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  1. Have begun trial subs to both Deezer Elite and Tidal. Would prefer to choose just one to pay for. Initial impressions for me are that Tidal sounds a bit better. Not leaps and bounds, but a bit more spacious. Also has more articulated bass. Catalog differences may be the deciding factor, though. Both have large gaps in their offerings, and not the same titles. Anyone else beating these two up?
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    Article: The TIDAL HIFI Revolution Starts Today

    ECM titles appear, but will not play. There also seems to be no way to "hide" unavailable titles. I read recently that ECM pulled all their content off of every streaming service.
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    Amarra sQ for streaming

  4. Jersey_D

    Amarra sQ for streaming

    Have installed Amarra sQ which promises to improve the sound of streaming sources like Spotify. There appears to be no support documentation or manual. With four EQ bands, each with eight different choices and 4 orders, I am at a loss as to where to begin experimenting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Yes, new to both Amarra and CA. Sorry I did not provide more details. Your rationale makes sense though. Have been using my old Devilsound DAC (until a Schiit Bifrost arrives in a few days). The cuts on that sampler are at varying bitrates.
  6. Newb here. Just got Amarra and downloaded my first hi-rez album, the HD Tracks sampler. Most tracks play via Amarra (blue light indicator), but some of them will not budge off the iTunes (yellow light) indicator. Same album, in ALAC. Why is that?