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  1. Does this include the R2R ladder pcm DAC card?
  2. New microRendu ships with the 1.3 board. Why?

    It was already pointed out once earlier, but I will try this again. Sonore, which has provided great equipment value and customer service to quite a number of people I know, still sells the original 1.3 version of the MicroRendu. First of all, they were considerate enough to offer an upgraded (newer technology/higher cost) board to people who previously bought the original. Are you aware of how few audio companies do this? Secondly, they continue to offer the original 1.3 version now for the same cost they did at introduction. That allows many people, including you, if you wished, to still purchase what has been called one of the greatest bargains in audio at an extremely inexpensive price for what it offers. If Sonore did discontinue the 1.3 version, and only offer a 1.4 version, it would not be able to be sold at that very low original price. Would you be happier if their intro MicroRendu went up another $100.00 or more and that was the lowest price that a MicroRendu was available for? JC
  3. Dear Mr. Connaker

    Based on the difficulties he has to suffer here, relentlessly, and without reason, and his constantly kind and more than considerate responses, I think Chris should perhaps perhaps be nominated for sainthood! JC
  4. Based on reviews and information from some very well invested audiophile friends, I only wished I could afford one of the TotalDAC's, in particular the tubed version. Short of that, I hoped I would find a great value that would make up the difference, such as the Denafrips Terminator. Even if you don't take it at full value, this is an immense disappointment. JC
  5. Most Affordable Way To Currently Implement Roon?

    Because all of the other available options I've tried with my MicroRendu leave much to be desired, and I'm being very kind with that assessment. A good, audiophile friend and I are in the same boat, in this regard, we are both terribly unsatisfied with the interfaces available, so Roon would seem our only remaining option JC
  6. Well Produced Progressive Rock/Metal Albums

    Havent seen it yet, but Tidal does a pretty good job of adding these. It also just literally got released two days ago, so it's early on. JC
  7. Well Produced Progressive Rock/Metal Albums

    I'm only on the prog side of things, but I agree with those you've listed that I am familiar with. Indeed, anything Steven Wilson has been associated with, or touched is phenomenal. His albums with Porcupine Tree, as well as the Yes, and Jethro Tull remix/remasters has been singularly brilliant. In that vein, I just received the new Jethro Tull remixed/remastered 'New Shoes" Heavy Horses boxed set and it sound superb. This album is a great favorite of mine, and Mr. Wilson, as he did with the "Songs From The Wood project did brilliant work here. A shame there is no Hi Rez available, although perhaps there will be in a while. However, much as I would love the Hi Res. version, I would not wish to give up an entire second cd of rare songs and outtakes, much less a full concert from 78 on DVD, as well as another live performance remixed to 5.1 surround on DVD and a beautiful nearly a hundred page book with great color photos, song information and concert comementaries. None but the original album would be available on HiRes. As usual, they want every penny they can scrape out of us. JC
  8. What appeals me is the constancy of comments from reviewers (granted very few so far) and owners of how analog it sounds. I would normally not want to consider a non tube DAC, but this "might" be an exception. JC
  9. The Real Enemy Isn't MQA

    Agreed. It's directly tied to the millions upon millions of lemmings that Apple created with their garbage iTunes sound quality, their 20 cent ear buds and the whole process of reducing music to its most limited element. They will never care about DRM and have made fortunes for people selling intentionally bass heavy headphones. JC
  10. Most Affordable Way To Currently Implement Roon?

    Is there any way to utilize a Sonic Transporter and still manage to separately power the SSD drive to eliminate that noise? JC
  11. Most Affordable Way To Currently Implement Roon?

    Also, would I be correct in assuming that adding the Sonic Transporter i5, would produce significantly higher quality sound via Roon than either using my existing "all purpose" desktop pc, or my Surface Book laptop? JC
  12. Most Affordable Way To Currently Implement Roon?

    Thanks, but since both my friend and I already have a NAS in the system, we shouldn't need any additional storage on the Sonic Transporter i5, unless I missed something. JC
  13. Most Affordable Way To Currently Implement Roon?

    I've been reading up and this seems like a very good solution. Small Green Computers page indicated "save $380.00" and then lists the cost at $695.00. Any idea if this is an upgraded model, because reviews I've read all have it listed at $645-695.00 normally. It also shows "no internal drive" in the drop down, but in the specs says that a 64GB drive is included with Roon installed, which is confusing. My guess is that they intended to mean no "additional" internal SSD storage drive is included, should you need one to store music files on if you, for example, did not have a NAS? https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/search?type=product&q=Roon JC
  14. Most Affordable Way To Currently Implement Roon?

    Also, what size SSD would you recommend? JC
  15. Most Affordable Way To Currently Implement Roon?

    One more quick question. If we cannot manage to get Roon/Roonserver to run on our Synology NAS units (which I am clarifying, but have been told is unlikely), my friend will probably take the route of using a Mac Mini. Which specs will he need for the Mac Mini? The mini's run from $499.00-999.00 dependent on spec: processors run from an i5 1 - 4ghz to an i5 - 2.6ghz to an i5 - 2.8ghz memory runs from 4-8gb storage runs from 500gb to 1tb Thanks. JC