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  1. Correct me if Im wrong, but I believe none of these iFi devices are meant for 5.1 sound? I don't see how I would be able to connect the black and yellow 3.5mm connectors from my speakers. Also, is RCA and 3.5mm from the iFis the only way to get DSD signal? Im reading on google that SPDIF RCA and SPDIF coax do not support anything above 24/96.
  2. Forgot to mention, this is for my computer speakers which can take either coaxial (digital), optical (digital) or 6-channel analog (3 x 3.5mm audio jack) connectors. iFi nano looks very interesting. Is that a 1/4 jack I see as output on the Resonessence Herus? Also, from what I see on the iFi website, most of their products only support sample rates up to 192kHz on the SPDIF RCA port. Is this a port limitation or a limit set by iFi? Such a deal killer!
  3. Hi So I just built a new PC and I'm in the market for a DAC. It must be external. I need it to support DSD/DSF and PCM up to 24/384. It would be for a Windows 7 x64 computer. Budget is $500. Could you guys recommend me two or three in that price range? Not satisfied with my Rampage V Extreme built-in sound card honestly, and I dont want to waste PCI-E lanes on one of those Creative or ASUS sound cards. Comments are greatly welcome!
  4. Contacted them through email and they said that it is a voucher inside the vinyl and it is impossible for them to double check on the format. I think Im going to proceed and buy it off HDTracks.
  5. Called yesterday at 4pm EST and all operators were busy. Called two more times and same thing. I mean, I guess it is kind of a bad idea to call on black friday after all lol
  6. That was exactly my first thought. I looked around their website and even googled to see if anyone had experienced this. I think I will give them a call just to confirm. Thanks!
  7. Im trying to buy ColdPlay - Ghost Stories in Hi-Res. Before I proceed with HDTracks, I noticed AcousticSounds is including the album download with the purchase of the vinyl. My question is, in what format is the download included? The vinyl is pretty useless to me right now as I dont have the right equipment to take advantage of the analog signal. However, if the included download from Acousticsounds is the same as the one from HDTracks (44kHz/24-bits), then I might as well go for the AcousticSounds offering since I get more for my money. Any ideas?
  8. 1) I would be able to listen to error-free rips 2) I could properly tag my rips (album art, composer, year etc) 3) I would have secure lossless rips in all three formats (for different purposes/situations) in the same amount of time it takes to rip one. 4) Do it right once, back it up, forget about it.
  9. It is definitely interesting as I have ripped 3 CDs (on my 4th now) with the LG drive. All ripped securely with no re-frames, two of them even had Accurate Rip (1). My LG has a 96+% of accuracy according to the dbpoweramp drive list. Like I said, is very rare that it gives me problems that's why I really trust this drive. Annoying yes, but Im starting to see I might have to buy an external DVD drive just to make sure I can have another way to rip just in case the Matshita fails as well. This was a very though CD to rip (or should I say, the process to rip it).
  10. Just wanted to post a heads up. The new CD wouldnt even read on my main computer (LG drive). I thought I had another bad CD. So I went to my laptop (Matshita drive) and the CD read fine, ripped fine (all secure). What is interesting is that my LG drive ripped a different CD perfectly fine right after failing with this one. Im not sure if this is a drive problem, CD data problem or CD (physical) problem. At least I was able to rip it securely. This has been a great experience (even though a little annoying), and hopefully it wont happen again.
  11. khaos_dj

    I think I just purchased a pirate/copied CD...

    Good to know! Always glad to learn something new. Btw, I talked to the store owners and they confirmed that it was not an original factory copy. However, they did tell me that it is one of those very low-quantity orders that sometimes artists decide to burn without having the recording company involved. In other words, they hold the rights and want to keep the CDs flowing in the stores so they make 50 more copies independently and put them for sale. This is done due to the fact that since the recording company wont make 50 or 100 copies only, they proceed on their own. I told the owners I was not interested since there is a noticeable lack of quality on this editions. They offered me to bring it (even when it has been over two months) without even showing the receipt. These guys know I have been buying from them for a long time, spent a lot of money and time in their store so their friendly attitude is definitely welcomed and appreciated.
  12. Looks like the thread went offtopic lol Anyways, I just came back from the store. They seem to realize I have spent a fortune in their store just buying music. The couple showed me the friendliest attitude and they were even able to find another copy hidden under Colombia lol (btw, I love Colombia's music, I just thought it was funny how the last copy of my CD was hidden on that section which is on the other side of the store). Anyways, Im about to open the CD and hopefully everything rips fine. Will keep you posted guys!
  13. Well, I have ripped well over fifty CDs in my main DVD drive (which cannot rip this disc) and barely had any issues (once every twenty cds). So I got tired of dealing with this "defective" disc, decided to rip a different CD in the drive to make sure it was not the DVD drive. The CD has ripped fine at the regular speed with no errors and even got Accurate level (2). Could it be bad luck? Maybe. Then again, I see it very annoying that it happened because this place sometimes will have only one copy left so we will see how that goes. I wouldn't mind exchanging for another, same CD since Im still looking forward to finish ripping the whole CD.
  14. I'm in the US Play Music & Video Web site en Construccion mailbox@playmusicv.com (511) 261.5173 / 9822*8835 Play Music 069 (side of case) UPC: 8287660177248 Publishing & Copyright: 2008 Artist: Various Artists (Compilation) Album: Las Más Bailables de La Cumbia Text on disc: 3276 Super Bailables de la Cumbia IFPI Q7XX Laser Disc Peru
  15. So i just purchased this disc and interestingly enough, i have a few weird issues. On my main computer, 4 tracks (in 1, 12,13,20) cannot be ripped using dbpoweramp secure mode. iTunes can play the songs but you can clearly hear skipping and crackling sounds. On my laptop computer, i was able to rip track 1 securely. The rest three play fine but they cannot be ripped, all show at least 300 reframes. I tried the cd in my dvd player in the kitchen and it plays all those four mentioned tracks perfectly fine. I can even fast forward and at least from the tv speakers i couldnt hear any crack or poppin sound. Im not sure if it is a defective CD, but i want to ask what are the options that I have besides exchanging it at the store? This is one of those independent music stores so Im hoping when I come back they still have another copy or else I will have to decide what to do.