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  1. I agree to leave out the SFP. I was only wondering if you plan on testing the different kinds of fiber cable to see if there is any sound impact. I highly doubt it but perhaps your new device will reveal differences that standard fiber switches are not capable of.
  2. Yes! How about this...are you guys testing different fiber cables (single vs multi) or is that outside the scope?
  3. Yes, I am totally aware and respect your company policy. I was only messing around, though not really kidding about being out of money after Xmas....
  4. Hey Alex...how about accepting Pre-orders perhaps providing a little discount for early adopters! I am afraid by Feb I will be out of money because of xmas, property tax, etc...in other words take me money now!!!!!!!
  5. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I downloaded the file and it says 3251.
  6. Good news = bad news for my wallet. I've been waiting for DSD512 support before I buy this DAC.
  7. Have you guys seen this? I dont understand all the technical jargon but it sure sounds cool! @Superdad curious on your thoughts since Uptone is developing a similar product. https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2018/10/10/wavelength-ethernet-spacelator-rmaf-2018/
  8. Very cool...only $350 on eBay.
  9. tboooe

    AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Thank you sir. Quick question, does the double press shut down the pc or does it just cut power like holding the power button.
  10. tboooe

    AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    @AudioPhil does AO disable actions assigned to the power button? I have the power button set to turn of my PCs and it works before I apply AO.
  11. tboooe

    Jacintha "Fire and Rain"

    Ahhh..thank you. I always forget to check NativeDSD.com. I assume people from the US can purchase?
  12. I just noticed Jacintha released a new album, "Fire and Rain". Unfortunately, there is no DSD downloads available and I dont want to unpack my SACD player. Anyone give this a listen yet?
  13. Could you please clarify these comments? Perhaps I am reading them wrong but it sounds to me like you are saying a regenerator is both good and bad? Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet.
  14. You are going to get a bunch of different opinions on this. I personally believe a great sounding audio system starts with clean, consistent power. I use a PS Audio P3 ac regenerator with great results. I am now planning to install a dedicated breaker box and circuit for my system with quality wiring and a separate ground.