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  1. HQ Player

    Hi, just tried the new image and although I can now select SDM on HQPlayer, when I do, no sound comes out. Usually, when the Vega detects the USB input, it displays the format. When I select SDM, that is blank which, I think, means the format is not recognizable or not detected. When I switch to PCM, it all works again. sometimes when I try SDM, HQPlayer freezes and I have to close it via task manager. Thanks for your help. Hammer
  2. HQ Player

    Wow! Thanks...I just looked and the x64 NAA image still has a date of 10/31/17...is the the right one?
  3. HQ Player

    Yes, if I select DoP, then SDM shows up, but on the Vega, DSD256 requires non-DoP format. Thank you.
  4. HQ Player

    Hi, I using the x64 NAA 3.5.2 image and so happy it worked on first boot. I can stream to my Vega DAC and it sounds great. Only issue is while PCM work, I cannot select SDM output on HQPlayer. Anything I can do to fix this? Interesting that the Raspberry Pi image works to output SDM, but my Pi2 is not powerful enough for DSD256 and I was hoping this i5 can handle it, but I can’t select SDM! Thanks! Hammer
  5. HQ Player

    I am using ASIO on the machine with NAA running. This machine (a 6600k PC running Windows 10) is connected to a Vega DAC. In the ASIO control panel, USB streaming mode is Reliable and buffer is set to Auto. On the Threadripper (64 GB RAM) machine running HQPlayer, buffer in HQPlayer is set to 250 ms. Is is there a set of settings I should try? The two machines are connected using Cat6 running 1Gbps. Thanks.
  6. HQ Player

    Thanks. I found the problem. I had convolution set to on, but the REW file’s were not in the right location. Once I moved the files to where HQPlayer were look, it works. Unfortunately, upsampling to DSD256 stutters...back to old system!
  7. HQ Player

    Sure, where can I find the log? Upon further investigation, it might be because I am trying to stream output to NAA. Can you tell me what ports need to be open to do that? Note, HQPlayer sees the NAA, but I am unable to stream to it. Thanks!
  8. HQ Player

    Hi, I’m trying to use HQPlayer on a new AMD Threadripper 16 core system and when I play, the initialization progress bar flashes and there is no sound...I have multicore DSP selected. I was hoping I can use this new system instead of my old Intel 6600k CPU with a 980 GTX. Thanks.
  9. HQ Player

    Hi, 3.16.4 fixed my problems. Thank you very much!
  10. HQ Player

    Upon further testing, it appears this only happens with some songs and not all. It appears redbook files are fine, but I have found a DSF and a 88/24 file that stops before the end. Note both of these are in my play everyday playlist and this phenomenon did not occur until the most recent Windows update were installed and I installed 3.16.3. The Roon server version has not changed. Thanks.
  11. HQ Player

    I think I am having the same issue. I use Roon and it will only play one song at a time. The song will stop 1 or 2 seconds before the end and it will not move onto the next track. At that point, I can select another track to play and I can do this once or twice, but after that, selecting another track will not play. If I then quit HQPlayer, and start it up again, it says it cannot open my audio device. On my Auralic Vega, I need to switch the input to say Coax and switch back to USB before I can start HQPlayer again. I am using the latest 3.16.3 version on Windows 10 CU with the most recent updates. I hesitate to uninstall any of the updates given the news on the ransomware... Thanks for looking into this!
  12. After spending more time with AO on Server 2012r2, I notice that any activity on the pc will cause the sound to stutter or Roon to stop. For example, if I RDP into the system, sound will stop coming from Roon and I'll have to hit the pause button and then the play button to resume the music. Eg., Roon is not in pause mode, it's just that the music has stopped/interrupted by my RDPing into the pc. Any idea why why this Is? When I was on Windows 10, I didn't have these isssues and so I am thinking my hardware is sufficient (i7 6700k with 16 GB RAM). I run RoonServer and HQPlayer on this machine. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I'm new to AO and testing out the various settings. I had read that WASAPI is supposed to be preferred over ASIO. However, when I select WASAPI in HQPlayer, I cannot output DSD, just PCM. Is this normal behavior? Thanks, Hammer
  14. HQ Player

    It probably also depends on what filters you use. I have a i7 7700k and it's not able to use the xtr filters even with CUDA offload (GTX 980) if the source is DSD. However, the -2s variant works fine. My load is generally around 20-25% (I also run Roon Core on this machine) and heat is not an issue in my HDPlex H5 case - although I do leave the lid off given the 980 gives off a lot of heat. With the lid off, the fan on the 980 barely spins. One benefit of the k processor if you use Roon is that you can RDP into the machine and run the Roon front end. Nvidia drivers do not support OpenGL via RDP, but the intel drivers do and Roon front end requires OpenGL. (assuming you are running Windows).