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  1. Ethernet cables

    At the risk of re-starting a flame war, I just received an email from Cookie at Blue Coast Records where she discussed how an ethernet cable sounded different: Can Ethernet Cables Make A Difference? Can anyone shed some light on what Cookie may have been hearing here?
  2. Just thought I'd take a peak at this thread, and really, is it for real?
  3. Directory design for my music library

    What are you proposing to do for classical compositions?
  4. The Greatest Guitarist of All Time.

    I'd add Lindsay Buckingham to the end of that list
  5. My bad....I used the acronym POE when I actually met Powerline Ethernet (sigh). Sorry for the confusion. In any case, I'm using Powerline Ethernet in my setup and I notice no sound degradation at all. For me, it was a very good solution.
  6. I was curious so I went up to the Audio Sensibility website to see their line-up of power cables. When reading the description of their $1100+ Signature power cable, I came across this little gem: "Quantum Purification: As electrons interact with the conductive materials of cables and circuits, very low-level (quantum) noises are generated. As quantum noise energy accumulates in the propagating signal, low-level details pertaining to ambience, soundstage, timbre, dynamics, color fidelity and picture resolution are obscured, robbing the presentation of vividness and life. The Signature Quantum Purification filtering strips quantum noise energy off the electrons, restoring the low-level details discussed above. The Signature V2 power cable adds new design features to improve the efficiency of quantum purification filtering by 30% compared to V1, requiring a larger filter compartment." WTF?!?!?! Stripping quantum noise? A fool and his money......yada yada yada.
  7. I'm running Powerline ethernet to my CAPS V4 Pipeline server (music stored on NAS in my study) and I am extremely pleased with the sound I am getting from it. I think POE is a wonderful technology.
  8. Need Help with Roon and Chord 2Qute DAC

    I’ve installed Audiophile Optimizer, and I suppose I could also throw Process Lasso on there as well to alter Roon’s priority, but it’s not the occasional dropout that is occurring. It is a steady, uninterrupted pulsing of the audio on and off that is occurring. Ive got a few more ideas to try. I’ll report back any successes:)
  9. Need Help with Roon and Chord 2Qute DAC

    I can certainly try and test the SD card slot to see if it alleviates the problem, but it’s not a solution going forward. The external USB drive holds 4 TB worth of music.
  10. Need Help with Roon and Chord 2Qute DAC

    I understand the potential USB issue, but in this case, it can't be helped. He only has the single computer with USB ports for disk connectivity....if the music could fit on an internal disk I'd go that route, but alas, the Mini only has an SSD for boot/OS....so the music library has to be external. Not willing to encourage him to buy a NAS just to get Roon to work. T'is a pity, because he really wanted to get his music player and Tidal integrated into 1 box, which is why I was pushing him to try Roon.
  11. Need Help with Roon and Chord 2Qute DAC

    One thing I can try.....Win10 was updated automatically to the Creators update....I should probably re-install the Mac Bootcamp drivers...maybe the windows USB drivers need to be updated to work correctly on this older MacMini.
  12. Need Help with Roon and Chord 2Qute DAC

    Yeah, I believe I've tried all that first. Single-rate DSD files (DSD64). DSP engine is disabled, and the DAC requires DOP to transmit the DSD stream to it. I've tried dialing back everything I can think of (even installed AudiophileOptimizer to see if that would help with the OS processing) but it still just pulses in and out. If it was a stuttering issue, I would expect to get erratic dropouts, not the steady 1-second on then 1-second off behaviour I'm seeing. I was also mistaken...turns out the Seagate drive is a USB3 drive (not USB2) and that the USB ports on the MacMini are all USB3, so I don't think it's related to the USB throughput.
  13. Need Help with Roon and Chord 2Qute DAC

    I can try that, but it all worked fine using JRiver so it just seems strange to me. I also turned on Roon's max buffering option, but still no joy.
  14. I've posted in the Roon Community support forum but I think someone here might recognize the problem and point me in the right direction. I'm trying to set up a Roon instance for a friend whose got a Chord 2Qute DAC. I've configured a late 2012 Mac Mini quad-core with 16gb RAM that has been bootcamped to run Win 10 Creators Edition. I’ve downloaded and am running the latest Creators version of the Chord ASIO drivers for Win10. The music is stored on a Seagate USB2 drive connected to the mini. When trying to play music (they happen to be all DSD files), the music pulses on and off with about a 1 second frequency. It’s very strange, it’s not like it’s playing with occasional dropouts, but a steady 1 second on, 1 second off (approx) pulsing of the music (the music sounds mighty fine for that 1 second LOL). I can't figure out what might be causing the problem. The same setup with JRiver works, but for some reason I can't get it to work with Roon. Does anyone have any ideas what I may have set up wrong?
  15. HQ Player

    This is the #1 reason why I love GMail. I just searched my archive history for emails from "signalyst.com" and was able to recover my licence file attachment