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  1. There are other choices for transferring analog LPs and Tapes to DSD. Including the older Mytek 8x192 ADC. Check the DSD Transfer tab of the DSD Database for a list of 16 products in that category http://www.nativedsd.com/database
  2. I'm using JRiver Media Center 23 for Multichannel and Stereo DSD and FLAC playback here. Working fine.
  3. DSD Discounts

    NativeDSD Music is celebrating the release of 6 new Jazz and Classical DSD Downloads by Fone in Italy by offering all 80 of their DSD Downloads at 15% Off. Use offer code FONE at checkout to get the savings. https://fonerecords.nativedsd.com/ https://www.facebook.com/NativeDsdMusic/photos/a.765908406800903.1073741828.497854580272955/1594826157242453/?type=3
  4. Sound Galleries Music Server

    And Chapter 1 of a review of the Sound Galleries SGM 2015 music server from David Robinson as well https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/impressions-sound-galleries-sgm2015/
  5. A Free DSD Stereo & DSD Surround Sound download for NativeDSD Music listeners. The favorite DSD demo track from the recent Salon Art & HiFi Show in Lyon, France. From “The Argentinian Album: Piazzolla, Ginastera, Golijov" - by Amsterdam Sinfonietta, with lead violinist Candida Thompson on the Channel Classics Records label. https://www.nativedsd.com/user/home https://channelclassics.nativedsd.com/albums/the-argentinian-album https://www.facebook.com/bmoura8/posts/10155030531838091
  6. Yes it is. Just downloaded it in DSD Stereo. Nice find.
  7. High-Resolution Downloads to die for…

    Check out Live at Village Vanguard in Stereo DSD 256 by the Les Mc Cann Trio. Another Analog Tape to DSD 256 transfer from 2xHD Mastering and Resonance Records. A swinging and tasty Jazz DSD Download, Not Available on SACD. Recommended. https://2xhd.nativedsd.com/albums/2XHDRE1093-les-mccann-live-at-the-village-vanguard https://www.facebook.com/NativeDsdMusic/photos/a.765908406800903.1073741828.497854580272955/1572805439444525/?type=3
  8. Here is the first part (Chapter 1) of a new review on the Sound Galleries server from David Robinson at Positive Feedback. https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/impressions-sound-galleries-sgm2015/
  9. High-Resolution Downloads to die for…

    Here's another one to check out by Jazz fans. Revisiting The Goodman Years by the Teddy Wilson Trio. Another excellent DSD 256 Stereo Download from 2xHD-Storyville Records. Not available on SACD. https://www.facebook.com/NativeDsdMusic/photos/a.765908406800903.1073741828.497854580272955/1562272710497798/?type=3 https://2xhd.nativedsd.com/albums/2XHDST1091-revisiting-the-goodman-years
  10. The PDF Booklet link is right under the cover art of the album. Click on "Download Booklet" (see image below) and you should be able to access it on your computer. https://2xhd.nativedsd.com/albums/2XHDST1089-take-the-a-train https://dsd-files.s3.amazonaws.com/2xHD/2XHDST1089/2XHDST1089/2XHDST1089.pdf
  11. Yes, DACs with Sabre chips often sound very different. A lot depends on which features of the DAC chip a designer is using and which they are not. As one DAC designer famously said, what's really important is what comes after the DAC chip. Not which chip is used.
  12. Sounds pretty real. Lukasz has already offered one to Bruce Brown at Puget Sound Studios to evaluate. That will be interesting since BB has tested many ADCs over the years (Playback, Grimm, EMM Labs/Meitner, Korg, Tascam, etc.) and currently favors the Merging Technologies Horus ADC with the newest input cards as the best available today.
  13. Lampizator is planning to enter the Analog to Digital (ADC) market with a modified Tascam DSD128 ADC. Looks interesting. https://www.facebook.com/FikusLampi/videos/2044940989071162/
  14. Myles Astor was a big fan of a couple of the 2xHD DSD128 downloads created from Analog Tapes originally recorded to Analog Tape by Jonathan Horwich (IPI) and demo'd at the 2016 Capital Audiofest by The Voice That Is (audio dealer). Those were done with professional studio ADCs like the Merging Technologies Horus and HAPI. He posted comments on that at his Audionirvana.Org forum sometime ago. Haven't seen Miles comment on Analog to DSD 256 transfers yet. https://www.audionirvana.org/forum/title-to-be-added/audio-shows/capital-audiofest-2016/21179-dsd-in-the-the-voice-that-is-room?p=21606#post21606 At AXPONA 2016, Andreas Koch had a demo where listeners could compare an Analog Tape recording to one recorded at DSD 256 with the Playback Designs Pinot ADC in real time. Making the point that when Analog Tape meets DSD 256 the two can be very close. Having heard that comparison, Koch is right. With is Pinot ADC, the differences between the two were basically imperceptible to my ears. In some cases, expert listeners including Michael Bishop, Chad Kassem and David Robinson were stumped. Impressive. https://positive-feedback.com/show-reports/report-axpona-2016/ https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/impressions-playback-designs-merlot-quad-dsd-dac-syrah-music-server-brief-notes-pinot-quad-dsd-adc/ Time will tell if the Brooklyn ADC can match that performance on Analog Tape to DSD 256 transfers.
  15. How did the Bobby McFerrin version of the Goldberg Variations compare to the ones featuring piano?