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  1. Beerand music said: "Actually there are MANY MANY of them...PS Audio direct stream probably being the most popular." The Directstream is a DAC, not a network player/streamer. It also converts to low level DSD. What other actual network players/streamers do you know of that can convert from PCM to DSD? JC
  2. Thanks for the replies. I know desktop pc's, and have probably specced out and built twenty or so. However, a desktop pc is not viable in my circumstances, only a laptop. So it would seem I am out of luck in this scenario. I suppose the good news is that I can save a chunk of money on the laptop I was going to buy, as I can downsize the processor and memory and still do everything else I need. JC
  3. I've seen quite a number of people here, some who have great respect for, note that they are converting PCM to DSD512, for optimum listening results. I have an Aurender N100, which leaves me unable to try this, but (and I could be wrong) I don't think any streamer/network player is capable of converting PCM to DSD on the fly. The only means of doing so, again, as far as I'm aware, is using a PC and JRiver (or possibly also other software, HQ Player or Roon?). I'm sure that many/most people are using laptops to perform this task. What laptop specs (processors and memory) are necessary for optimal sound quality in this process? Are there any other laptop hardware specs that will affect the sound quality of this implementation? Thanks for any assistance in helping me to understand this implementation. I've been asked by several friends, and I simply don't know the answers. I'm also about to buy a laptop, and wanted to leep thje necessary specs in mind, just to allow me to try this myself, potentially. Again, I assume your pc/software allow you to access the NAS on your network and the music files there. JC
  4. Eva Cassidy released a new album today

    Doc, given how long it's been since she sadly passed away, my guess is that this was the last bit of recorded music that the record company could find and they just went ahead and marketed it regardless of sound quality. Anything for a buck. They had already compiled what would have logically translated into a two or three albums into twice that. A shame that such a wonderful artist's legacy isn't treated better. JC
  5. Unfortunately, no other computer is available. JC
  6. SCHIIT's Yggdrasil

    Schiit is indeed trying to tell you that the Apple Tv is going to be a significant limitation to your overall sound. My recommendation would be to buy one of the many used MicroRendus being sold, as people upgrade to UltraRendus. This will give you a cheap, but very high quality means of streaming. Nothing else would come remotely close for the money. The Bluesound is not even in the ballpark in terms of quality compared to the MicroRendu. JC
  7. I'm not going to tell a lie...

    I can get along with anyone as long as they correctly despise that school down south in below the Michigan border. And you know the one I mean. The second best football program money can buy! JC
  8. I'm not going to tell a lie...

    Doc, I have been a U of M fan since I was a small kid. I did actually attend State, for a specific major. Believe it or not, I rooted for Michigan when they played them in football, even while sitting in the stands at East Lansing. JC
  9. State of the Music Industry

    Thanks for that article Jud. So sadly true. JC
  10. I'm not going to tell a lie...

    I'm a fan of all the major Michigan colleges insofar as sports, in the following order: U of M, Michigan State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan,etc. JC
  11. I'm not going to tell a lie...

    Doc, if you want to make a road trip to Michigan, you're more than welcome to come and listen! JC
  12. Tried the Lumin app and have the same issue. JC
  13. John, Thanks very much for the reply and the analysis, as always. I'm actually using the BubbleUPnP server installed on my Synology NAS. When I checked, it was up to date in terms of software. JC
  14. As the title says, I'm having an issue logging in to Tidal. I have had Tidal in use for more than two years on my main system downstairs via an Aurender N100. Today, I just got my newly purchased used Microrendu (1.4) working for the upstairs system, where I work from home. I tried logging in to Tidal (via Kazoo) using my exact correct information, and repeatedly got this error: "Tidal Login Error Network problem: Unsupported curve: 1.2.840.10045.3.1.7" JC
  15. Your System Sucks

    Agreed again. There is nothing like the pure magic of a DHT/SET. Even when you find yourself having wandered far afield due to speaker constraints, issues with small children or pets, or room size or other limitations, you always remember and crave that magic. JC