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  1. Not really heard much of Mark Knopflers solo stuff but I’ll certainly check it out. Not heard any Wes Montgomery. But. I’m not really into jazz.
  2. Thanks for the link I’ll certainly take a look/listen.
  3. Yeh Solstice380 I have the A Tale Untold compilation. Some good tracks on there. Favourites are Daydream and Bridge of sighs. When I was younger I liked the rockier tracks but as I get older it prefer something a bit more mellow should we say. Seen Robin back in the seventies. One of the better concerts I’ve been to.
  4. Hi all Looking for your suggestions on your favourite electric guitar tracks/artists. Not Heavy Metal something a bit smoother. to give you an idea here is an example of some of my favourites. Santana - Bella Santana - Aquamarine Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny Joe Satriani - Cryin Jeff Beck - Brush With The blues Looking for something new to listen to.
  5. I use one of these https://markgrant.co.uk/power-supplies/297-sbooster-15-16-volt-linear-power-supply.html and to my ears is excellent. You could also use the Auralic linear power supply available here. https://www.audioemotion.co.uk/auralic-ultra-low-noise-linear---psu-for-aries-aries-le-and-aries-mini-9241-p.asp. I can’t comment as I’ve not heard it.
  6. Definately in Scotland. Not sure about Wales. They talk funny down their. Lol
  7. Still available here in UK. 😀
  8. thanks Cornan. I'll give it a go. see how it goes next few times I connect.
  9. thanks Cornan. this is how I have been getting it to connect. but next time I go to use it again I get the same problem. Surely I won't have to perform this ritual every time I want to listen to music.
  10. Hi all. Last few times I’ve tried to use my Aries mini it is not connecting. I.e when I open the LDS app. It shows the mini but won’t play any tracks. I have to run through set up every time. Im using firmware 5.3. Not had any problems for a while. This has just started. I didn’t change anything as it has been stable for a while now. Any ideas.
  11. bruny

    Auralic Aries

    Yeh you can. In search type Christmas then hit radio rather than all,album, artist etc. Scroll left to radio. It will give you a bunch of radio stations.
  12. Quick update. Installed firmware beta 5.1. No problems so far. Seeing my library every time I turn on.plays first time. Long may it continue. 🙂
  13. What incentive is there to upgrade to the new units when the LDS software is so unstable. Once the software is sorted I may consider it. But it's a bit expensive buying one of these units to have nothing but bother trying to get it to see your music library every time you switch it on. Only way is to do a whole new set up, very frustrating. Come on Get the LDS software sorted please.
  14. I've had the Aries mini since launch and not had one bit of bother till the last few weeks. Not made any changes to any of my system. Firmware 4.1, now every time I come to play music it cannot find my music library. Keeps saying library offline. But I know it is online. Aries is just not seeing it for some reason. Tried reloading library without success only way to get it to work is to do a whole new set up. Getting very frustrating. I've decided to give beta 5 a go to see if it improves anything.