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  1. Using Photography to Understand Transition from Analog to Digital

    Of course it doesn’t help when people start “You must have a great camera, those photos are great!”.
  2. Using Photography to Understand Transition from Analog to Digital

    Lots of analogies between audiophiles and photographers and audio and photography. Both groups talk a lot of rubbish at times justifying decision when what they really need to say is... I prefer this or the other. A lot of love from both groups of old technology which technically is inferior but for versions aesthetic reasons is preferred. Lots of purchases of new devices because they are newer and therefore much be better, when in real world situation there is no improvement. Both can make the mistake of chase measurements when all that’s important is the end results. ps not suggesting I’m immune to any of that...
  3. I can offer you a theory as to why the pops/clicks but no real solution. I would suggest the pops/clicks occur whether direct or via a pre-amp. However if you are going via a preamp they are attenuated. The pops are occurring at the output of the DAC so after the digital volume control.
  4. Audiophile Quality Music Files in DJ Environment

    ...might be more appropriate!
  5. Neck Strap or Shoulder Strap?

    I use a Peak Design Slide strap. Can be used as a tradition neck strap, or over the shoulder accross the body. The camera can be hung in various ways too. A “Lite” version is available for smaller cameras such as Mirrorless.
  6. Getting rid of CD's?

    Really? Seams like it’s pretty important to you that we understand and accept your views on the legal and moral position on copyright legislation!
  7. Getting rid of CD's?

    As you say copyright and ownership of copyright is a very complicated situation. And even if an artist owns the copyright they may not have rights to distribution - often distribution rights are sold for a certain period to a record label and its then up to them to decide what to produce / sell. I’m sure it’s not the only case, but I know of one artist who was (in the late 90s: having been “famous” in the late 80s - early 90s) “bootlegging” their own recordings because their record label wasn’t selling their music but they couldn’t legally goto another distributor.
  8. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    I'm probably missing something obviously ... but is there now no way to "jump to first unread post" once you are viewing a thread?
  9. I might be missing something obvious ... but once in a thread you can no longer click to "jump to first unread post".
  10. Getting rid of CD's?

    It is overly strict yes, and no body really sticks to it. As I commented, to me “personal use” is the key. If you own the CD then you can copy it for personal use, but if you no longer own the CD especially if you sell it or give it away so others can sell it, you are no longer the person who has “personal use” of the CD. Anyway as I commented before, I have no real worry what people do, but if they ask the question, that is what I think is the correct thing and however people justify other behaviour they are breaking at least the spirit (or perhaps the morality) of copyright legislation. Basically threads like this are people wanting to be told they can do things with a clear conscience. Well no I don’t think you can sell your CDs, keep the rips and have a clear conscience.
  11. Getting rid of CD's?

    It’s very clear in the UK, you are not allowed (legally) to make any copy under the current legislation as the new rules were found to be illegal. (Yes I know, but the UK courts have the ability to rule new legislation “illegal”). As I commented above Jud, as much as anything I was trying to go beyond what the law says (and I’m not a lawyer and definitely not a US Interlectual Property lawyer) and what is reasonable behaviour. As I understand it US legislation and fair use allows you to make copies for personal use? Well assuming that is right, I would hazard that any “personal use” would be defined by the use of the person who currently owns the original. If you pass the CD in a form that someone else can use, they then own the original so any personal use would become the personal use of the new owner. (Well that’s how I would see it, who knows if the courts would see it similar and be so reasonable!)
  12. Getting rid of CD's?

    Of course you can listen to the backup copy. What you can't do is continue to listen to the backup if you no longer own the original! At the end of the day though ... we aren't so much discussing what the law says as what people think is reasonable. Do what you feel is right; but don't try to justify it through manipulation of the working of laws. I think we all know that the spirit of the law is that buying a CD (or paying for a download) allows you to have that music for you to listen to and play to your friends and family. You may disagree with the fairness of the laws and the fairness of musicians and record companies; but in essence that is what the law is designed. If someone else wants a copy of that music; then they have to buy it themselves. If you want to get rid of the CD of the music, then if you are transferring the CD to someone else for them to own, you no longer have the rights to the music on that CD. 1 purchase. 1 person's copy. Do what you want, but don't try to justify that its legal.
  13. Getting rid of CD's?

    Incorrect ... the scale of redistribution does not matter. Redistrubtion on ANY scale (even a single copy which would occur if you ripped the CD, gave the CD away and kept the rip is "Piracy". Piracy however is not a term defined in law.
  14. I don't have any financial interest in Light Harmonic Labs (not paid for crowdfunding "ideas" or anything) but it strikes me that they have been more naive than deliberately dishonest. They have more ideas than they can manage, and instead of focussing on getting one product to shipping before working on the next, Larry Ho appears to have lots of good ideas ... but the boring bit of turning exciting concept into shippable product is where he / Light Harmonic fail.
  15. Crutchfield Nearly Banned Me!

    There have been cases of Amazon banning users who regularly return things (at least here in UK). But I think its called ... we have a open returns policy; but won't deal with people who take the piss!