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  1. HQ Player

    For sure, the 8700k will not spin hqplayer at dsd512 with polysinc xtr. This has been confirmed from two sources. The new 16 core AMD threadripper will. Expectations are that the 12 core threadripper will work as well. It would be good to know the least expensive of the recent Intel processors capable of polysinc xtr at dsd512. Curiously, ifi has just announced a usb 3.0 DAC capable of dsd1024, hmmm!
  2. HQ Player

    Funny, my 6700k system uses ddr4 2400
  3. Hi Alex and John, Congratulations on the launch of the LPS-1.2! The specs look great! I am curious about the new smps energizing supply. Will you be selling this with the ISO Regens as well? Are there models of different voltage available in this product line? Thanks, Larry
  4. Rajiv, thanks for sharing this experience. Like you, despite adding two emosystems filters, jssg shelding to my ethernet cables and ghent audio dc cables, a Netgear v3 switch with JSGT, a 4 port 100 mbs 5 volt router to create a new subnet, all powered by lt3045 LDOs energized by LPSes, the ethernet chain of my upsampling machine appears to be the most sensitive part of my system. Each of the additions above improved SQ, but my guess there is room for more. And we thought USB 2 chains were tough to optimize.
  5. HQ Player

    Rajiv, I have never felt the need to try this, so I don't know the details. I do know there are several packages that can measure your room and create filters like: https://www.roomeqwizard.com The resulting curves are downloaded as .wav files into Hqplayer and then applied as part of the sampling process. I am sure someone with real experience will chime in.
  6. Here two lps-1s 7 volt outputs power three ldovr.com lt3045 6 to 5 volt chains. One is used to energize a USB 3 pcie card. The second y-cable chain energizes an ISO Regen and injects power into my DAC. SQ is truly fantastic!
  7. HQ Player

    Put on your thinking cap! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/dsp-book/dsp_book_Ch6.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwiP_8OL99fYAhXC24MKHf7JAIwQFgiGATAQ&usg=AOvVaw2J1gGdD-Xc9jNgZqueYirP
  8. HQ Player

    Ben-M, short answer, you are going to have to try Hqplayer at dsd512 to know for sure what is possible. Polysinc xtr 2s seems to have lower performance requirements then another filters, I think it sounds best at dsd512, and may work just fine in your setup. Nevertheless, many say that L3 cache is key the Hqplayer performance. Your CPU may fall short there. You may find that a more advanced CPU will let you use your existing motherboard and that a couple upgrade be the least expensive way forward. I would consider that before buying a cuda board. The good news is that Intel processors are being heavily discounted with the new competition from amd and shipping of new intel processor lines in response.
  9. Yes, just copy and paste the script into powershell. I've done this many times with success.
  10. Oh good, I look forward to your opinion about the implementation.
  11. A beautiful Friday morning summer of August 1969, I am twelve years old, on the lawn tractor mowing my father's lawn in Connecticut. My next door neighbor Mindy, tall, tan, blond hair, blue eyes, and 16 years old pulls up to the edge of the driveway in her orange convertible VW beetle and asks if I'd like to join her for the weekend at a concert at some place named Woodstock. My parents aren't home, so I say I need to let them know where I am going. She says, "no problem we will call them from the concert". I get in the car. We go about a quarter mile, I get cold feet, jump out of the car and walk home. I can still feel my disappointment reading the Sunday NY Times reporting of the concert.
  12. After years of fooling around with Corning Cables, FMCs and the Adnaco USB fiber solutions, I've gone all copper now. In the end, sound quality is best once the fiber was eliminated. Based on your response, I guess that these are all sub-optimal implementations of opto-electric interfaces.
  13. Sorry, I meant Lee at SOTM of course. Funny how the mind works. Larry
  14. FWIW, I have heard many engineers including John Swenson and Roy at SOTM say that fiber interfaces create a large amount of jitter.