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  1. Super Price Drop!!!! 2800.00 Including Shipping Word Wide. + PP Need to sell fast
  2. for what its worth, I miss My Playback Design, After going through another series of 3 days i am planing on buying the Merlot again for my second system and the Dream Dac for my main one.
  3. Thank you, It is an outstanding Streamer, Hardware and software optimised and the Remote Control Software is free to download for Android or Ipads.
  4. Price Drop: 3200.00 US. Unit Sells for 6500.00
  5. Forgot to mention, this server automatically Rips CD and SACD into the Server. A Supplied CD Drive is included. I will update pictures soon. Simply Connect the Supplied CD Drive via USB and place in your CD/SACD and within few mins it will be ripped over to the Syrah. This can be stored in the Syrah or placed on your network nas.
  6. Hi Guys, Up for sale is my Syrah Server from Playback Design, Optimised for Audio through Hardware and software. Built upon the Jriver Platform and remote control is free to download from Apple or Android App Store. Sounds Excellent, Universal Voltage. Purchased from an Authorised Distributor. Retails: 6500.00 US. My Original Receipt Price is: $5970.00 Us dollars. Purchased in June 2017 Asking Price is 3500.00 US dollars. + Shipping.. Price is negotiable for serious buyers with reasonable offers. Can Ship World Wide via Fedex. Paypal Is accepted or Bank Wire to a US Account. If your using paypal a 4% Charge is required for fees, Otherwise a friends and family method is fine by me. Can be shipped in its Original Wood Crate Package or to save cost i can get a customised Cardboard box one made (of course strong enough for international shipping) Comes with 2 TB hard drive. I can load this up with DSD and PCM before shipping out. Buy with confidence, my proven track sales on computer audiophile speaks for it self.
  7. Just shipped both your 1.5 Meter Cables I now only have 1 X UPOCC Copper 3 Meter XLR (Pair Left and Right Channels) 1 X UPOCC Silver Cable Neotechs Reference Series, Ultra Smooth and Transparent XLR This pair is a Brand New. I have one from DAC to Pre-amp and i can attest these are very transparent non fatiguing cables. Both are Certified Genuine, Brand New. Up for Sale and willing to let them go.
  8. Item is shipped. Got your payment sent Via FedEx. Tracking number is sent via private msg. I just found one pair of Neotech 1 Meter Cable now. If anyone is interested. I have 1.5 Meter and 3 Meters available. Few left in stock.
  9. All the 1 Meter are sold out just rechecked now for stocks. I have the following Available: 3 x 3 Meters 2 x 1.5 Meters and I have the higher Silver Version of the OCC Silver XLR Just responded to you by private msg with all the pictures.
  10. Its a under-rated DAC, Playback design does not use Magazines or hevey marketing. I guess Andreas back ground information in Digital should convince most people but than again most people don't know who he is and how he is involved in the DSD industry,. I did get some offers, but the clients kept asking if it does Roon or has a volume control. No to either so the deal fell through. Anyways I am up for reasonable offers.