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  1. One thing you need to consider (IMO) is if you are happy with analogue transcription or if you are planning on any digital processing. If the latter, then you probably want to look for the best PCM ADC you can; if the former (no processing) then DSD can give better results. To add another device to your list for consideration ... Lynx Hilo.
  2. Legal by the letter of the law perhaps in some jurisdictions, but would it be moral? You pay Spotify so the artist gets a per play fee. If you make a copy and/or write it to a CD the artist no longer gets a fee. If you're doing this why bother with Spotify, cut out the middle man and just download it from BitTorrent, the artist gets about the same rights fee!
  3. It wouldn't be legal software as you don't have the right with Spotify to save a copy. You can download a copy to your laptop for offline use (if you have a premium subscription), but you cannot burn that to a CD.
  4. Sell the X300A and buy a pair of active KEF LS50 instead?
  5. I'm not sure buying her a kitchen appliance would go down any better than buying her a sub(woofer) though...
  6. I didn't intend it to come across as a "hard and fast" rule... but generally the room / speaker interaction is (IMO) more important than what is the "best" speaker. At more extreme cases yes the best speaker sounds best regardless of the room, but at $2500 you have to decide which compromises you're willing to accept. (And yes in the specific example I think it's a valid comparison but isn't going to always be the case)
  7. It depends if you mean a pure reproduction ... or a pleasing reproduction. And the converse is true of course ... just because a DAC can reproduce a simple signal well; doesn't mean a complex signal will also be reproduced well - perhaps (and I'm surmising rather than offering evidence) that the turntable reproduced the complex signal just as well as it did the simple signal, but the DAC is much worse. It does demonstrate the difference, but doesn't explain why one might sound "better". And you're right, its interesting ... but given we are told repeatedly that a simple signal can't explain why DACs sound different ... why does this test explain anything about the difference between vinyl and digital? Please recognise that I'm saying that digital IS better ... but that doesn't equate to it being more pleasing!
  8. I'm not sure they have "reinvented" the DAC. They have just built what they feel is a better DAC. As for the the OP ... I'm not sure its of much doubt that digital can provide a "purer" signal. However many people feel the signal from vinyl is "better" for all kinds of reasons. A pure wave is easy to reproduce, its complex music signals where the difficulty lies.
  9. To the OP: the question is (IMO) too open ended. You need a bit more criteria. For starters... does $2,500 have to be new (MRSP) price, or are you including $2,500 at discount and/or second hand prices? Second... what sounds good in one room may sound poor in a different room so you need to have some idea of the environment. For example (taking a range I am familiar with) ... in absolute terms a pair of Bowers and Wilkins CM6s2 speakers (£1500) is "better" than a pair of 683s2 ... however in a larger room the 683s2 would sound much better. (Or am I over thinking this?)
  10. The Harman Group? Surely you mean the Samsung Group :-)
  11. The next generation of Naim All in Ones have been announced... The UnitiStar (and UnitiAtom / UnitiNova if you attach a USB drive) will even rip to an attached USB drive, USB memory stick or SD Card. And with SDXC cards already available at 0.5TB size could be a perfect all in one solution.
  12. Well Naim and Linn both manage it.
  13. Looks to have 2 or 3 line inputs to me (check out the 4th photo on Chris' first post)
  14. Off topic but ... That maybe true Bill ... but I've known a few mechanics who weren't above "I told you so" comments after you bought the one they recommended against. :-)