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  1. Hi Rajiv, I am sure you will write a great review, with or without including DSD512 support. I was just curious as for some of us, dsd512 upsampling is the only way we listen to music. Thanks, Larry
  2. Rajiv, Will you have a DSD512 source (Hqplayer and/or Roon) available for this review? Larry
  3. Hi John, For the avoidance of doubt, in this context does upstream device mean the device connected to the female Usb B input side of the ISO Regen? Thanks, Larry
  4. lmitche

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    If that's true, why the troll like behavior?
  5. lmitche

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    Are we having fun now?
  6. John, this statement about DSD is with the Holo Spring DAC? If so, change the Hqplayer buffer to default, and then set the asio driver to the smallest buffer size that plays. The buffer size has a large impact on perceived presence or deadness.
  7. Most of my cables have techflex as a final layer.
  8. The trouble with techflex is that a metal hair could make it through causing trouble. Given this possibility, I added the shrink wrap.
  9. lmitche

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    That's right, it's all about money and power.
  10. http://www.gothamaudiousa.com
  11. lmitche

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    Come on guys, we are trying to have some fun here. We are bored with the same old arguments. Leave us alone please. Thanks, Larry
  12. lmitche

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    I suspect this is correct. Here is another data point. My recently acquired lps1.2 replaced a lps1 used in my usb chain. In this position, the lps-1.2 feeds a y-cable to two chains of dual lt3045s (7 to 6 to 5 volts), where one output feeds an ISO Regen and the other feeds a vbus injector into an IFI black label. The DAC can be started in two power modes, fed from it's internal battery or fed from vbus. Until the lps-1.2 arrived, the DAC always sounded better powered from it's battery. Now things have changed. Fed from the vbus, imaging and sound stage has not changed, but the noise floor seems noticeably lower with a kind of shimmer, (almost like shade) around instruments gone. The result is a crystal clear point source of sound in a quieter sound stage. While I am not sure I always like the vbus style sound, the difference is immediate and striking and for at least some material, especially classical, it is an improvement. Happily it is trivial to switch modes. So I concur with Genjamons hypothesis that we are dealing with such low noise levels, that minor changes in shielding, cabling and regulation make an audible difference. It is as though we are approaching or have moved past some tipping point.
  13. lmitche

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    I've done it several times now. I have to drill out the metal plug sleeve to 9mm. Shrink wrap makes the finished product acceptable.
  14. lmitche

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    Nice report! Well done. Just curious, have you tried it with an ISO Regen?