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  1. DFF to DSF conversion

    You can inspire yourself with this post: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/21178-how-do-you-store-dff-untagged-files/?do=findComment&comment=446443 Just substitute .ISO file type with .DFF and iso2dsf.exe with dff2dsf.exe.
  2. Thanks Jussi, that was the right hint! After disabling the two on the picture all works as should: direct LAN cable, LAN only, WiFi only as well as mixed LAN/WiFi. In all cases both IPv4 and IPv6.
  3. I am trying to setup Win10 HQPlayer Desktop (HQPD) with Win10 NAA. I'm using the latest SW versions of both. I am unable to see NAA in HQPD. My network setup: LTE WiFi router Huawei B310 acts as DHCP server for both HQPD computer and NAA. The router has one LAN port, which is connected to D-Link DGS-108 unmanaged switch. I tried all combinations – both HQPD and NAA as wireless, both wired into the switch and also mixed solution. No luck. ping, access to shared folders, Remote Desktop, VNC etc. works OK between those computers - wired or wirelessly, IPv4 or IPv6. Regarding NAA, I see empty "Network Audio Adapter Naming" message box. To check DAC connection through ASIO, I installed HQPlayer Desktop on the NAA computer and played a song through ASIO interface - it played OK. I temporarily disabled firewall on both computers but it didn't help. Still my HQPlayer Desktop cannot see my NAA. Some time ago I used NAA with direct LAN cable between HQPD and NAA. I tried it again but it didn’t work now. Few months ago it worked yet but now no luck. I tried also older versions of NAA as well as older versions of HQPD. Maybe some Windows Update caused the trouble?? My Win10 is now Version 1709. I know there are people on the forum who use Win10 NAA. Could you please share your experiences? Any hint, what to check, what to try? What did you do in order your Win10 NAA is found by HQPD?
  4. DFF to DSF conversion

    Win10 is OK, I'm using it too. Check the picture if your folder looks the same. Maybe such picture is missing in the installation PDF.
  5. DFF to DSF conversion

    dff2dsf from Signalyst accepts only DFF files with uncompressed DSD content. It doesn't accept compressed (DST) content. foobar2000 and Jriver Media Center accept DFF files in compressed DST format, but HQPlayer not. The tool dff2dsf from Signalyst doesn't make any decompression of DST content - it simply converts uncompressed DSD content from DFF file format to DSF file format. DSF files always contain uncompressed DSD content. AFAIK no tool to decompress DST content of DFF files is available. To solve your issue you need to re-extract files from your SACD ISO. You have to extract ISO to uncompressed DFF files or directly to extract ISO to DSF files. You don't need to do it as 2 step operation - at first to extract DFF files from ISO with one tool and then to convert them to DSF with another tool. You can obtain DSF files from SACD ISO in a single tool. You can choose Sonore ISO2DSD or my ISO2DSF.
  6. DFF to DSF conversion

    Edmond, is your account able to run a program as Administrator? You could try to open Command Prompt window as Administrator, then navigate to your DFF2DSF folder and then run AddContextMenu.bat, for example: cd /d d:\tools\DFF2DSF AddContextMenuItem.bat
  7. DFF to DSF conversion

    I didn't test it with Desktop folder. I would suggest you to try some shorter path like c:\dff2dsf you suggested. My folder d:\tools\DFF2DSF looks like on the attached picture. I have too less information to be able to reproduce your issue.
  8. DFF to DSF conversion

    Correction of my previous post - note it is without the /b switch: In AddContextMenuItem.bat substitute the line whoami /groups | findstr /c:"Mandatory Label\High Mandatory Level" > nul with this one: whoami /groups | findstr /c:"S-1-16-12288" > nul I tested it just now, that works on my PC and most probably works also on non English Windows.
  9. DFF to DSF conversion

    Hi Giorgio, if you aren't using English edition of Windows OS, then I know one fix. In AddContextMenuItem.bat substitute the line whoami /groups | findstr /b /c:"Mandatory Label\High Mandatory Level" > nul with this one: whoami /groups | findstr /b /c:"S-1-16-12288" > nul
  10. HQ Player

    All works as previously, forget the previous post.
  11. HQ Player

    I used 3.16.0 with my Win10 NAA last 1/2 year. I did Creators Update on my Win10 HQPlayer computer (no change on the NAA computer). Because of startup crash I needed to update HQPlayer to 3.17. Now I cannot access my Win10 NAA anymore - I tried both NetworkAudioAdapter and NetworkAudioAdapter IPv6. Miska, did anything change in the way how NAA is discovered between 3.16 and 3.17 ? Is there anyone using Win10 HQPlayer computer with Win10 NAA after Creators update on HQPlayer computer? Do I need to update NAA? My NAA version is
  12. It should work. The forum page you linked contains more ways how to reach the result. Just try it and post your result in the correct thread. Blu-ray and SACD disk formats are not similar.
  13. Blu-ray disks are not SACD disks. This thread is about ripping SACDs. You can follow this threads: This old article doesn't refer new tools but it can also help:
  14. HQ Player

    I provided link to other thread in my previous post, just click on it. Cebolla showed how to transcode the BBC stream to FLAC.
  15. HQ Player

    Miska, do you have any idea? I tried to follow Cebolla to get the BBC stream into HQPLayer using the latest VLC nightly This is from HQPLayer log: # 2017/04/17 09:22:49 clReadFLAC::OpenURI(): FLAC__stream_decoder_process_until_end_of_metadata() # 2017/04/17 09:22:49 clMainWindow::trackSelected(): clHQPlayerEngine::GoTo(): clHQPlayerEngine::Play(): clPlaylist::SetTrack(): clAudioTransport::OpenURI() failed My playlist file: http://localhost:8080/bbcr3.flac (I tried both)