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  1. Yep, ground wires on the modules ring through to safety ground on the IEC inlet.
  2. Teac 10MHz clock : CG - 10M

    It was more of an exercise in curiousity than anything else. It started when I owned a Brooklyn DAC with a word clock input. That was sold long ago. For now my approach is to use the lt3045s to deliver ultra clean power to boards with clocks. I'm also working to eliminate as many devices with clocks as possible.
  3. Teac 10MHz clock : CG - 10M

  4. Teac 10MHz clock : CG - 10M

    Kevin, I've been looking on eBay for years for a deal like this. Where did you find it? I just looked and can't find the same. What were the other clocks you tried that were beat by this one?
  5. Yes, that is logical, but remember these machines share Windows Asio drivers and firmware so there is more that is in common here than just Hqplayer.
  6. I was trying to support your point. Now fixed.
  7. Like Quadman, dry and colorless Is not what I am hearing here with 6 lt3045s, 3 chains of 2 each in series powering the (nic, Adnaco USB card, drive enclosure), (pcie USB card), (Iso Regen and DAC). SQ is wonderful with deep and dense images.
  8. John, you findings with small SMPSes are great. Is it possible to divert leakages currents to ground with an ATX SMPS power supply in a similar way? My assumption is that these supplies use a common ground, so shouldn't grounding any neutral wire from any arbitrary modular ATX PSU output plug accomplish the same?
  9. Jussi, thanks for reaching out. I have both as well, and the behavior is the same. I'll email you in the am with the details, perhaps with some audio so you can hear what happens.
  10. No More Audiophile Hassles

    Thanks Mordikai. I haven't heard 901s in 30+ years and was surprised to see them in my friends setup and shocked at how good they sounded in his highly treated room. I have dissed them many times, and I was wrong. Am I going to sell my Wilsons and buy a pair? I don't think so, but it is tempting to buy a pair as there are things they do better then the Wilsons. The room is also filled with 4 subs, including a pair of 5 foot tall Infinity subs which more than make up for the bass response of the 901s. Two Sequerra super tweeters topped things off.
  11. No More Audiophile Hassles

    Barrows, give me a break. I said "it made me think", it wasn't a bold statement and I resent having to defend it, but here you go. This thread seems to be about less expensive ways to achieve high quality audio. My friend's used $200 901s sounded shockingly good and I thought my comment was on topic. I know that $200,000 speakers would sound better. I see lots of pairs of 901 series I and II on eBay in the $200 to $400 range. They could be part of a nice audio system for very little money. Secondly your attempt to question my judgement by suggesting I haven't heard any modern speakers is not appreciated. And yes, I find having to defend myself from this nonsense, tedious.
  12. No, you chose to discuss the problem here when you asked for my ticket number. You could have used the ticketing system. You did not. DSD512 playback from Hqplayer is not supported by the IFI microIDSD. Good to know! What a shame! I was an early adopter of the black label and recommended it highly as a great product to combine with Hqplayer. Many others here bought it on my recommendation and don't have this issue. My guess is that I have a bad DAC, but I guess I'll never know the truth. Is there any other solution? This dac is still under warranty. Otherwise, feel free to put a tick in your beloved closed ticket box.
  13. No More Audiophile Hassles

    What was I thinking? I thought it was a interesting observation. I will keep to myself the next time. CA is getting really tedious.
  14. Who are You Going to See?

    Manhattan Transfer next week Cecil McLoren Salvant in November Aaron Neville in December