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  1. I think quite a few people have found the Lush to sound best as the last usb cable in the chain. I am also going to get one and try this out as soon as my LPS-1.2 arrives.
  2. In a previous post you listed various input voltages that would work with the LPS-1.2 but you did not have 19v. I assume this is also fine as long as 36W is available? I have a spare 19v output available on my HDPlex that I would like to use to power 2 LPS-1.2 (just ordered one btw!)
  3. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Anyone here using Server 2016 in core mode with Roon/Tidal having issues? I can browse Tidal from within Roon just fine but I cant play any music from Tidal. I keep getting a network and connectivity error. Playing Tidal via Sonos from another PC at home works fine. I didnt have this issue with Server 2012 on the same PC with the same network hardware and setup. Perhaps this is Tidal or Roon issue?
  4. Yeah, I was trying to avoid it too but in the end thats what I did and was able to activate using the /ato command.
  5. Ive been running my IR off 5V for quite some time now.
  6. @tapatrick thank you for the update! Definitely looking forward to more updates as you make progress.
  7. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Hi guys. I just want to verify that it is safe to apply all current updates for Sever 2016. I am running AO beta 6.
  8. Allo Sparky USBridge

    But since I can power both the Sparky and USBridge with the jumper removed from the USBridge dc input that means regardless if there is power being supplied to the micro usb port, the Sparky is also getting power from the USBridge?
  9. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Thank you for the reply but I still do not understand what is happening when I remove the jumper. If I can still power both the USBridge and Sparky through the DC input of the USBridge with the jumper removed, what is happening when I then supply power to the micro usb port of the Sparky? Is the Sparky receiving power from both the USBridge and the micro usb port? Is there some sort of switch that auto detects power on the micro usb and cuts power from the USBridge? I must not be understanding something about this.
  10. Did you install using the link provided with the license?
  11. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Thank you...i saw those posts but I am still confused about the jumper. Whats the point of leaving it in or removing it still allows you to power the Sparky through the DC input? I would imagine that once you remove the jumper, the Sparky and USBridge become electrically separated. How does the Sparky know its getting power from the DC input or from the micousb port? Since both boards are not truly separated, are you really powering them separately when removing the jumper?
  12. Allo Sparky USBridge

    I know this has been asked before but i didnt see a real conclusive answer. When i removed the J28 jumper, I am still able to power both the Sparky and USBridge through just the DC jack. So when I use a micro usb to try and power the Sparky, how do I know where the power is coming from? It seems the Sparky is still somehow electrically "connected" to the USBridge? Would that seem to defeat the purpose of of separate power supplies? Since I am able to power the Sparky from the DC jack with the jumper in place and removed, what exactly does removing do?
  13. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Right, I plan to use the LPS1.2 to power the ISBridge and my HDPlex to power the Sparky. I am hoping that the LPS1;2 improves things over my HDPlex. I guess its going to be a very expensive experiment, no the first one I've done in this whacky hobby over the years...:(
  14. Anyone using HQPD app?

    Is the option to allow control from network enabled in HQP?
  15. HQ Player

    I noticed the same thing. I just let my computer download. The file size is the same as usual.