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  1. His affluence is his bias. I know that's taboo to some, but it's abundantly transparent to me. Sorry if that upsets you. He doesn't make DACs. He just buys them.
  2. We'll just have to agree to disagree here. Like I said in my last post, all things being equal, most will defer to affluence.
  3. Is this even relevant to the thread? I quote from here: So, including VAT, that DAC had to cost around the U.S. equivalent of over $4,000. The Yggy costs $2,300. I understand that affluence demands privilege, and that most are all too eager to genuflect, but it's difficult not to conclude that you're attempting to further an agenda here by comparing your "top shelf" gear to more pedestrian gear marketed at a more working class demographic.
  4. Now who's trolling?
  5. The problem with A+ is you can't configure it to only output 20 bits, right? Or is there a way to do it that I'm missing?
  6. Speaking of DSD -> PCM conversion, I must say I haven't had what I would call stellar results with the Yggy. I'm using HQPlayer, and I wonder if anyone could comment on Jussi's guidance:
  7. Does he have any kind of special relationship with the competitor? Is there a DAC maker that he advocates for as strongly as he savages Schiit? Just trying to see the other side.
  8. Guys, am I missing something? Mani is a competitor with Schiit (for DACs) and this is not a significant fact?
  9. You're just reposting your old post over and over. I said Yggy, not Schiit. and you forgot this one: That's the most important one, right? EDIT: By the way, what was all the secrecy around your "reference DAC"? Are you a DAC manufacturer or designer by any chance? EDIT2: Phasure! All you guys have been playing me. Mani is slagging a competitor! And no one thought to speak up? Wow.
  10. Do what you gotta do man.
  11. And I remember vividly reading it at the time. You've got an axe to grind, and you continue to grind it. At least now I understand that you're obsessed with the Yggy for some odd reason.
  12. I'm not following you Chris. Why would you do that if you don't care? I don't care either. But I certainly view anything that comes from JA as suspect.
  13. Me neither.
  14. HP gear is how I discovered Schiit in the first place. But I've kind of moved on now. I have a Lyr 2, and really like it, but I've recently been using Lake People/Violectric gear and find it superior. I'm not a huge fan of tubes. I prefer linearity.
  15. So why didn't someone tell me that Mani was CA's resident Yggy hater. Could have saved me a lot of keystokes.