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  1. Vinh

    Article: Sonore microRendu Review, Part 2

    Thanks, have tried but my computer skills seems to poor.
  2. Vinh

    Article: Sonore microRendu Review, Part 2

    Anybody playing this toy with Yggdrasil, any impressions, quality issues, mismatch?
  3. Vinh

    SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    Hope this one is on the subject:) SOtM prep sMS-200: LMS/MPD server, Roon Ready player | DAR__KO SOTM guys worked on the same concept: the toy is bit cheaper and looks more solid.
  4. Vinh

    Article: Sonore microRendu Review, Part 1

    Any posibility to have Tidal played through this device? My DAC had only one USB input.
  5. Perfectly understanding this: any comparison of sound between two praised DACS (Alchemy vs. Yggdrasil or even with Hegel) by very skilled ear in perfect conditions (fantastic expensive system) would help the readers (see Audiostream or 6moons) and should not destroy relations with manufacturers:)
  6. Vinh

    Article: exaSound e12 DAC Review

    Hi Ted. Fantastic review. However I am more than curious to hear comparision with Hugo which you so highly praised (an expected review has not been published).
  7. Chris, I must say it again. You did a great job. A computer lamer (myself) was able to make this work.
  8. Thanks. Could it integrate with Tidal/Wimp?
  9. Great, great job. Any idea whether Hugo will work with this renderer?
  10. Ted Sounds like answer to the questions I wanted to ask many times! Just looking forward to reading this as comparative reviews are just what is really expected from less experienced readers. Ordinary users do not have time nor possibility to compare. But what about Chord Hugo review you promised to publish long time ago? When this is due? Are you going to publish it?
  11. When long time ago announced review of Hugo will be published. Looking forward to reading this especially in combination with Aries.
  12. Has anybody made direct comparison to Audirvana. I know two guys (one audio critic) who mentioned that Audirvana is more airy and detailed at the top end, but would be very happy to hear "simple" audiophiles opinions based on home systems.
  13. Vinh

    Article: Norma Audio HS-DA1 DAC Review

    And what about comparison with Auralic Vega that is more expensive and you know it well?
  14. Vinh

    Article: Norma Audio HS-DA1 DAC Review

    There are just two question, I would love to hear your answer. Comparison with current "benchmarks" like similarly priced Chord Hugo (looking forward to reading its formal review). Leave aside functionality. Only sound matters:). And whether you played on usb or used a link?