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  1. Just shipped both your 1.5 Meter Cables I now only have 1 X UPOCC Copper 3 Meter XLR (Pair Left and Right Channels) 1 X UPOCC Silver Cable Neotechs Reference Series, Ultra Smooth and Transparent XLR This pair is a Brand New. I have one from DAC to Pre-amp and i can attest these are very transparent non fatiguing cables. Both are Certified Genuine, Brand New. Up for Sale and willing to let them go.
  2. Item is shipped. Got your payment sent Via FedEx. Tracking number is sent via private msg. I just found one pair of Neotech 1 Meter Cable now. If anyone is interested. I have 1.5 Meter and 3 Meters available. Few left in stock.
  3. All the 1 Meter are sold out just rechecked now for stocks. I have the following Available: 3 x 3 Meters 2 x 1.5 Meters and I have the higher Silver Version of the OCC Silver XLR Just responded to you by private msg with all the pictures.
  4. Its a under-rated DAC, Playback design does not use Magazines or hevey marketing. I guess Andreas back ground information in Digital should convince most people but than again most people don't know who he is and how he is involved in the DSD industry,. I did get some offers, but the clients kept asking if it does Roon or has a volume control. No to either so the deal fell through. Anyways I am up for reasonable offers.
  5. SOLD

    Images are attached: Reason for selling, I sold my Entreq Boxes few months back for those of you who know me seen few of my boxes for sale. The last box sold did not include cables, I found these laying around in storage and thus would rather use the cash for some other purchase.
  6. SOLD

    NOTI have the following For Sale: Entreq Ertha Silver Wire (RCA to SPADE) X 2 Pieces (100.00 Dollars Each) (usual Retail is 300 US Dollars) Entreq Eartha Copper Wire ( SPADE TO SPACE) X 1 Piece (80.00 Dollars Each) Entreq Eartha Silver (3.5mm to SPADE) X 1 Piece (80.00 Dollars) Entreq AC Wrap X 1 (70.00 dollars) Entreq Mini Wrap X 3 Pairs (50.00 Dollars Per Pair) Lenth of all the cables are longer then usual for flexibility. They are 2 Meters long each. This cost me more to purchase. Take All for 350.00 US Dollars. Not Including shipping & paypal has to be covered by the buyer for any fees incurred. Pictures will follow soon.
  7. Recommended Spec for High End Audio PC

    Any specific Mobo which is suitable for such work or does any work? should I be buying a Gaming board or should I stay away from high spec boards?
  8. Recommended Spec for High End Audio PC

    Best possible audio to DAC. Both for PCM and DSD up to Quad Rate DSD. I'm not really into Up sampling as I don't seem to like what it does however if the system is capable I could spend more time experimenting on this. However the most important is to get the best possible sound. I had the Aurender N10 and sold that was not happy with the sound quality.
  9. Hi All, Needed some advise and recommendation to build a High End PC, I am planning to Use SOTM Parts. I am still wandering which type of Motherboard to Use, CPU and Memory. I have just purchased the HD Plex 400 Watts Power Supply and HD Plex Casing. Any advise would be appreciated.