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  1. Samuel T Cogley

    Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    While this might come as a surprise to some of my harshest critics, there is merit in the idea that making assumptions is antithetical to meaningful, substantive discourse. Personally, I don't think there's technological value in $10,000 Ethernet cables (for example), but to extrapolate that the purveyors of those cables are obscenely wealthy is at least misguided. Experience online and in meatspace has taught me that people jump into audiophilia for lots of different reasons. For me, audio gear is like any other appliance in the house (or on road, like a smartphone or DAP). I've never had a relationship with my toaster oven, but I'm coming around to the idea of not looking down on those who (as GUTB says) are "emotional" about audio. But the reverse is true as well. Just because I don't have a relationship with a DAC, amp, or cables, doesn't mean I'm any less of an audiophile than anyone else. And in my book, anyone who cares about sound quality is an audiophile. Oh, and in case I wasn't clear, the amount of money someone spends has no bearing whatsoever on their commitment (or lack of it) to audiophilia. I see @christopher3393 has invoked Diana Krall above. While I find her work rather banal, she's infinitely more interesting than this tired, "audiophilia is decadence" trope. Perhaps it is decadence, but this is not the appropriate venue for such a topic. Believe it or not, there is a forum for that.
  2. @AMR/iFi audio, I found 5.2A firmware on the xDSD download page. It's missing from the iDAC2 download page.
  3. Thanks for the response, but this is confusing. To the best of my knowledge, no iFI products are capable of DoP512 as this requires a PCM rate of 1411200 Hz. Also, the "A" version of the firmware (like 5.2A) is what enabled DoP256. I've noticed that the 5.2A firmware is no longer available for download (5.1A is available). What happened to the "A" version of "Limoncello"?
  4. Hello @AMR/iFi audio Can you tell us about DoP support for this unit? Since it's capable of 768kHz, DoP256 should be supported, yes? Thanks in advance
  5. Samuel T Cogley

    New to computer audio - need dac suggestions

    Thanks for this. The Pro is the one to have
  6. Samuel T Cogley

    New to computer audio - need dac suggestions

    I think you mean $1999
  7. Samuel T Cogley

    Oppo to stop making players

    The apparent issues around the implementation of gapless playback has always been interesting to me. Note that Apple's iPod did not have gapless playback for quite some time (pretty sure Zune had it first) and when Apple finally did have it, it was an option that you had to explicitly enable. Pure speculation, but I'm thinking it might have something to do with software patents and how to implement it in a way that doesn't infringe on those patents. It likely takes a level of software expertise that is rare and expensive. Tidal also still doesn't have MQA core decoding in the mobile app.
  8. Samuel T Cogley

    "Audio Without Numbers" by Herb Reichert

    The validation that piece has given to the faithful there is palpable. Just read the comments section.
  9. Samuel T Cogley

    "Audio Without Numbers" by Herb Reichert

    There's copious back and forth in the forum about "feeling" vs. "knowing" (notice the scare quotes). I encourage you to seek that out if you're genuinely curious. ML isn't trolling Audiostream, he's trolling all those mean objectivists that gave him sads.
  10. Samuel T Cogley

    "Audio Without Numbers" by Herb Reichert

    It seems Audiostream is trying to come up with more and more imaginative ways to troll those who they apparently perceive as a threat. While it appears that you and Herb might share some affinity for "feeling" rather than "knowing", this looks to me like you're trolling this forum on ML's behalf.
  11. Samuel T Cogley

    Oppo to stop making players

    Modern video codecs have a mind numbing array of encoding options. I don't think comparison to lossy audio codecs is valid. In video encoding, there is a notion of "mathematically lossless" vs. "visually lossless". Of course, "visually lossless" is subjective. But unlike audio, you can put two images side-by-side to see the differences. Makes A/B comparisons much easier.
  12. Samuel T Cogley

    Oppo to stop making players

    Some Netflix subscribers would beg to differ. You might want to investigate how video bit rates can be manipulated to (for example) provide high quality UHD (3840x2160) with HDR for streaming.
  13. Samuel T Cogley

    The Old Guard ... I’m Speechless

    In the context of current consumer trends in audiophilia, the video was, for me, a cringe worthy exercise in whistling past the graveyard.
  14. Hello iFI Can you explain the technical reasons that the MQA firmware (5.3) disabled DoP256 on my iDAC2? I re-flashed 5.2A, and got DoP256 back. And just a suggestion for your download page(s): You should explicitly tell people that the MQA firmware disables DoP256. I can't find any mention of it there. Thanks EDIT: PS: You might want to re-think the "file format remap" concept. Many people (that I know, anyway) don't have any DSD256 files but use HQPlayer to upsample Redbook files to DSD256 and beyond. I count myself in this group.
  15. I upgraded an iDAC2 and was disappointed to discover that DoP256 was sacrificed to enable MQA. I re-flashed 5.2A, and wrote off the whole experience as an MQA induced hallucination.