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  1. Actually almost every major manufacturer has had problems related to this: Toyota is not alone in major recalls due to incidents of sudden unintended acceleration. These issues are also not limited to the big five manufacturers. According to the NHTSA database, recalls have also been issued for vehicles made by Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Mazda, Land Rover, Suzuki and Volvo.Feb 6, 2010 Fact Check: Toyota not alone in acceleration problems - CNN.com
  2. At least it's not "unintended acceleration"!
  3. TubeLover

    King Crimson available for DL?

    Sorry, I pasted in a complete image of the new box lp sets, but it somehow doesn't translate when I submit the reply? JC
  4. TubeLover

    King Crimson available for DL?

    I also meant to note that the 2018 reissues are well worth the purchase for a serious early Crimson fan. Just for the live pieces. I just noted this new release, which I wish they had reissued at least the 69-72 set on cd or, even better high res, but that was apparently too much to hope for. And honestly, even if the original master tapes survived from 1969, not sure how much higher res could be gleaned from them. I own all the 40th anniversary versions already, but a nice book and full size lp covers like this provides would be really nice to own. JC
  5. I have to say I'm impressed. Other than the single, original reply from Doc relating to my story, you've gotten this all the way up to three pages, and counting while discussing but cars.....amazing!
  6. I don't necessarily care who loves them, but TotalDac's are superb. Along with the Golden Gate, they were at the top of my dream list, but no one ever sells them! Apparently there is a reason why:)
  7. TubeLover

    King Crimson available for DL?

    Thanks Tom, I appreciate you pointing that out. I've have, however, owned that set for many years in the form of the original "collectors item" cd boxed set. To my knowledge, even as limited as it's scope, it is the only documented performances from the original incarnation of the band. JC
  8. Also true, and when you are using that special car on a more mundane trip, not simply out carving turns through the countryside. JC
  9. Well said, and you have indeed had some fine cars there . JC
  10. Thanks for your thoughts Tom! That whole Agora performance by Bruce and the band always knocks my socks off, but I agree, that version of Prove It All Night is a particular classic. Another favorite concert of mine is from Buffalo 11/22/09 in which he performed the rarely heard "Lost In The Flood", and the virtually never performed "The Angel" back to back in an incredibly impassioned performance. I am now up to nearly four months of my walking in water efforts three times a week, and it is definitely benefiting me in many ways, if more slowly than I would like. JC
  11. PS Audio DirectStream Holo Audio Spring Kitsune Tuned Level 3 Mytek Manhattan Lampizator Big 7 JC
  12. Okay, I have a very strong suggestion there for you. I know of a DAC that is an absolute steal at the moment. The only caveat is that it can't do DSD, so if that's important to you, then it's not for you. The DAC I'm referring to is the superb, yet almost unknown Modwright Elyse. This superb DAC is almost unknown because Modwright released it literally just as the DSD craze was hitting and it doesnt do DSD. You may recall that Modwright was famous for modding Sony and Oppo cd players and bringing them to equal $10,000.00 players for less than half the price. They are geniuses with digital, and the Elyse is a DAC that sold for over $7k just a few years ago, and was rated well in compared it to far more expensive DAC's two and three times its price. If cd/pcm sound is what is important to you, then the Elyse is simply stunning. There is one on Audiogon right now for $2,750.00 which is outright robbery. . People are giving these away for only two minor reasons, one, the lack of DSD, and two, the only other thing to be aware of is that the Elyses uses a older USB standard that requires either a network player with Windows drivers, or a good USB to SPDIF converter. Otherwise, they are simply beautiful DAC's (one of the best looking ones I've seen) superb sounding, incredibly well built, with a great tube complement that can be upgraded for not a lot of money, and takes things to another entire level. JC
  13. Doc, if you have the Bose system that Porsche offers, I completely understand your desire to rip it out. Sounded terrible in my Cayman S. JC
  14. Its honestly pretty difficult. I know people who have spent a fortune on it and it still doesn't sound great. JC
  15. I knew it was a joke, but if I hadn't gone along with it no one would have had any fun! JC