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  1. Not sure if you can get them outside UK, but various http://reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/uk/html/boxdetails.php work well for me.
  2. Audio_ELF

    R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    ‘“I first became aware of classical music when I was 15,” he said. “LPs had recently appeared in Britain. I ripped out the mechanism of our old wind-up gramophone and put in a turntable and a three-valve amplifier. I made a speaker cabinet from an old book case, with a sheet of chip-board on the front. The whole system looked pretty crude, but it didn’t sound too bad.’
  3. Audio_ELF

    Article: Audiophile Imagery Volume 1: dCS Network Bridge

    I read the headline as “Audiophile Imaginary Volume” ... the mind was boggling!
  4. Audio_ELF

    Article: Apple HomePod Review - An Audiophile Perspective

    I always take issue with comments like this ... Yes: Apple brought iTunes Store downloaded (lossy compressed music) to the masses ... but for the masses this is a STEP UP from the systems they were listening to music on in the past. Every iPod has sounded better than every (with a few exceptions which were outliers) Walkman or Discman (and non-Sony generic alternatives) which it replaced given similar level of headphone. Most iPod / iPhone docks sound better than the desktop "ghetto blaster" they replaced. Most consumers have never had high end audio. In saying Apple ruined "audiophile" you are comparing oranges to ... well Apples!
  5. Audio_ELF

    Physical CD's

    Surely you know you need vinyl to deal with zombies...
  6. Back to the original post... The problem with things like this WD dual drive setup can be that you often have little to no control over how the drives are formatted. If you can access each drive separately then yes go for this, if it’s forced into RAID0 striped or other method to see both drives as one, then you are reliant on the drive array to read the data and if this fails you are stuck. Individual drives, either cased or uncased, are best for backup though you do then have some management to keep the backup size to below 8TB (vs 16TB overall).
  7. Audio_ELF

    Chord Qutest

    Why! They’ve done it before (okay maybe not the best implemented network players). However I suspect if you think of something more a cross between the Blu 2 and the Poly then you’re probably on the right lines to add network streamer / player to the Qutest (and Hugo2 / TT and even DAVE).
  8. Is there any likelihood of a version with UK plugs?
  9. Audio_ELF

    Article: CA Goes To Dynaudio In Denmark

    I did say some Americans. Most Americans I know are nice people (like most Brits).
  10. Audio_ELF

    Article: CA Goes To Dynaudio In Denmark

    What a condescending and nasty piece of writing which is typical of the way some Americans see the rest of the world. My apologies to Chris for writing this but this post has no place (in my opinion) in this world wide site.
  11. Audio_ELF

    Wi-FI Headphones?

    Smiles... sorry maybe was touchy. Anyway it’s a semi-portable WiFi solution.
  12. Audio_ELF

    Wi-FI Headphones?

    To be honest I don’t usually search through what else people have posted before offering a suggestion which might help them...
  13. Audio_ELF

    Wi-FI Headphones?

    Not quite what you were asking for... but a wireless media player / headphone amp such as Chord Mojo + Poly should allow you to use any headphone (almost) wirelessly.
  14. You missed my point... which is that Cat 6/Cat 6A is used as standard unless there is a reason why it’s not suitable. Cat 6 can do 10Gbe upto 55m and Cat 6A does full 100m. Yes, when running KMs you use Fibre, I said that in the first place. None of these exceptions are of any concern in the home. As for the original poster... I suspect vendors aren’t offering SFP network connections because they feel it adds no benefit, adds costs and complications to the devices. I know Naim are aware of users experiments with fibre and have dismissed them after their own testing (I’m likely paraphrasing there) so I would assume other vendors have done the same.
  15. Fibre is a massive overkill in domestic environments. To the OP. I can’t work out if everything runs back to a single location / cabinet or if you have the switches in multiple locations. If the former then a pair of decent Cisco switches stacked will be perfect for you. In networking the simplest solution is usually the best!