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  1. Article: CA Goes To Dynaudio In Denmark

    I did say some Americans. Most Americans I know are nice people (like most Brits).
  2. Article: CA Goes To Dynaudio In Denmark

    What a condescending and nasty piece of writing which is typical of the way some Americans see the rest of the world. My apologies to Chris for writing this but this post has no place (in my opinion) in this world wide site.
  3. Wi-FI Headphones?

    Smiles... sorry maybe was touchy. Anyway it’s a semi-portable WiFi solution.
  4. Wi-FI Headphones?

    To be honest I don’t usually search through what else people have posted before offering a suggestion which might help them...
  5. Wi-FI Headphones?

    Not quite what you were asking for... but a wireless media player / headphone amp such as Chord Mojo + Poly should allow you to use any headphone (almost) wirelessly.
  6. You missed my point... which is that Cat 6/Cat 6A is used as standard unless there is a reason why it’s not suitable. Cat 6 can do 10Gbe upto 55m and Cat 6A does full 100m. Yes, when running KMs you use Fibre, I said that in the first place. None of these exceptions are of any concern in the home. As for the original poster... I suspect vendors aren’t offering SFP network connections because they feel it adds no benefit, adds costs and complications to the devices. I know Naim are aware of users experiments with fibre and have dismissed them after their own testing (I’m likely paraphrasing there) so I would assume other vendors have done the same.
  7. Fibre is a massive overkill in domestic environments. To the OP. I can’t work out if everything runs back to a single location / cabinet or if you have the switches in multiple locations. If the former then a pair of decent Cisco switches stacked will be perfect for you. In networking the simplest solution is usually the best!
  8. Except none of that is really true... Cat 6/Cat 6a is the perfectly accepted mainstream (Gigabit) Ethernet medium for upto 100m runs in all but exceptional circumstances. Fibre is only used where networking is required to pass “noisy” environments (such as running cabling through factories or in lift shafts), when required to run externally or for distances over 100m.
  9. They exist... they are branded Sonos and BluSound and Marantz and Yamaha (etc.)
  10. Using Photography to Understand Transition from Analog to Digital

    Of course it doesn’t help when people start “You must have a great camera, those photos are great!”.
  11. Using Photography to Understand Transition from Analog to Digital

    Lots of analogies between audiophiles and photographers and audio and photography. Both groups talk a lot of rubbish at times justifying decision when what they really need to say is... I prefer this or the other. A lot of love from both groups of old technology which technically is inferior but for versions aesthetic reasons is preferred. Lots of purchases of new devices because they are newer and therefore much be better, when in real world situation there is no improvement. Both can make the mistake of chase measurements when all that’s important is the end results. ps not suggesting I’m immune to any of that...
  12. I can offer you a theory as to why the pops/clicks but no real solution. I would suggest the pops/clicks occur whether direct or via a pre-amp. However if you are going via a preamp they are attenuated. The pops are occurring at the output of the DAC so after the digital volume control.
  13. Audiophile Quality Music Files in DJ Environment

    ...might be more appropriate!
  14. Neck Strap or Shoulder Strap?

    I use a Peak Design Slide strap. Can be used as a tradition neck strap, or over the shoulder accross the body. The camera can be hung in various ways too. A “Lite” version is available for smaller cameras such as Mirrorless.
  15. Getting rid of CD's?

    Really? Seams like it’s pretty important to you that we understand and accept your views on the legal and moral position on copyright legislation!