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  1. It should work. The forum page you linked contains more ways how to reach the result. Just try it and post your result in the correct thread. Blu-ray and SACD disk formats are not similar.
  2. Blu-ray disks are not SACD disks. This thread is about ripping SACDs. You can follow this threads: This old article doesn't refer new tools but it can also help:
  3. HQ Player

    I provided link to other thread in my previous post, just click on it. Cebolla showed how to transcode the BBC stream to FLAC.
  4. HQ Player

    Miska, do you have any idea? I tried to follow Cebolla to get the BBC stream into HQPLayer using the latest VLC nightly This is from HQPLayer log: # 2017/04/17 09:22:49 clReadFLAC::OpenURI(): FLAC__stream_decoder_process_until_end_of_metadata() # 2017/04/17 09:22:49 clMainWindow::trackSelected(): clHQPlayerEngine::GoTo(): clHQPlayerEngine::Play(): clPlaylist::SetTrack(): clAudioTransport::OpenURI() failed My playlist file: http://localhost:8080/bbcr3.flac (I tried both)
  5. BBC Streaming FLAC

    I downloaded the latest nightly build and tried the transcoding. It's a pity that HQPlayer Desktop doesn't understand the transcoded stream. HQPlayer detects the existence of the stream (it allows to insert it to HQPlayer playlist), but it it is unable to play it. EDIT: I pointed Miska to this thread and posted my HQPlayer log excerpt in HQPlayer thread.
  6. HQ Player

    If you are using convolution or pipeline processing with impulse response WAVs then your results make sense. That processing in DSD domain consumes much more resources than in PCM domain.
  7. BBC Streaming FLAC

    I answered to miguelito
  8. BBC Streaming FLAC

    Not exactly this. You can get all Windows sounds into HQPlayer, but I know only a solution using foobar2000 and limited for fixed sample rate and bit depth. You can try the following: Set a virtual cable product as both default input and default output in Windows Control Panel | Sound. For example set both to Line 1 from Virtual Audio Cable product (or use VB-Audio HiFi Cable). Set them to a common sample rate and bit depth according to your music source. Use foo_record Recorder component in foobar2000 to play Windows default sound input through foobar2000. Configure it for the same bit rate and bit depth you used in point 1. Use the solution from my signature to stream all sounds from foobar2000 to HQPlayer, set it to the same bit rate and bit depth you used in previous points: Stream to HQPlayer Desktop from foobar2000 I can play all Windows sounds this way as DSD128 via my HQPlayer NAA.
  9. BBC Streaming FLAC

    See an example here: But the BBC stream seems to be other format, as Cebolla pointed to in the 2nd post of this thread.
  10. BBC Streaming FLAC

    This thread shows how you can route all Windows sounds through Virtual Audio Cable (bit perfect Kernel Streaming) to audio device of your choice. Later in that thread I showed more complicated setup how to route all Windows sounds to ASIO device of your choice. Optionally, that includes also possibility to use free ASIO proxy to convert all Windows sounds to DSD 'on the fly'.
  11. I'm not using Apple iProducts ... expect of my 10 years old iPod where I installed free Rockbox firmware so it behaves like ordinary portable player. foobar2000, JRiver, HQPlayer, etc. work fine with tagged WAV files.
  12. MP3::Tag is Perl module, it is something quite different than Mp3tag GUI tool. Please do not mix that ... Mp3tag works with WAV files ...
  13. I don't need internet access on my HQPlayer NAA and therefore I have no need to do any OS updates on it. Fortunately no never ending battle in my case. Good idea may be to archive older Win10 versions, as these seem to be less bloated than the never ones.
  14. jeff, very nice complete workflow!
  15. Understood. I didn't expect someone will be familiar with mp3::tag here. The only my experience with mp3::tag is for DSF. I didn't try it with WAV files.