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  1. Lauritsvd

    JPlay - a Player for Windows

    I totally egree with joelha, JPlay Femto is something You just have to try out for yourself. (There is a trial version avalible). I am very impressed with the sound quality with this software. Latest version 7c is even better than the first released version.
  2. You need both 5 AND 12 V for 3,5" WB.. Red/black Wire is 5V, and 12V is yellow/black. Or choose a 2,5" drive that only need 5V.
  3. Lauritsvd

    pico power?

    Very nice build Hurka:) And so compact. Yes.In my expirience always ssd on seperate 5v to isolate the noise from ssd to mb.
  4. Lauritsvd

    pico power?

    Can we see the final result of your build? 😊
  5. Lauritsvd

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Just download 8.2 from the link you recieved, it has been updatet. I just did, and it works with 3 player now.
  6. 👍 (Still in development).
  7. Very interesting to hear. And that way you dont use sata at all, and have shut it down? I have a PPA V2 Pcie-usb on my Supermicro SBA X10-O , sound is much better than the MB ports both 2/3. Using sata for the kingston oss ssd, but with separate 5V supply. Right now using ATX HD-plex 250w. Next will be a Stamheim S-HPULN 3A for the MB, but waiting on transformer. Using only 2x2 rams to have very low power use. Supermicro is such a nice MB, and sound is already very good.
  8. I received and installed the Uptone usb adaptor yesterday. Using it between a RUR and a Arcam Irdac, it replaces a diy adaptor, (that had beat every usb cabel I have tried). But the Uptone adapter is just sounding better, sound is more natural, and with very high level of detail in sound. It`s a very good buy, much improvement for these few $
  9. Lauritsvd

    What music player software do you use the most?

    Tidal and minimserver via BubbleDS to JPlay streamer. Best that I have tried. 😀
  10. I have put a Voltcraft FPS-1132 on my router/lan/wifi unit. The difference is night and day in my system. Sound is much more open and dynamic, and more quiet in between notes. This has to be the cheapest and best tweak I have tried, besides using a seperat power to the OS ssd :-) Even movies and music via cromecast/tv/stereo is better sounding. Thanks a lot to Corman:)
  11. I used the same key going from w2012r2 to w2016. No problem:) Sent from my Lenovo YT3-X50F using Computer Audiophile mobile app
  12. This is my experience: I have used the script and settings in this thread with great succes, it makes a very big improvement in sound of my system. But still I was realy looking forward to the release og AO2 for W10, and checking the website on a daily basis. (I bought it about 2-3 weeks before it came out.) Installed it on a fresh W10, but was very disapointed with the sound coming from the system with AO2. Made 1 more fresh install, just to make sure everything was as as it should be, but it did not help. I suppose it was system dependant, but still a bit disapointing anyway. Went back to the script in this tread, and sound was again as good as it used to be before. Maybe I will try AO2 on a server 2012 set-up one day, since a lot of people speaks highly of this. (And as I already payed for AO2). Regards Ove
  13. Hi Mikey. The manual says 60 hours burn in. So the answer must be: give it more time. But sounds like You need another powersupply, the whine should not be there.. Try a good linear. And find or diy a short USB DAC link instead of the one that comes with the Rur, it makes a big difference. Im VERY happy about my own RUR:-) (Linear and very short USB link to DAC)
  14. I cant tell you if one is better than the other. But Im using RUR without 5v ( tape on pin), and it sounds even better now. W4S told me in a mail that the RUR needs the 5v as a detect, but then I saw a review that stated the opposite, and just tried it out. Short diy usb link to DAC and a linear PS makes RUR sound a lot better too :-) (Using an IrDac and BOTW like you)
  15. The RUR works great with Arcam IrDac too. Even with the 5v pin "liftet" I made a very short USB link from RUR to DAC with 3 silverplated kobber wires, Realy sounds a lot better than the Stock cable.. And made a powersupply from a big transformer, and an Audiowind reg. board. Topping it by changing the capacitors to blackgate/nichison from the drawer. Setting it to 8,8v output. After some burn-in time this is sounding very good;-) Everything was made onestep at a time..