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  1. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    I would argue one should accumulate improvements over some period and then release a meaningfully new version. I can't imagine a mature product can get meaningful improvements every few months. I might be wrong.
  2. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    This is the DSD download I purchased: http://store.acousticsounds.com/d/98485/Bob_Dylan-The_Freewheelin_Bob_Dylan-DSD_Single_Rate_28MHz64fs_Download However, it doesn't look to be a MoFi release. Roon's pick of the MoFi artwork threw me off. The sound quality is stunning regardless.
  3. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    MoFi DSD download is stunning. Lyrics are in Roon, btw...
  4. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Got these and ripped them. I am a sucker for original and improved versions. Listening to Freewheelin, and it’s interesting to hear the mono version, but the DSD MoFi download is absolutely stunning by comparison. Fun to try both! One funny bit in the stereo version: the mic for Dylan’s voice and harmonica is obviously the same, but the “stereo” mix wanted to put the harmonica on the left channel, the voice slightly left of center. In “Bob Dylan’s Blues” you can hear he says a few things right when he’s playing the harmonica, and you here his voice where the harmonica is... Pitfalls of stereofying a single mic!
  5. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Suggest some people might be interested in your review of Audirvana's over UPnP to Rossini. It shows up on the A+ list but I never tried it.
  6. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Actually there are such rules here! Stop trolling and bullying!
  7. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    So? Not everything is like that. This thread is about the product reviewed and related things. This thread is not about your argument. Hence you're completely off topic, and frankly it is you who is bullying people here. If you wish to start a thread on your comment above, please feel free to do so!
  8. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

  9. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    No! I am asking what it is that you're saying. Can you clarify?
  10. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Ok, so do you suggest not discussing them at all? And to be honest, to make a $24k DAC be in the right system, you're going to have to be talking about $100k+ system at the minimum in my opinion (unless it is a headphone setup).
  11. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Since Chris mentioned the use of music as soothing, I will tell you guys a little story. In May 1998 I was a student and went to Tokyo for a few weeks to assist in a high energy physics experiment. I was on IRC's audio groups and I had interacted with Jonathan Carr, of Lyra Cartridges fame. I told him I was coming and he invited me to a listening session at his apartment. I arrived to his apartment on Saturday after lunch. His business partner was there, can't remember his name, a dutch fella or something. He had a few beauties... The turntable was what I seem to recall was a brand that now escapes me, fairly nice but not something off the charts. His Connosieur preamp, fully opened, was the phono stage and volume control. Amp was solid state but do not recall either. He also has a prototype Sony SACD player, a massive beast, which was opened up. We only listened to records. When I arrived, I was actually sick. I had picked up a cold and was not feeling great. After 4-5 hours of listening to records, and having some of his capuccinno (sp?) I felt like a new man! Amazing. We went out for dinner to some restaurant at like 9-10pm. It was absolutely amazing. And absolutely gracious for Jon to do that to a poor student who could not possibly afford any of hist stuff...
  12. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Diminishing returns... I've thoroughly enjoyed music out of much much cheaper systems... But it is not the same.
  13. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    No idea... But I can tell you the DSD download is mesmerizing... And way better than the CD (it is a remaster).
  14. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Sort of side comment... I've been to a lot of concerts/jazz venues where, frankly, the sound was subpar, and in many cases the sound has been more involving at home than at the venues! But it is truly a different experience...
  15. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Interestingly, this is one of the features I actually ended up loving in the Rossini: The volume control. My Kondo Ongaku does not have a remote, so volume adjustment - I find it critical to listen at the right volume - was a pain. What I do now is set the range of volume in Roon between -15dB and 0dB, set a moderately high volume on Ongaku, and then I can fine tune right from my iPad. It is absolutely great. And works with MQA as well since it is done after rendering.