old hacker I will always favor physical backup for my music files and outside my house.
  5. Audirvana Plus 2 & A+ Remote – feature requests

    No problem for me with my iPhone SE, it could better but it works well. I don’t have an iPad...
  6. If you screw it yes you will have to restore, but it is not difficult, just some copy paste and restarts
  7. Not for me. Mainly mac for music A+ only, but didn’t change anything for HQPlayer or JRiver they still work, my mac sound is the same i can still use the mac sound for viewing youtube in my tv screen...
  8. Audirvana 3 Bug & Issue Reports

    Cool the good things about preferences, is that they can be deleted, you just have to set them like what you had before... some like SysOpt are specific and don't change much when deleting them except what they are supposed to do. like i said it up there the best way is to place them outside where they were on you computer or best .zip them on your desktop then trash the real ones still in there place. Restart is always good because the computer can always remember where they were even when closing the program. If you are not happy with the result of trashing, just unzip the ones on your desktop you had before and put them back where they were and restart, you'll be like before. This is like with the A+ music Database... always copy that file anywhere when you make changes to it, then when a bug occured, you put the backup where it was and restart A+ and all is good again I posted that also before, but it is always good to remember it: Everyday when i change something in my Albums Tags in A+ or in my Preferences of A+ (like Izotope settings), i always backup those 2 prefrerences somewhere on my Mac, if something get corrupted or messed up i put those 2 in their places after having closed A+ and i restart the Mac, and i'm back like before... if you back up every week, you'll be a week late... Go to User... Home Folder... Library... Applications Support... Audirvana Folder... Backup that folder (that is your database of music). Go to User... Home Folder... Library... Preferences... Backup com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus.plist in that folder (those are A+ software preferences). And yes All my Smart Playlists are saved 'Exported' somewhere too in a folder. Click a Playlist... go to File Menu... Export Playlist... yes one by one for now, importing them back can be done all at the same time with the capital key selecting first and last, or with cmd key for specifics ones
  9. Audirvana 3 Bug & Issue Reports

    You can try deleting or put away those files for you to keep or put them back where they were for no change... Maybe they were corrupted for whatever reason... Stop A+ Try deleting SysOpt prefs files: Go to the Main Library Folder... PrivilegedHelperTools folder... Trash All the files in that folder from A+ (that folder install SysOptimizer) Go to the Main Library Folder... LaunchDaemons Folder... Trash All the files in that folder from A+ (SystemOptimizer and prefs files) Restart Mac just to be sure, Restart A+, this will ask you to install SysOpt again at the first song you play... and see
  10. Audirvana 3.1

    No 512 on Mac...
  11. Audirvana 3 Bug & Issue Reports

    When i click my playlist 'Rock' and put it in tracks view for it to play randomly, whenever a .DSF track will start next after a change of sample rate, i have a SCREE sound before it began. I have put be silent when switching sample rate in preferences, doesn't change, always happen. It doesn't happen TIC or SCREE when playing the album one song after the other on the same CD, seems like just when switching sample rate, to .DSF before starting. The kinda sound that might harm your tweeter sounds like
  12. Audirvana 3.1

    Yes. It cant upsample DSD files for now...
  13. High Sierra with Audirvana Plus

    Have you checked if it it sees in Audio Midi Setup... Have you unplug it, restart mac restart A+, plug the dac... you can try also to trash your preferences for A+... If you have Playlists that are important export them first to desktop and save them in a folder... Apple hide the Home Folder in User Library at some time depending on OS System... When you have clicked your Home Folder, and cannot see the Library Folder in there, just do a ''cmd J'' to show the folder settings preferences and see at the bottom... click Show Library Folder and then you'll have access to the rest forever. Go to User... Home Folder... Library... Preferences... trash com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus.plist in that folder (those are A+ software preferences) Restart MAC, restart A+ and see
  14. macOS High Sierra

    JRiver too had skipping with my Wyred DAC2 when upsampling PCM to Wyred max 352/384 not only A+... so it might be Wyred the bad here... i talked to them way back and they say to me: why you are upsampling
  15. macOS High Sierra

    That, i saw you first time you wrote... like you are not english speaking first language like me i think The question i'd love to know about your DAC and listening experience is: I never succeeded running A+ while upsampling PCM by 2... till 352/384 without skipping. it never works upsampling PCM to PCM to 352/384 for me... till 176/192 it works without bugs but not further... when A+ went to DSD upsampling i was happy since all works well without skipping. But computer works way more then HQPlayer do. With HQPlayer upsampling PCM to DSD128 put my macmini late 2012 and Wyred DAC at around 100% CPU usage, but with A+ it reach 250% for long btime efore going down to zero %. With HQPlayer, % is steady at around 100%... Now as for today... no more upsampling, playing files as they are, all sound good and no bugs, APFS system and music External hard drive also