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  1. jabbr

    Objectivity and the Abstract Truth

    I'd say: by substitution: Objectivity = Blues
  2. Those are the packages to be used with an installation ie $ dpkg -i ... (once you have a Debian installed and booted to command line) The cubox NAA image is in: https://www.signalyst.eu/bins/naa/images/
  3. Unclear that onboard switchers are a problem where modern well designed power distribution networks mix and match. More unclear that dc-dc switchers are a problem in an FMC. The UpTone EtherRegen might have what you are looking for. @JohnSwenson would know if there are onboard DC-DC switchers.
  4. You can add a WiFi card to the ClearFog Pro and use it as a router. or firewall.
  5. I haven’t done detailed testing of FMCs and aren’t still using but prefer the one with SFP port that way you can test out single vs multimode for yourself. The ClearFog isn’t an FMC at all rather an Ethernet endpoint. It is unique in having an onboard SFP port. I power with an LPS. There are other, more expensive devices with SFP(+) ports such as the MachiattoBin but I haven’t (yet) used.
  6. Ever since Bill Gates retired and has more time to spend at home listening to his computer audio system, he has become convinced at SQ is largely dependent on the layout of the motherboard and arrangement of cables connecting various components together. As he lengthens and shortens various cables that go to the SSD, and reroutes the power cables to the left and then right of the CPU, the SQ changes have been so massive, that he has funded an audiophile Cable Management program at his former school. He has been following these threads for Microsoft
  7. jabbr

    USB audio transmission isn’t bit true

    Proof that the fiberoptic (internet) does not isolate noise, rather lets it sail right through to our browser
  8. jabbr

    Article: Live Rock For The Audiophile

    Thom Yorke (with Nigel Godrich) B21D1668-38BA-4F46-88A3-B323B3DE6CD2.MOV B4A8DDE8-19C4-4FB7-B1A5-AE4A77B27EF6.MOV 2376A21D-931F-48D9-8E6C-834CFF71DABF.MOV 4CDDE3B6-A073-422A-888E-E8426E62F5C0.MOV
  9. Cello, MacBook & XLR cables
  10. A07A8621-A2B6-432D-B1BD-08E6D157D0B6.MOV
  11. Oh ok I got lost because I thought we started with USB ... USB cables ... BNC cables ... who knows
  12. You’ve lost me here ... if you are concerned about crosstalk in 50Mhz channels, that should be a trivial issue to solve - really. Consider a 10 GHz Ethernet cable or what the heck just use Belden 10G and don’t worry about it. Or perhaps youve just lost me?
  13. You have two different possibilities then: a) your cable firms an efficient waveguide which channels EM/RF from one device to the other OR b) your cable absorbs RF/EMI Which is it? Do you know?
  14. jabbr

    Noise impact of other connected devices

    Its cheap but the ebay rating <99% ... try: https://www.fs.com/products/40203.html