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  1. TubeLover

    Who are You Going to See?

    Jeff Beck with Paul Rodgers , opening act is Ann Wilson. July 31'st. With guitar playing of that ability, along with one of rock's better vocalists this should be a most interesting show. JC
  2. TubeLover


    You have a PM JC
  3. TubeLover

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    There were comments quite some time back indicating that the Aurender processors didn't have the necessary horsepower for Roon. JC
  4. Agreed that Beryl seems pretty insignificant, especially given it's ill advised featured status. I Bought the Amazon "Deluxe Edition" which claims an extra track or two. A friend purchased the cd from elsewhere and is missing the last few songs "My Heart Has Ever Changed", "Terminal Of Tribute To" and a song that I place among recent Knopfler favorites, "Heart Of Oak". If you haven't these, you haven't heard the album! JC
  5. TubeLover

    Help with speaker choice please

    I second that, its worth the wait! JC
  6. New review just out from Audiostream! https://www.audiostream.com/content/review-denafrips-terminator-dac JC
  7. TubeLover

    Yes The Yes Album HDTracks

    Has anyone compared the MoFi version with the far more recent remixed version by the much lauded Steven Wilson? JC
  8. Jud, I'm also a big Knopfler fan. I read, at some length, his own comments about how he recorded his most recent solo album, "Tracker" solely by using tubed, analog equipment in the primary chain. To me, its sound is the best I've heard from him, or almost anyone, in a long time. JC
  9. TubeLover

    Audio memory and hearing aids

    In had a recent discussion with a former co-worker who now works in the hearing aid industry. He said that, for the same reason we are all aware of, audio aficionado's represent a very small portion of the overall population. For that reason alone, there is not much in the way of any significant development going on (per him) to improve hearing aids to meet our demographic. They simply work on improving your ability to hear speech clearly as their first and foremost goal. This is very sad in a number of ways. I have an elderly uncle who was primarily the one responsible for making me aware of quality music reproduction, at an early age. He has required hearing aids for about ten years now, and even the newest versions he now has do not allow him to satisfactorily allow him to listen to music anymore. He has even lost the ability too appreciate soundtracks of films he watches in his home theater since using hearing aids. I also have an elderly friend who is quite well to do, and had amassed a truly great audio system. He has worked with some top notch doctors, tried virtually everything available (I'm linking the previous PSaudio info to him) at any cost, and has had to discontinue his music listening, out of frustration, which was his most enjoyed pastime. It has truly affected his spirits and outlook on life, in general. But there seems to be no real answer. At the point where any of us eventually needs hearing aids, we seem to be simply out of luck for continued music listening. I can tell you it is heartbreaking to me to see both my uncle and my friend in the position they are in. And I'm no spring chicken, so you always wonder when it will strike you. JC
  10. Great deck, Joel, one of my all time favorites. Congratulations! I'm sure it cost a pretty penny, but you can't put a price on the enjoyment it is bringing you. JC
  11. Joel, what reel to reel deck are you using, by the way, just out of curiosity? JC
  12. You think you've sinned? I'm somehow completely agreeing with GUTB!!! But seriously, I can echo everything he is saying. Evert tape demo I've heard at an audio show has been just superb, sonically. Good tape is better than good vinyl. It simply is. More analog, richer, smoother, and the best playback I've heard when the source material was of the best quality. I agree that the $500.00 master quality tapes being offered are prohibitively and excessively expensive for all but the most well heeled, but they do sound incredible. Back in the late 70's to early 80's, I had a very good Tascam reel to reel, and would buy a new album on vinly, play it once, clean it, and then record it to tape on the reel to reel. The music always sounded better when I played it back on the reel to reel, and people would be amazed when I A?B'ed it and proved it to them. I completely understand your thoughts on the reel to reel, and your growing attachment to it. I tried to recreate this scenario within the last year, but with the cost of tape, etc. It simply got too expensive to move forward with it, long term. JC
  13. TubeLover

    Article: Some Excellent CA Finds For You

    Chris, thansk for checking out Qobuz for the rest of us, it's greatly appreciated. Much has been said about the content limitations of Qobuz. Most comments seemed to indicate that their library leans very heavily towards classical, and a lot of European (and possibly other) jazz. My concern was whether Qobuz offered the depth of, rock in all its types, alternative, folk, ambient, and other general music available on Tidal. I would love to know if there is a truly viable alternative to Tidal, with comparable music depth in its library, given Tidal's precarious situation. JC
  14. True, but I've heard a few that seem to have "error addition"! JC