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  1. I decided to try the new 88kHz version on HD Tracks. (I never did replace my vinyl version; I bought when it was first released.) I love the music--I still remember the lyrics after 30 years. BUT this download was a complete waste of money. I wouldn't be surprised if the bandwidth was wider than 100 Hz to 4 kHz! It is no wonder that Chesky doesn't offer the ability to offer feedback like Amazon does. No one would buy this junk. Has anyone been successful getting a refund from these folks?
  2. Album of the Evening

    I like the quote "I'm playing mostly new songs tonight", most of which are on Harvest, which hadn't yet been released. The DVD has 96kHz. Relaxing and totally engaging.
  3. Album of the Evening

    Been thoroughly enjoying Vic's albums. Reminds me of my youth where one would devour a great album from one of your favorite artists, time after time, until you know all the lyrics. It's been a nice cure for audiophilia, where you care about the music, period.
  4. Album of the Evening

    Album by Vic Chesnutt "Discovered" him when he played on Trinity Revisited by the Cowboy Junkies. The best cuts on that great CD/DVD are those in which he performed. I won't say that to Margo...promise. Still discovering his stuff. Very disarming. Very human. Mostly acoustic, singer/songwriter for those who don't know him. Discovering such artists (that you like) makes this hobby worth it.
  5. I thought the Ridge Street and Transparent were the equal in my system (2009 Mac Mini into M2Tech Evo with Bolder power supply). Again, with an asynchronous interface on the Evo, I did not expect to hear any real differences when comparing the two. The DB Audio cable was the last USB I planned on 'listening to', given the lack of differences when trying the others (non-freebie, non-junk cables). If I had to describe the audible difference, it would be similar to comparing two analog interconnects, one with PE and the other Teflon. To my ears, clarity. Clint
  6. Using Apple IR Remote for server control

    I feel stupid for not thinking of this. Thank you! Unlike my laptop, the display can't be turned off completely. But it's gets low enough not to be annoying.
  7. I use an iPad to select music for listening--very cool and convenient. Skipping & pausing tracks, not so much, compared to a using regular IR remote sitting on the arm of my chair. I discovered that the tiny white Apple IR remote works surprisingly well for this purpose. Select music via iPad, micro-control using the IR remote. I use Amarra. However, the darned thing wakes up the display on my Mac whenever I use the IR remote! I don't appreciate the corner of my room suddenly being lighted by my Apple display. Apple's Cinema display doesn't have an off switch. Any ideas of how to get around this? I know there are lots of hidden default switches available for controlling Mac OS and applications, but I am unfamiliar with one to disable the wake of the display by sending IR commands. Clint
  8. I initially tried a Transparent cable when I first got the M2Tech Evo. Very good, ready to buy. A friend of mine had both a Ridge Street cable, as well as DB Audio, so I borrowed both from him. Ridge Street was the equal (in my system) to the Transparent, despite the large price differential; I think he told me the Ridge Street was ~$600. The DB Audio cable was heads and shoulders above both. Purchased the DB Audio, and never looked back.
  9. Apple Remote App Problems

    Yes, the switching of album art can make for a much-needed chuckle! Just an application restart fixes it. No need to reinstall. This bug has been around for at least a year.
  10. Finding bad RIPs

    I use iTunes to rip my CDs, selecting "use error correction". Because I don't listen to my entire collection very often, it is a surprise when I play something and get drop-outs and clicks/snaps due to scratches or bad reads that the application didn't find significant to report to me when I did the original rip. :-( Is there any software out there that will scan an AIFF file (or whatever), looking for suspicious sections? I'm not looking for something that will catch one bad sample that's been interpolated, but obvious breaks in the waveform that would be audible. I'd love to be able to throw my entire library at such an application, find the suspicious files and fix them. (I've found that car polish can clean up most CDs.) Clint
  11. Apple Remote App Problems

    I rarely use the select-by-artist feature, so I don't know when this problem was introduced. However, I have found a correlation between the string containing the artist name and the problem. In particular, an artist name with a ":" in the string will cause all albums to display instead of the list of albums associated with the artist. I hope that Apple would fix this eventually.
  12. RMAF impressions

    The Vandersteen/ARC room was the highlight of my trip. I'm already trying to figure out how I could possibly get a pair..... Clint
  13. I am using Amarra Mini with the HiFace; I know it's not a certified configuration. But I have experienced this behavior since day 1: I utilize the "Remote" application on an old iPhone to drive the server. I typically select music and hit play. At the end of the evening, I press "Pause" to stop music playing. What I observe when I return the next day is that, upon pressing "play" that the Mac Mini is delayed in time for about 5 seconds for all operations. In fact, I can quit Amarra and iTunes and music continues to play for about 5 seconds or so. If I don't restart the application, the delay is compounded every day: 10 seconds delay on the second day, etc. Of course, this isn't tolerable from a usability standpoint, so I just get used to restarting the application. I have found that if I put the Mini to 'sleep' at the end of the day, the delays don't appear. Or at least not nearly as much. Am I the only one experiencing this? Clint
  14. Sorry, I was not implying that expensive cables cannot be worth it. I am embarrassed to tell anyone outside my audio friends that my one 40' pair of interconnects cost me over $10K (Transparent Reference XL MM2). Aside from that, my point is that the reviewer didn't like the sound of the $40K transport/DAC when fed from the ST cables provided by Wadia. So I'm happy the Evo can actually sound great without resorting to expensive cables. To quote: "It turns out that good optical cable isn’t cheap, as I ruefully discovered during the course of optimizing the system (see sidebar). I achieved excellent results using Aural Symphonics Optimism v2.2006, and I wouldn’t dream of owning this system without them." ... "So is the 270se/Series 9 worth $40,000? In purely sonic terms, my view is that it is not." He then goes on to say part of the reason is the performance of much less expensive units, such as the
  15. I've wondered about the wide disparity between "real world" ST cables and the ones aimed at audiophiles. TAS did a review of Wadia's top-of-the-line transport and DAC a few years ago, and the reviewer ended up using $1K ST cables (requiring 6 cables, I recall). Madness. I wonder if his opinion would change if the $5K Aural Symphonics Excelon Digital v1 ST cable had been available. $30K to wire a DAC. http://thecableco.com/product.php?id=1721