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  1. Hi folks, is Audiolinux from this site? And if not, please give me the correct link: https://www.ap-linux.com
  2. chauphuong

    Nativ Vita - Buyers Beware

    Easy money making "audiophile sector"....
  3. Buy a Schiit Eitre, plug it into one usb port of your PC. Connect ur DAC and Eitre using a decent coaxial cable. Then enjoy the music.
  4. chauphuong

    Allo Digione Player with XLR ?

    If you can reach this far.... http://www.hdvietnam.com/threads/du-an-dau-tay-transport-nen-tang-raspberry-pi-chat-luong-cao.1319210/page-146
  5. chauphuong

    ASUS Tinkerboard vs RaspberryPi

    If you enjoy tweaking, please do it to R Pi, especially its power by removing the smps dc-dc converter and providing linear currents directly to PI. Then say no to PI's usb ports by installing a Digione....
  6. chauphuong

    Chinese non branded DACs

    When one drinks Coca Cola, he/she mostly drinks that name rather than the liquid. If the budget is under 1k$, go for Chinese DACs.
  7. You said spdif from a pc not optimized? So it is not a control pc, right? Now you say about "pc control device to stream", right? So you are definitely technical, wrong? Oh a lot of beer...
  8. Poor you as you are listenimg to music with a pc "not optimized any way". And seems that you drink too much beer.
  9. Is it? Could you point out some?
  10. chauphuong

    Raspberry Pi 3B+; anyone using it yet?

    No, see my attached file. Do this after removing the smps dc. converter. Be noted it is for Pi2 and Pi3. I don't know about P3 B+.
  11. chauphuong

    Raspberry Pi 3B+; anyone using it yet?

    Do that (removing DC converter) to Pi first. It will do magic.
  12. chauphuong

    audio power supply optimizaton

    Where can I find that wrapping material? Thanks
  13. chauphuong

    DIY PC server/player?

    Too small mainboards make it difficult to provide different linear power voltage. Using HDplex provides several voltage which helps bypass a lot of spms on the mainboard unlike using a single 12v ps.
  14. chauphuong

    Best source under $500

    Rasp Pi with full linear power (on board smps removed) plus Allo DigiOne I2S - S/PDIF converter is by far the best I think...
  15. https://m.ebay.com/itm/AC-DC-Power-Supply-Adapter-Charger-For-Iomega-Zip-P-N-02477800-R4W005-100-Drive/282239379575?hash=item41b6c72877:g:MZoAAOSwvzRXyRyl Is it? Dirt cheap, 4.15 pound. AqVox is super intelligent......