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  1. lmitche

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Cool, I can try that here without hacking the Lush1. Will do so and report back within the week.
  2. Oh well, I guess I misunderstood his posting. Thanks !
  3. Doc, No one should be discouraged from learning how to do this stuff. In my response above, I certainly don't mean to imply that people can't succeed at doing this configuration themselves. But hand holding will be required. And probably a lot of hand holding. We all started somewhere. Clearly many millions of people have these skills and the barriers to learning are very low. You should know that Piero, the author of Audiolinux hand held me throughout the installation process. This despite the fact that I have been hands on with technology from learning to program in the mid 1960's and learning and working with the Unix team in the 70s at university . . . .and on and on. Most of my career has been spent managing technology development teams. Nevertheless implementation details matter, and it takes hands on experience to learn those details. And those details can get awfully complicated at times. Mostly, it is the unexpected stuff that makes this hard. The NUC bios is pretty awful,. I haven't seen anything this bad since early days of the consumer motherboard business. You can get things to work, but it takes persistence to deal with the inconsistent behavior. This combined with the command line requirements of Audiolinux suggest to me that it is not an easy road for a novice. You could argue that Google search has a command line interface and everyone seems to learn that, so what do I know. That's my two cents. Good luck. Larry
  4. Andrew, Yes indeed, you are right. Coincidentally I ordered a copy seconds before reading this. It may even sound better. Regular Audiolinux will run very happily in 4gb. Ramboot takes the larger 16gb footprint. Headless should Ramboot with 8gb. Larry
  5. Hmmm . . . this configuration takes a medium level of network and a low to medium Linux skills including use of the command line. It's too long of a process for a hand holding thing, so best if you have someone with those skills involved.
  6. Yes, but it is known as the best sounding Win10 release. Ask Peter St.
  7. You may be right. I'm on Windows 10 build 10074.
  8. NUC update: I agree with most of you in believing that the quality of upstream components matters. Nevertheless I have always been troubled by the excellent sound quality of Tidal from Roon. I can't hear a difference, mastering quality aside, from locally sourced music from highly optimized equipment and Tidal source files. Given this, it shouldn't mattter if local files are served from the dirty side of the LAN, just like Tidal. Yesterday the USB 3 disk containing my music files was moved to the untreated power side of the room. The music disk is served as a share from a SMPS powered Netgear R7000 router. Today the USB NIC and LPS powered WAP were removed and the AC class wireless card in the NUC enabled at 5ghz. This means that the NUC has three cables, a wifi antenna, 19 volts from a linear power supply and the USPCB to the ISO Regen. Given the moat created by the ISO Regen it is now ground loopless. I also attached a 10 foot antenna cable from the nuc wifi card and placed the antenna inches from the router hosting the music disk. So the music is now being served over the NUC 433mps wifi link from the router(as NAS) on the dirty side. SQ is fabulous, once again more transparent, with a beautiful timbre from instruments. Harshness is gone. I had to lower volume almost 4db on many tracks. My tinnitus is much reduced. Roon core on Audiolinux is running on the NUC. Tomorrow a second NUC arrives. It cost $125. Keeping it in the dirty zone, I'll move the hard disk there, enable Roon core there, and run Roonbridge on the clean, ramboot, Dac connected NUC. It was a fascinating, and surprisingly rewarding day. I feel like I'm almost done with this silly hobby. P.S. I know, I know, I've recreated the ethernet to USB streamer here, just like the microRendu or SOTM SMS ultra . . . nevertheless I've auditioned both and had nothing like the SQ heard here today. I don't know where the magic is, Audiolinux perhaps?
  9. True, but over an awful half duplex physical layer. Where are the USB 3 DACs anyway?
  10. Buy and run AudiophileOptimizer and you'll have about 35 tasks if you use the most aggressive settings.
  11. NUC update: Today the usb 3.1 enclosure and associated hard disk was moved from direct connection to the NUC to the Netgear r7000. Now music is served wirelessly to an Asus WAP connected to the nuc via an USB 3 nic. This means there are only two devices with a ground connected to the NUC, the WAP and the power supply to the nuc. Tomorrow a WiFi antenna and 10 foot extension arrives. This will eliminate the WAP and it's power supply, making the NUC loopless, assuming that the moat created by the ISO Regen holds. There was a nice increase in SQ created by moving the HDD to the router, with a noticable increase in timbre on classical tracks.
  12. Yes there is switching technology on the motherboard, but with use of the two power inputs from two of the three lpus the dependency on switched PSU sections is reduced to a level that greatly benefits SQ. The same thing happens with mainstream gaming boards when two power supplies are used to power the cpu separately from the ATX connector.
  13. My Gustard U12 is still in service at a friend's house and does a great job with his spdif only dac. Given it's age, we have been talking about an upgrade. This one looks like a great candidate. I look forward to hearing more. Many thanks, Larry P.S. great to see Ess take on the Xmos monopoly.
  14. Hi Alex, My new, and second, LPS1.2 is up and running since Saturday. It is used to power my ISO Regen. As expected, I hear a nice SQ increase vs. the LPS-1 that powered it before. Thanks for the quick shipment as well. Larry
  15. lmitche

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Haha, well it takes one to know one! Rajiv figured it out. Best, Larry