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  1. TubeLover

    What gear do you love?

    Conrad Johnson ART SA amplifier Manley 300B preamp Audio Physic Cardeas Plus + speakers All, simply incredible performers JC
  2. It would appear that I will be fortunate enough to purchase this dream DAC at an incredible price very soon from an original owner. I was just wondering if anyone here also owns one, and is using it via its optional volume control/preamp circuit directly to the power amp(s) and what your thoughts are on doing so. I've previously had some very mixed results, to out it kindly, experimenting with my previous system, and those of friends and others. The results we had were heavily favoring using a preamp and not connecting directly from DAC to amp. However, I have read more and more, of late, of people's success in going direct, and one of my friend found that also worked for him with his Lampizator Big 7, with volume control. I'm very torn about this, as I currently own an absolutely amazing preamp which took my system to a new level that I just sit in wonder at. Giving it up to go direct would be painful and disappointing, but then there is the almost incontrovertible logic that a shorter, less complex path should always result in better audio performance. For reference, I will be using the Golden Gate with an UltraRendu, LPS 1.2 power supply, and a Sonic Transporter. JC
  3. TubeLover

    Kate Bush Remastered Box Sets Coming!

    I can't take credit for finding this source for significantly less expensive prices on the two cd box sets. I found it while researching the upcoming box sets on the Steve Hoffman forum, which is the place to go for that kind of thing. Members there have provided feedback that this is a good, reputable vendor. However, apparently a number of people have had some problems/confusion when they pre-order with Import CD's, so it is recommended that you await the actual release and then purchase them at that time. https://www.importcds.com/search?q=kate+bush&mod=AP JC
  4. TubeLover

    Kate Bush Remastered Box Sets Coming!

    I understand, Hugo. I'm torn about the 2nd box, which would normally simply be something I ordered up. A big portion of it is the live, "Before The Dawn" two cd extravaganza, which I purchased less than a year ago. I still would really like to have a remastered "50 Words For Snow" and "Aerial" though. JC
  5. Remastered by Kate herself, along with James Guthrie https://www.musicdirect.com/optical-disc/Kate-Bush-Remastered-Part-1-(7CD-Box-Set)--- https://www.musicdirect.com/optical-disc/Kate-Bush-Remastered-Part-2-(6CD-Box-Set)--- Also vinyl spread over four box sets. I would normally already have pre-orders in place, but the sound of the old, Japanese boxed set "This Womans Work" which I've long owned is very good. I think I may need to hold out and wait to hear how good these are. No word on any digital versions, they are thought to be unlikely. JC
  6. TubeLover

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    Loving the car. My alternate vehicle, the BMW m235ix, has been at the body shop for the past two and a half weeks for some hail damage repairs. Given that, I've been driving the R8 daily, or as much as needed. I've developed an even closer relationship with the wonderful R8. JC
  7. TubeLover

    Lennon's Imagine: the Ultimate Collection

    Interestingly, today while out running errands, I was listening to the Beatles Channel on Sirius/XM. One of the engineers who worked on that version of Double Fantasy talked at length about how they focused on capturing John's voice more clearly in the mix. This particular engineer had a long relationship with John and had, at various times spent up to a week working with him in the studio. And again, almost literally said what you did, word for word, about John didn't particularly like his voice, and went out of his way to mix it down and alter it. JC
  8. TubeLover

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    Exactly Doc, put that car away somewhere safe and protected for the winter. I thought about you as I was test driving a friends GT4 for the first time today. Sensational car! JC
  9. TubeLover

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    That is EXACTLY my concern despite other people here on CA telling me I am wrong. Too many people have otherwise told me that the Qobuz library is heavily oriented to classical and jazz. Thats not what I listen to either, and why I am terrified at the thought that Tidal could go under. It represents such a huge portion of my listening that it would be crushing to lose it! JC
  10. TubeLover

    Great Minds in Audio

    Now thats not really being fair to Dyson. At least he produces things that perform and have value! JC
  11. TubeLover

    Lennon's Imagine: the Ultimate Collection

    Excellent summation and guidance for others, Firedog. There is nothing I could add after spending significant time with the set. Well done. JC
  12. TubeLover


    Very good to hear. Now if they can just continue to survive. I honestly don't know what I would do without them. Supposedly, Qobuz could be an answer, and I pray that's true, but I will withhold my thoughts on that until I can check it out myself when it actually becomes available here in the US. JC
  13. TubeLover

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    It's a great deal like fast food. The masses are constantly exposed to it, eat it regularly and feel that it represents actual, enjoyable food. JC
  14. TubeLover

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    Well, to be fair, I was only half serious in my comments. Though, people who are limited to enjoyment of "Top 40" music, especially given how pathetic that generally has been, over the past couple decades, do raise some questions. And I mean this as far more of a condemnation of Top 40 music, than I do those people involved in listening to it. My nieces (now in their mid-late twenties) both fill the bill, and I've never been able to consider them true "music lovers". I suppose I felt I was in the right area when I referred to someone who only listened to "Top 40" as akin to someone who only reads comics or magazines and has never actually read a book. Would they be considered people who love literature? In another light, I do not think anyone who drove, and loved their Chevy Spark or Toyota Corolla would be viewed a "car aficianado". I think to be truly considered a music lover, there needs to be some width and breadth and depth to what you listen to. Granted, its not as simple as saying, well, you must listen to, and enjoy, classical, or jazz, or whatever, because that's not true. I do, however, think you need to have some significant variation, substance and depth to what you find compelling in music to be considered a true music lover. JC
  15. TubeLover

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    Well done Doc, I couldn't have said it better myself! JC