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  1. bobflood

    Can I Run Romex Wire Between Joists In Photo?

    Chris, You may want to consider a shielded Romex. I found this just as an example. I agree with the 10 Gauge as well. http://www.lessemf.com/wiring.html
  2. bobflood

    Can I Run Romex Wire Between Joists In Photo?

    I would get your electrician friend involved and check the local code. As mentioned above, insurance is the big concern.
  3. bobflood

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    It strikes me that you would be the perfect person to use some pro IT network tools and see if you can figure this out. Is Tidal or an ISP messing with the feed? I have noticed the same and I think that Tidal has become worse recently. I plan to switch bsck to Qobuz when it is Roon compatible. I had an account years ago when they were under the original ownership and should not have let it go. I switched to Tidal when Roon came around. I have also had Deezer and they were great as well. Tidal was fine in the beginning but the SQ has been sliding. Everything sounds like the volume level has been pushed up to the point of clipping. Thanks
  4. bobflood

    Article: A New Listening Room Part One

    Chris, The new space looks great and don't despair as it will sound great when you are done. With this space you can do the necessary room treatments that you otherwise could not do in a family space. I say this from experience. When I sold homes in the past, I once got invited to the home of an audiophile who took me into a room that had been properly treated and the sound in that room was utterly amazing. He had very good equipment to be sure but I have never heard anything like it before or after except in a few dealer rooms. You can only do this kind of stuff when you have a dedicated space. One last recommendation would be to not replace your speakers until after you are completely finished with the acoustic treatments. You may find that it is not necessary. I look forward to the final result. Bob
  5. Care to elaborate on the good (new) managed switches?
  6. Finally, something serious (funny)! LOL
  7. We are getting there slowly but surely. Especially look at the AES67 to AES3 DDC 12V external power version. https://www.micromedia.ch/?portfolio=aes67-dante-aoip-stereo-interfaces
  8. This review reminds me of the reviews of years past in the various print magazines. Those reviews were, like this one, very detailed and gave enough data points to really begin a decision tree process. So much of what passes as reviews these days are really not much more than listening impressions or worse yet thinly veiled marketing pieces. Very much a pleasure to read. Keep up the good work. Thanks
  9. bobflood

    HQ Player

    Thank you Miska for the very detailed answers. I suspected as much. Bob
  10. bobflood

    HQ Player

    All this back and forth about the massive amount of processing power needed to do DSD 512 conversion leads me to to ask this question: How can certain manufacturers who I won't name claim to be doing DSD 1024 on what appears to be an ordinary FPGA chip? Is there some trick to programing or some unknown capability that I am not aware of or do not understand? I know that HQ Player can do higher than DSD 512 but to date I have not seen anyone be able to actually do it and I don't think there is a DAC readily available that can accept it. It is the same issue as these mega million tap high rate PCM filters being run on a FPGA. The PCM scenario seems at least plausible but the DSD 1024 on a FPGA seems far fetched. If this has been discussed before I did not find it so pardon me if I am asking something that has been explained before. Answers appreciated. Thanks in advance to all.
  11. Bob, Good job on your first review. I look forward to more from you. Bob
  12. bobflood

    Sonore Signature Rendu SE

    Thanks, that is what I thought. I guess Linn will have to act on it from their end if they want to make it available.
  13. bobflood

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    I agree that CA is not yet tribal but it sure seems to be headed that way. The discourse here on MQA has become rude and sometimes even crude and very much tilted to the anti-MQA side. At least it seems that way to me. Personally I could care less about MQA one way or the other. I am old enough to have started with LPs and progressed to every tape format, then CDs, and now streaming. I have had every major lossless streaming service (and most of the others before lossless became available). I have done some beta testing for one. I am not some naive new to the hobby type. One thing that I think I can say with some certainty is that nothing said here about MQA will have any negative (or positive) effect on the future of MQA. Seriously, does anyone really think that what a relatively small number of posters on this or any other site say will sway the investors behind MQA? I doubt it. The real negative potential of all this is likely to be on those of us who make up this community.
  14. bobflood

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Chris, For the future viability of this site, if it was my site I would delete anything and everything MQA. Just my opinion but this has become very tiresome and way too personal.
  15. bobflood

    Sonore Signature Rendu SE

    Just set this up on my uRendu and it works great. Any way to get Deezer incorporated into this? Thanks Jesus and Andrew for getting this to work.