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  1. Why Class D should be a moral imperative

    The audiophile niche of consumerism is one of the more decadent ones. A thread like this is the equivalent of a thread extolling the virtues of sobriety on a wine forum.
  2. Why Class D Sucks

    I have many Diament original issue CDs like the LZ titles and many others from AC/DC, INXS, Guns n Roses, Robert Palmer, Bob Marley, Dokken, etc. While we seem to share an affinity for Barry's work, I disagree that it takes a high end system to appreciate the quality. It should also be pointed out that Barry applied his "best practices" to the process back then, but the limiting factor was the effective resolution of the ADC(s). I have no doubt that if Barry used the same techniques with modern, professional ADCs that the results would be stunning.
  3. Why Class D Sucks

    A neuro-typical distinction without a difference.
  4. Why Class D Sucks

    Silver sells in high end audio because it distinguishes those who are "serious" about audio from those middling mid-fi wannabes.
  5. Why Class D Sucks

    More conductive than copper.
  6. This is not true to the best of my knowledge. The issue is the sample rates supported by the Thesycon Windows driver. There's no issue using 48k rate family on Linux or Mac. This is explained in detail over at the HQPlayer thread.
  7. Why Class D Sucks

    Of a cable? No.
  8. Why Class D Sucks

    So much to unpack here: Translation: My sage advice will likely fall on deaf ears or your system isn't resolving enough to benefit from my vast oceans of audiophile wisdom. Translation: Surely you people are hearing what I believe I'm hearing? I'm neuro-typical after all. Translation: For the sake of demonstration, I'll pretend I'm one of those posers who not only has (vintage) equipment that sucks, but I'll also pretend that my lack of audiophile competence also encompasses a lack of ability to properly identify quality cable and connectors. Translation: In this hypothetical, my equipment SUCKS, so buying parts from Ebay and trying (and failing) to make a quality cable is a fool's errand in the first place. Translation: Anyone who makes their own cables is a loser to start with and will never succeed in making a quality interconnect. Translation: Because I was using straightened coat hangers as my interconnects, and my significant other thought they lacked a certain aesthetic quality, I was forced to cobble together some cables with zip cord.
  9. To the OP: You should ask this question in the HQPlayer thread.
  10. I have friends that still spin CDs and see computer playback as something like demonic. Part of me sees myself as fortunate that I got into IT at a time that positioned me to embrace PC-based solutions later in life. But I've heard some stellar sound from CD players. Why not just have both lobster and cracked crab?
  11. Or that the music used for testing does not have audiophile bona fides. Who knew Diana Krall is more audiophile that the Sex Pistols?
  12. Was this a subjective vs. objective proxy thread from the first page, or has it turned to that since is was revived 18 hours ago? There are a plethora of reasons that file playback might best spinner playback, and vice versa. And anyone who has been paying attention here knows what some of them are. In 2018, this whole thread just seems, I don't know, gratuitous?
  13. Feel free to make all the lemonade you can drink!