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  1. I have a A1 how much will be the update to X1.?
  2. got it thank you so much, so the only way is to use BNC that is very very high performance with the Pontus...
  3. i'm happy owner of a T1 now i used it as renderer with a Denafrips Pontus DAC, i would like to know what is the PIN OUT of HDMI interface on the T1. Thank you.
  4. For financing another project selling this incredible Network Player. You can find only great review about this gear, play like Lumin A1 but more cheaper (case). Both A1 and T1 share the same Hardware and PSU unit. The voltage is set to 220/230V. Original boxes and accessories. Can ship everywhere. My request id 2950€ + SS Please contact me in case you need more information.
  5. The android application stop working about 2 months ago, i'm using zenphone2 android 5... Also Bubbleupnp kazoo and etc.etc. does not display Tidal access... embarassing.
  6. No, but in any case what do you mean? Support is support, so i ask you do you have a local brain?
  7. But anyway i bought a piece that cost about 3k€, i send an email 2 weeks ago to the support and i have no reply since today... i loose something in the contract? Maybe someone can explain? Lumin support???!!! cucuuuu
  8. Sorry e try and it works well. Thank you and regards.
  9. Hi Cebolla are you sure? I try but it does not work.. are you meaning on android device or via Windows 7/8/10?
  10. Android APP??!! When TIDAL will be support?? GRRRRRR )
  11. Thx yoga can you suggest wich xlr cable? Silver, copper others?
  12. Hello newbie with a Lumin T1' i have a couple of question and i don't know if this is the right 3d. First whic connection is better xlr or rca? Wich cable you use? Second is there a better psu or not for t1? Thanx for you support. Stefano
  13. Hello I'm interested, can you send some pics to smolteni(at)gmail.com? Thank you.
  14. Dear folks i sell license for Dirac (for 2 Mac) in multichannel configuration with his microphone. Price request is 350 shipping costs included all over the world. Thank you.
  15. Grazie Flavio i will do that. Now i will take the measurements using the RME Analog output.