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  1. Discovered Slint a few days ago and downloaded Spiderland (Remastered) in 96kHz/24bit from HDTracks. There is not much of Rock in Hi Res out there. This album is an amazing rock album - It is loopy, psychedelic and you can slowly nod your head along with the music. I feel the SQ is good too - kudos to the remastering engineer? I do not see my boys (2 dogs) nervous - If I plug in Adele - Skyfall from HDTracks I am sure they will leave the room and walk up to mom Anyways I do not have a trained ear - just on the outskirts of audiophilia. After your technical analysis of the files you may feel that they are not up to the mark. I would like to hear your opinion on whether extra monies spent on Hi Res for this album was worth it - I would definitely pay much for the content alone - these guys are awesome. It is not about the money - more about figuring out whether I am hi res enthusiast pretender. So I look forward to hearing your thoughts. For those who have not heard of Slint: If you like Pink Floyd or Led Zep or Tool or Los Natas or Black Sabbath or Nirvana - you will love this particular album - go download it and Enjoy!!!
  2. My family loves this song. They are not interested in my audiophile longings and my system. Was very excited and bought this single from HDTracks to impress them. Daughter walked off in the middle of the song. Wife commented - it sounds better in the car. I was of the same opinion. Seriously I thought something has gone wrong with the setup - switched to some reference recording - system was alright. Yup it was just $3 - usually I would not give a damn - It was the first time I ever mourned the loss of a $3. I think I felt cheated - I would have rather given that money away to a homeless person. What a waste! Hopefully HDTracks will review new material before putting it up on their website to sell. I love Computer Audiophile and feeling weird that my very first post is a rant.
  3. Duplicate Post - Could I request the Admin to delete this post. Thank You