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  1. Article: AURALiC ALTAIR Review

    Thanks. Does it have a fixed-volume feature e who don't want to use it as such?
  2. Article: AURALiC ALTAIR Review

    Does the ALTAIR function as a pre-amp?
  3. I was reading in the discussion that there are leakage issues with the ifi and that cheaper linear PSUs were better choices.
  4. I'm not quite following the train of thought here. Has Sonore moved away from recommending the iFiPower supply for the microrendu?
  5. No current Mac firmware utility?? That is a dealbreaker. Too bad, it sounds like a good product.
  6. Article: The Definitive Guide To Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

    Chris, You mentioned connecting an external USB drive as a backup to the internal. I'm not sure that is possible with ROCK. Can you elaborate?
  7. $500 Amp Recommendations, KEF LS50

    Great discussion since I started this topic a while back. I ended up spending a bit more money on a Rogue Sphinx 2 (wanted a tube stage) and an Emotiva DC-1 (based on Mr. Plisskin's recommendation in another thread).
  8. Seems the latest build for either RoonCore or RoonBridge broke my BeagleBone Black. Every time I try to play music the Zone drops for about 15 seconds and then come backs. The BeagleBone works fine as a UPnP device and Roon works fine to other endpoints. Logs show a (502) bad gateway error. It was a nice run with this little baby, but looks like it may be done.
  9. Auralic Altair DAC/Streamer

    Is the Altair an MQA decoder?
  10. Article: MQA (for civilians)

    Looks like folks at Bluesound need a primer on MQA. Here is a response I got from support inquiring if Bluesound DACs are hardware decoders. ------------- Q: Tell me about bluesound and MQA. Are BlueSound devices full hardware decoders or do they depend on software decoding on a core machine? A: Thank you for contacting Bluesound. Neither and both. Bluesound Players are the core software decoding machine. They will fully decode MQA content and render MQA using their internal DACs. If you wish to use an external DAC on the Bluesound NODE or VAULT (withe Gen1 or Gen2), they will pass decoded MQA to those DACs. MQA DACs will unfold to their fullest potential. Non MQA compliant DACs will output at 24/48. Bluesound Internal DACs will output up to 24/192. Thank you for your interest in #LivingHiFi
  11. Article: MQA (for civilians)

    Very helpful and informative. Can't say I am surprised. Thanks, Chris.
  12. https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2011/11/little-steven-and-the-disciples-of-soul-sanctuary.html
  13. Do DACs that have reclockers in them, Like the Emotiva DC-1 benefit from these devices? what about streamers like th Sonore MicroRendu?
  14. is there a way to regulate the power usage in the BBB a la the reports in this article for the Pi?