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  1. Interesting. How do you create the simple view that displays only 2 channel or only Multichannel tracks in JRiver? Is there a similar feature with other player software programs like HQ Player and Roon?
  2. Now the real fun begins! Be sure to check out the Free DSD Stereo & Multichannel downloads in the Just Listen and Members sections of the NativeDSD Music web site. Some nice music to test out the e38 there.
  3. A sale on all 182 DSD albums from Pentatone is now underway at NativeDSD Music. It's a celebration of the launch of 3 new Pentatone albums in DSD Stereo and Multichannel two weeks before their release date. Use offer code PENTATONESPOT through April 30, 2017 to enjoy the savings.
  4. exaSound has a 20% Off Sale on their e38 Multichannel DAC, e32 Stereo DAC and Playpoint Network player with DSD 256 and FLAC Multichannel files playback during this weekend's AXPONA 2017 Audio Show in Chicago. Visit Room 604 to hear their DACs and get the 20% discount. Also of interest at AXPONA 2017, the launch of the new Sonoma Acoustics M1 Electrostatic Headphone System. The Sonoma Acoustics team includes members of the original SACD Project launch team in the US (David Kawakami, Dr. Andrew Demery and Gus Skinas). Pre-orders for the M1 are available from Acoustic Sounds.
  5. Oppo has announced a few more details on their upcoming UDP-205 disc player.... Lossless High-resolution Audio Audio format support has been expanded to multi-channel DSD64/128, as well as 192kHz/24-bit PCM used in high-resolution lossless formats such AIFF, ALAC, APE, FLAC and WAV. (DSD64 is played back in native mode or converted to PCM, DSD128 converted to PCM.)
  6. I just received the Surround Sound SACD of Lotus Complete Edition from CD Japan. Great to have this concert recording in 4 Channel Discrete Sound at last. Another fine job from the Sony Music Japan team.
  7. Hmm, when I looked at Mora.Jp they only had the 2.8 MHz on DSD. Sony Japan hasn't announced a 5.6 MHz version. How did Mora.Jp get that ?
  8. I see that the Stereo DSD 11.2 MHz download edition of Lotus Legend (Complete Edition) is now available at eOnkyo Music
  9. Mora.Jp in Japan has announced that they will be carrying Lotus: Complete Edition by Santana in DSD 11.2MHz download on the release date this week. It's part of their new DSD 11.2 MHz Downloads section which started on April 12, 2017.
  10. Agreed. It's also worth noting that several recording studios are now using the Playback Designs Pinot ADC in their DSD recording and mastering work. So the interest will be there - both from serious home listeners and the pro market - when it comes to new products from Andreas Koch and Playback Designs.
  11. Playback Designs has announced their new Dream Series products which include the MPD-8 DAC with Quad DSD playback ($22,000) and the MPT-8 Digital Music Transport ($14,000 - $22,000) which brings CD and SACD disc playback along with an optional music server to the Dream Series products. The new Dream Series products will be shown in prototype form at the upcoming AXPONA and High End Munich audio shows in April and May 2017.
  12. Mahler 5 by Natalia Ensemble is on sale at 15% Off in Multichannel and Stereo DSD through April 9, 2017 with offer code BESTALBUM2016. In celebration of the album winning the Best Classical Album of 2016 Award. It's a DSD Exclusive, Not Available on SACD.
  13. Don't forget PrimeSeat. They are streaming in Hi Rez already including music at Stereo DSD 5.6 MHz