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  1. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    As media becomes more ethereal, networking will necessarily have to creep into audio gear. Ethernet (or perhaps a new networking transport layer? NVMe?) packet noise will replace USB packet noise as the current bugaboo. There will always be spinners, just as 78s survive today, but they will be outliers down the road.
  2. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    Me too. And in 10 years, there will still be room for improvement, etc.
  3. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    +1 The efficacy of herbal supplements is a uniquely subjective experience. With audio, if we're in the same room hearing the same speakers at the same time, there is some common frame of reference. With supplements, it's all subjective.
  4. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    In 2005, I might have agreed with you. But much of the "problems" you're highlighting are becoming less and less an issue in digital audio state of the art. What you call "bulletproof", I call, "competent".
  5. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    Trillions of dollars in the global economy hinges on data integrity (i.e., "bit accurate" data). The mere notion that data integrity is itself some kind of dogma is absurd at a level that defies definition.
  6. MQA is Vaporware

    For that, of course it's the line out into the AUX IN in the car. This, regardless of source, always sounds slightly better than Bluetooth. But only slightly.
  7. No More Audiophile Hassles

    Are you sure is isn't: Loosen (v.) to free or release something I can't ever remember either hearing or using "loose" as a verb.
  8. Needledrops with PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter

    Start with Audacity.
  9. MQA is Vaporware

    To me, it sounds substantially better than an iPod. But you need something like Westone W40s to really get the benefit.
  10. MQA is Vaporware

    Well, we saw video of them claiming to be blown away. And many of them were in a stationary car with an audio system that Neil withheld the details about because those details would "distract". Full disclosure: I own a Pono (purchased retail, not Kickstarter) and mostly like it. Why is Pono relevant to MQA? It was the first device that was targeted to decode MQA until Meridan and Neil Young had a falling out (DRM? Who knows). The Pono re-purposed the MQA light on the top of the Pono to a "bought from the Pono Music Store" indicator.
  11. MQA is Vaporware

    The ambient noise level of a car in motion will likely negate any benefit from ultra high fidelity playback. And that content would likely come from a mobile phone. Your MQA advocacy borders on slavish obsession. All sizzle and no steak.
  12. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    Ok, so we agree. I'm flummoxed.
  13. No More Audiophile Hassles

    ...and this is where "listening fatigue" comes from. DSP that claims to make "everything" sound better is typically snake oil.
  14. MQA is Vaporware

    If the ship really has sailed as you say, MQA would not have cancelled their presentation at RMAF. And there are DACs out there of sufficient quality that make the "need" for hirez moot. Listen to well mastered Redbook on a high quality R2R DAC to see what I mean.
  15. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    What's the goal here? To construct a underperforming PC with the intention of creating an environment that might explain why people of high audiophile esteem claimed to hear differences in bit-identical files in the 2000s? Your proposed test environment is an environment that a typical "computer audiophile" would avoid like the plague. I concede that there is a set of "computer audiophile best practices" that has evolved over time and this very web site is a big reason why. But getting back to the thread topic, those best practices do not require $5,000 USB cables or $10,000 Ethernet cables and the results of your hypothetical (and IHMO, rather dubious) tests do not in any way validate the "need" for those cables.