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  1. miguelito

    An Open Letter to "MQA Partners"

    Ok, it might be, I don’t know.
  2. miguelito

    An Open Letter to "MQA Partners"

    That’s exactly correct. The more reasonable process would be to do first unfold, then apply upsampling with the appropriate MQA filter, thereby getting a high-bit-rate signal “as the artist intended”, then apply DSP. Obviously this process would make it unnecesary for a DAC to have any MQA decoding/rendering, and thus not having to contribute to BS’s boat payments, so they figured they would do the upsampling after DSP. Which is of course a complete and utter scam. I am shocked BS does not have a job in the Trump admin! For the record: I am a lifetime Roon subscriber. I have tried JRiver on mac, Audirvana, Amarra, HQPlayer (long term - own licenses for all). I am absolutely thrilled with Roon.
  3. miguelito

    An Open Letter to "MQA Partners"

    Actually MQA Ltd is not Meridian, it’s a separate company. And I seem to recall BS does not work at Meridian anymore. Firstly, I think music buying is nearly dead and there’s nothing anyone can do to revive it. My expectation is there is no material revenue in selling downloads, and that is only going lower. MQA will exist or not in the streaming world. Frankly the vast majority of the “benefit” comes from the first unfold, which now many pieces of software can do. If you consider how Roon was allowed to apply DSP to a file - first unfold, DSP, then MQA rendering - it seems to me the rendering part is little more than a scam to charge licensing fees to DAC manufacturers. Yeap. Like I said, just first unfold - there is extra info folded into the 8 LSBs, as there should be since the file is 2x the size! That’s a scary prospect, but like I said the high res download market is a tiny blip and frankly I don’t think the above will ever pan out. More importantly: The streaming service will so totally tell MQA Ltd to go to hell, it is not even funny. And download owners could sue since there is no provision for this or agreement to in the downloads of MQA files. When you think how DRM went the way of the doodoo, you realize such as scheme would not fly. And more important that anything else: Only a tiny blip of wackos (aka us here) even know or care about MQA. Really.
  4. miguelito

    An Open Letter to "MQA Partners"

    It was 1 hour in implementation, 1 hour in MQA "validation" and 998 hours figuring out how to make their procurement system pay the MQA licensing fees.
  5. miguelito

    An Open Letter to "MQA Partners"

    The MQA licenses are not defeatable unfortunately. If a product includes MQA decoding or rendering, MQA will receive a fee whether you use it or not, and that will add to the cost of the DAC.
  6. My home LAN has an airport extreme as a router, wired to a gigabit switch, which then wires to an airport extreme in the office and another one in the master bedroom. My airplay devices in the master bedroom (two-bedroom and bathroom) are connected to the bedroom airport extreme over wifi and serve two powered speaker sets. So I have airplay devices that are wired to the network as well as some that are connected over wifi (airport expresses in both cases). I have never, not once, experienced a dropout when playing over airplay to multiroom (4 rooms) via iTunes or via Airfoil. My apartment is ~3000 sq ft.
  7. If your network is properly done you do not have dropouts. I don't recall the last time I had an Airplay dropout, and I have two rooms playing via Airport Expresses over wifi. So much expectation and it is just a larger buffer? What would be interesting to me - although probably not possible - is a sync to other mechanisms. For example I would like a way to stream to SONOS together with Airplay in a sync'ed way (the SONOS part over UPnP). SONOS is going to be adding Airplay 2 to some of their speakers, but whether that would mean that they would play in sync with other Airplay devices is yet to be seen though.
  8. Yes, that’s what I meant - Apple Music Streaming - not the standard airplay protocol which has worked fine for a very very very long time. In fact, at home I have been able to do this multi room streaming from any airplay device for years using RogueAmoeba’s Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers.
  9. It has a thin cable - you can rest a heavy bar on it without an issue. And if you’d rather not, you can wear the cable on the front when you do squats.
  10. I don't think Airplay 2 can solve the issue of not using the phone for streaming - the Spotify and TIDAL cases both require a client to be present in the device that does the streaming. I would expect such a client to exist in the Homepod only for iTunes streaming.
  11. Beats X have little bass. They also have the neckband, and if you are doing squats that becomes a problem (bar resting on your shoulder). I recommend the PowerBeats3 with foam tips (look for TX-400 with the appropriate size on Amazon). I also have the Noble K10 customs. I would not recommend this for the gym: the seal is fairly tight and if you tug the cable hard you could damage your eardrums. Def recommend the PowerBeats, especially for an iOS device - it uses Apple’s W1 chip and the range is amazing. I own a vast number of headphones, earbuds (not proud of it). I have tried every frigging thing at the gym. These are my must-haves for gym headphones at this point: 1- Bluetooth (and they must pair easily and reliably) 2- No neckband 3- Good bass 4- Somewhat weather proof 5- Must never fall off Notice this doesn’t exclude the bigger headphones, but the PowerBeats is the sweet spot in my opinion. That’s it folks!
  12. miguelito

    USB power widget

    Fabulous... This should be able to show how much leakage you have through the data lines as well - ie identify data line noise as correlated to this power noise. What is the source of the 8KHz noise? PS: Nevermind, I see you answered this already.
  13. miguelito

    MQA virus spreads

    Nah... MQA Ltd charges for everything.
  14. miguelito

    MQA virus spreads

    Yes makes perfect sense - it is the right business decision for ESS. I wonder how many of the labels committing to MQA are actually actively delivering.
  15. miguelito

    What are your "WOW" moments in audio?

    That's exactly the point.