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  1. OPPO has released a new Oppo DSD Sampler. It includes 6 tracks that show off DSD playback in DSD Stereo and DSD Multichannel, including DSD bit rates up to DSD256. This is a DSD Exclusive, not available on SACD. https://nativedsdpresents.nativedsd.com/albums/NDSD010-oppo-dsd-sampler
  2. Impressive DXD downloads

    I think he means "Promates". It's a music downloads site associated with DaCapo Records. They have 27 DXD Downloads from DaCapo and OUR Recordings.
  3. Lampizator questions

    I have the DSD256 upgrade from awhile back on my Lampizator Level 5 DSD DAC. Definitely worth getting vs. running the Lampizator DAC at DSD128.
  4. Impressive DXD downloads

    You can also get DXD Music Downloads at NativeDSD Music. They have 108 DXD titles to date. https://www.nativedsd.com/new_browse
  5. Impressive DXD downloads

    Or the ones mixed in Analog, or recorded with a Sonoma DSD Workstation which doesn't have DXD processing as an option. etc... Speaking of which, check out the new Stereo & Multichannel DSD Download "Telemann: 12 Fantasies for Solo Flute" from Channel Classics. They note: https://channelclassics.nativedsd.com/albums/40617-telemann-twelve-fantasia-for-solo-flute
  6. High-Resolution Downloads to die for…

    The NativeDSD site has sound clips of all three. So you can sample the 3 versions. And there is usually the option to buy by track, so you could download a bit of each. The Gergiev/LSO does look interesting. May be your answer. Dodd says "The LSO with Gergiev certainly show off Gergiev’s usual abilities." https://lsolive.nativedsd.com/albums/berlioz-symphonie-fantastique-overture-waverley
  7. High-Resolution Downloads to die for…

    The new Dodd's "Displaced DSD Discoveries" blog post is out. All 3 versions of Symphonie Fantastique in DSD are on sale at 15% Off and Dodd comments on each. His pick is the performance from Daniele Gatti leading the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra on RCO Live. http://blog.nativedsd.com/displaced-discoveries/ https://rcolive.nativedsd.com/albums/RCO16006-berlioz-symphonie-fantastique-op-18
  8. DSD Discounts

    This week Native DSD Music places the music Russian composers in the spotlight: Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Alexander Borodin, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Igor Stravinsky, Serge Prokofieff and Aram Khachaturyan, to name a few. No less than 20 selected DSD albums are on sale, only this week. From a number of record labels including Artes Mirabiles, Challenge Records International, Channel Classics Records, Cobra Records, Fonè, harmonia mundi international, High Definition Tape Transfers, LAWO Classics, London Symphony Orchestra Live, Mariinsky, Ondine, and Pentatone. 15% discount Coupon code: RUSSIA (valid on a selection of 20 DSD albums, through July 23, 2017, end of day, CET - Central Europe Time) See web link for a list and links to the 20 albums on sale. https://www.nativedsd.com/information/from-russia-with-lovely-music
  9. High-Resolution Downloads to die for…

    Dodd covers a lot of Classical Albums in DSD on his blog. The ones he selects often go on sale when his new blog posts go up. Worth watching. http://blog.nativedsd.com/category/dodds-dsd-discoveries/ Raizes is a very well done album - recorded direct to NativeDSD 256 Stereo & Multichannel. A favorite here as well. http://blog.nativedsd.com/raizes/
  10. High-Resolution Downloads to die for…

    Music Reviewer Bill Dodd tells me he's planning to compare the three DSD editions of Symphonie Fantastique recordings from NativeDSD Music in his next "Dodd's DSD Discoveries" blog. Should be an interesting read.
  11. Impressive DXD downloads

    Here's another one to compare in DSD vs. DXD: Boyd Meets Girl on Sono Luminus http://sonoluminus.nativedsd.com/albums/DSL92217-boyd-meets-girl
  12. Hmm, this looks serious. Some major changes at SoundCloud to try and stay afloat https://arstechnica.com/business/2017/07/soundcloud-cuts-nearly-half-of-its-staff-in-order-to-stay-afloat/
  13. True. You can use HQ Player with a Ravenna-equipped DAC like the NADAC or NADAC Player and it works fine !
  14. There aren't any DSD512 Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) and Workstations on the market. Hence, no native DSD512 releases to date. There are Stereo and Multichannel DSD 256 releases. For example, you will find over 135 albums released in DSD256 at NativeDSD Music. https://www.nativedsd.com/homepage/quad_dsd_music Other music download sites offer them as well. Check the NativeDSD Database for a list of music download sites with DSD 256 downloads. http://www.nativedsd.com/database
  15. NativeDSD Music continues to release new albums in Multichannel DSD every month and in some cases every week. Today their web store reaches 900 albums in Multichannel DSD, the most among music download stores. This includes 93 albums that are not available on Surround Sound SACD disc - but are available as Multichannel DSD Downloads. https://www.nativedsd.com/new_browse/#channel=multi