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  1. Update on the Cisco 2960 switch in my system...I removed the AC power supply and am now supplying 12VDC directly from my HDPlex linear. This change definitely changed the character of the 2960. Whereas previously, I felt it sounded lush and laid back (not necessarily a bad thing!), now it sounds more balanced by presenting the music with a bit more energy and clearer delineation of notes. Compared to my Cisco SG300 switch, I like how the 2960 seems to have more weight in the midrange, presenting vocals a bit more holographically. On the other hand, the SG300 does a better job of more clearly retrieving lower level details with more precision. As a lifelong wannabe tube guy, I prefer the 2960 (for now). My next experiment will be to put an LT3045 between my HDPlex and the 12VDC input. If that proves successful I will perhaps think about powering the switch with an Uptone LPS1.2
  2. Just got my Cisco 2960 switch today and after messing around with CLI to get it set up, I got it installed in my system. Currently, I have a Cisco SG300 switch between my wireless bridge and HQP PC. I also use a direct ethernet connection (not bridged) between the HQP and NAA PC via IPv6. Here is a network diagram of my current system: DLink DAP-1650 Wireless bridge >> Cat6 cable >> Cisco SG300 swtich >> fiber multi-mode cable >> HQP PC (Intel X520-DA2 dual port fiber NIC) >> Cat6 cable (mobo copper NIC) >> NAA PC (mobo copper NIC) I intend to use the 2960 switch in 3 configurations: 1. direct replacement for SG300 switch 2. in between HQP and NAA PCs, using SG300 switch in original position 3. remove direction connection between HQP and NAA PCs and use 2960 switch for all network connections So far I have only briefly tested configuration #1 and was able to immediately hear a difference which totally surprised me. I would characterize the sound as more lush and bringing my attention to the finesse and organic nature of the music, especially the vocals. This resulted in a very enjoyable and relaxed listening experience in which I found myself just being immersed in the music. Nothing about the music really stood out which is not a bad thing. Instead of noticing the energy or the detail of a particular part of a song, I just enjoyed the song as a whole. At this point, I am not sure if the change in the character of my system using the 2960 switch is something I would want to keep. But I will say the 2960 makes a noticeable difference. This weekend I will try configuration 2 and 3 as well as directly powering the switch with 12VDC and bypassing the AC input. I will report my findings.
  3. I assume you bridged in GUI mode of Server 2016? Can you ping the NUC from other computers on your network? Can your mobile phone see the NUC and its folders when you dont have a bridge?
  4. Thank you. I understand now. Seems like a very simply mod, exactly like what has been done with the SU-1.
  5. I thought the Cisco Catalyst switch required AC power input?
  6. I also have a Gigabyte Gaming Mobo. Does your have the Killer NIC? If so, you can manually install the .inf file from the driver files.
  7. ahhh go it. Makes total sense. In my case, my audio network is almost entirely separate from my home network. I use a wireless AC bridge to stream music from my NAS connected to my router upstairs.
  8. Curious why one would want to try the gigabit version of the Catalyst switch? It seems that in general 10/100 hardware sounds better.
  9. I definitely will Alex. What sold me was that you felt this switch sounded better than a direct connection between the server and microrendu. I use a direct connection between HQP and NAA pc. Like you, I didn't feel the Netgear FS/GS made any difference. My SG300 is being powered by a linear power supply and I use the SFP port to a fiber NIC in my server.
  10. Ok I'm sold. Just picked up this switch from eBay for $26. Very curious how this compares to my Cisco SG300-10 switch.
  11. I've been planning on upgrading my integrated amp soon but the idea of simplifying my system as well as getting rid of my room treatments is very appealing to me. I can probably sell my integrated and speakers to finance purchase of the Kii. I've started to do some research about these speakers and have some questions for owners. If I am understanding the Kii manual correctly, adjustment of the Kii DSP is a manual process (i.e. listen and adjust). Are people using room measurements from something like REW to help with the adjustments? How granular is the Kii adjustment? Can I adjust a specific frequency or just a range? Is anyone still using convolution filters in conjunction with Kii to get the exact freq response they prefer? Are room treatments still needed with the Kii or is the DSP good enough to not need help from room treatments? How is volume remotely controlled without the Kii Control? Is the Kii DSP SW/firmware upgradeable? Is anyone still using a sub or a pair of subs with the Kii? Thank you in advance.
  12. Thank you sir! I did try this method but could not get it to work. Perhaps I may have skipped over the correct inf file. I will try this again in the near future.
  13. Can you please let me know how you did this? I recently purchased a NUC but had to return it because I could not get the NIC driver to work with WS2012 R2.
  14. Are you using wireless? Are you able to ping the IP address of the NUC from another PC on your network? During AO setup did you turn off network services?
  15. tboooe

    Next upgrade...Eames style lounge chair?

    Dang that looks like it just cradles you. Pricey though! I am still using my el cheapo Ikea Poang chair. It pushes my shoulders forward though so I can't sit in it too long.