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  1. Mytek Brooklyn comments?

    Read through all 101 pages (well, skipped the first 15 since they were from before the device was shipping). Whew! I’m disappointed at the number of firmware issues and the lack of discrete IR codes for power and input selection. But overall it seems people are mostly happy. I’m still bothered by the Stereophile review, I’m not sure why there was so little chatter about it. Maybe it’s bcause JA’s measurement were so good.
  2. Mytek Brooklyn comments?

    I'll re-read it, thanks for the suggestion. I think what I'm most concerned with in the Stereophile review is that most of the article is spent talking about Brooklyn itself (the city, musicians that come from it, the tour of the office, etc) and background of some of the music that was auditioned. Very little of it talks about the actual performance of the device, culminating in a vague description that he enjoyed listening to it. On the other hand, the ManhattanII review was very detailed and enthusiastic. "Apart from all that, there are two things you need to know about the Brooklyn. First, it's basically a pro DAC. It has all the features the audio professional needs, and it will play exactly what's on a recording, including what you might not want to hear. [...] Second, it has a consumer-friendly feature set:" The conclusion It doesn't mention anything about performance, it talks solely about the feature set. Am I reading too much into it? Or is this the closest Stereophile will ever get to saying "bits are bits, who cares"?
  3. Mytek Brooklyn comments?

    Yeah, I know. I’ve read that thread, it’s not terribly helpful at 100 pages long.
  4. I'm in the market for a DSD-capable DAC in the $2k range. I initially went for an Auralic Altair, but had so many firmware issues I had to return it. So I'm shopping again and keep coming back to the Mytek Brooklyn. On the surface, the Brooklyn looks great and has a lot of positive reviews (including Stereophile). That said, the Stereophile review is overall a bit lackluster. My takeaway is that there's nothing bad about this unit, but it has so many features crammed into it that it probably doesn't excel at any of them. I don't need a phono preamp. I don't need a headphone amp. I just want a top-notch DAC. I start to question if the Brooklyn would still be $2k if it was just a DAC, and other reviews have alluded to that as well. Do folks have first-hand experiences with it and are happy? Part of me wants to splurge on the Manhattan II, but I just can't bring myself to pay $5k for something when I doubt I can hear the difference. Thanks! -mike
  5. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Thank you for your frequent updates and transparency!
  6. Allo Sparky USBridge

    I don't yet have one of these, but won't buy one until the network issues are resolved. As I said further up in the thread, I returned an Altair for the same type of issue, and it makes me very nervous buying with known network problems. The RaspPi in the same configuration works perfectly.
  7. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Have you figured out the dropping off the network issue?
  8. Allo Sparky USBridge

    I'm concerned about the network drop issue. I had to put a RPi in front of my (streaming) Marantz NA8005 DAC because it would drop off the network. I had to return a Auralic Altair because it would drop off the network. I don't want to invest in this device and have similar issues. My RPi (running DietPi) has been rock solid and has not had a single problem, but I would like something that separates USB/Ethernet and provides the other benefits as the USBridge. Unless it doesn't work...
  9. I'll probably replace it with a Mytek Brooklyn and leave the streaming aspect to the RaspPi/RoonServer. All the great buzz about the Manhattan II is making my mouth water, but it's really pricey.
  10. I just returned my Altair for a constantly-crashing streaming module. I had it only a few days, bought new with 5.1Firmware. Auralic asked a couple of cursory questions but then told me to just return it without digging very deep into what the problem might be. I will be buying something else, not attempting to replace it.
  11. Auralic Altair DAC/Streamer

    Returned my brand new Altair today after less than a week. Streaming module kept crashing every 5-10 minutes requiring switching inputs for it to start working again. Auralic support told me to just go ahead and return it and didn't bother to diagnose it at all. My RaspPi has no such problems. I'm pretty disappointed. Looking into the Mytek Brooklyn to replace it (though I'll have to keep using the Pi).
  12. Argh, seriously Auralic?!

    The Altair lets you reprogram volume, but mute and power are the deal-breakers for me, and those cannot be remapped.
  13. Argh, seriously Auralic?!

    The OEM Auralic remote turns on and off my Marantz.
  14. Just bought a new Auralic Altair to replace my Marantz NA8005 which was always acting up, dropping off my network, etc. I was hoping I put my electronics issues behind me. Nope. Problem one: There are no discrete on/off IR power codes for the Altair. Only a power toggle. Means powering it on with my Harmony remote is a crapshoot and I'll just as often be turning it off when I need to turn it on based on whatever state it happens to be in in the moment. The Marantz had the same problems, but the Altair costs twice as much and is clearly marketed as audiophile gear. Discrete codes should be a minimum for gear in this price range. I'm disappointed, but it's ok. I'll live. Problem two, the main one: The power toggle code on the Auralic remote is the exact same one as for my Marantz AV8801! Thus toggling the power for my Altair toggles the power on my pre/pro. Are you kidding me!? Did nobody test this out first at Auralic? Basically this means that if I watch some TV then turn on my Altair, the pre/pro gets turned off by the same command. This is insane. It means I have to leave my Altair on 24/7 and if the power goes out I can't rely on the remote to turn it back on (as it will affect the 8801 as well). Come. On.
  15. So anyway, back on topic....this was fun and all but.... Can't wait for September to see reviews of actual hardware and see how well they perform compared to the previous version. The good news is the Vega is now pretty deeply discounted at AudioAdvisor ($2800), probably to clear out stock before the G2 arrives (at 2x the price!).