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  1. bogi

    Which USB A to B cable

    I also don't like when shipping costs more than goods. I'm from Slovakia so my shipping fee wasn't so much. Some other tips were mentioned here:
  2. bogi

    Which USB A to B cable

    I consider this to be a suitable way of separating power and data. It allow to plug-in any USB cable into it, so you can experiment with different USB cables and optionally also with different +5V power supplies. https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/various-adapters/usb-b-adapter-cable-for-external-usb-a-power-supply-p-8389.html
  3. bogi

    Understanding Sample Rate

    With DAC chips that support the direct DSD path option typically no remodulation occurs. Remodulation of DSD input can be an option if volume control is required. Miska mentioned ADC (not multilevel DAC) in his last sentence.
  4. bogi

    Which USB A to B cable

    Your formulation is inappropriate. I never told anyone what he/she should hear.
  5. bogi

    Which USB A to B cable

    I think people should do more listening comparison tests on their own gear. I'm sure everyone owns few A to B cables from old CD/DVD burners, printers etc. It is not hard to borrow few from friends. For comparison purposes it is also possible to buy some cables from stores which allow to return them. I did such comparisons few years ago. I can easily distinguish few of my USB cables, Belkin Gold Series and Supra among them. Of course, it's not about different 0's and 1's evaluated on the receiver side. It's all about noise, which is transferred through cable in any possible way. I think different cables influence incoming noise slightly differently and that small difference can become audible in downstream equipment. I cannot speak for you if you are able to distinguish such a difference, I'm only suggesting you to give it a try. Only that way you can find out your own reasonable position to threads like this and opinions here expressed.
  6. I would try other USB port or connect the 12m Supra cable into powered USB hub.
  7. bogi

    DACs and aliasing

    I'm interested!
  8. bogi

    HQ Player

    Does it mean that the 1st stage output is PCM and only the 2nd is sigma-delta (DSD) ?
  9. bogi

    HQ Player

    @austinpop No difference on Windows OS - you can use the same DAC drivers on Windows NAA as on Windows HQPlayer computer. Of course, you can combine non Windows HQPlayer computer with Windows NAA. If Windows ASIO driver with DSD512 support exists for your DAC, it will work.
  10. bogi

    What music player software do you use the most?

    Solution from my signature (Windows OS) [foobar2000 as music library manager + possible DSP for PCM content + my SendToHQP script sending audio content through ramdisk to HQPlayer] -> [HQPlayer Desktop in playlist mode + matrix pipeline to get binaural sound from stereo for listening on headphones] -> [HQPlayer NAA] I voted for HQPlayer because it is creating the sound I am listening to (I am converting all to DSD128).
  11. My DAC too. The adaptor cable on the picture has two ends. One end is the USB type B adaptor and the 2nd end contains usual USB type A connector. Use the type A connector to inject +5V for example via iFi iPower. This branch will be used for power only. Then insert a standard USB cable of your choice (you can use some "audiophile" cable if you want) into the type B adaptor. That cable will be used for data only. Handshake with DAC will function, because ground is common for both power and data branches. This way you can substiture +5V VBUS from computer with cleaner +5V from a dedicated power supply. Advantage of this solution is that you can use any USB cable with this adaptor. You can experiment with different USB cables and different power supplies if you want.
  12. You can buy a split adaptor cable like on the picture and plug some USB cable of your choice into it. https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/various-adapters/usb-b-adapter-cable-for-external-usb-a-power-supply-p-8389.html
  13. bogi

    MQA is Vaporware

    Simply divide a MP3 recording to lossless and lossy part, then attenuate the lossy part so you cannot hear it and then what remains is completely lossless!! MP3 quality authenticated. Origami guaranteed. DRM not implemented.
  14. bogi

    DFF to DSF conversion

    You can inspire yourself with this post: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/21178-how-do-you-store-dff-untagged-files/?do=findComment&comment=446443 Just substitute .ISO file type with .DFF and iso2dsf.exe with dff2dsf.exe.
  15. Thanks Jussi, that was the right hint! After disabling the two on the picture all works as should: direct LAN cable, LAN only, WiFi only as well as mixed LAN/WiFi. In all cases both IPv4 and IPv6.