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  1. oso

    Music for testing Audio Equipment

    Great list Blue 2! I will do some serious listening. Thanks.
  2. 40% off at SOUND LIAISON recommended album 25 % off at https://www.nativedsd.com/ recommended album; 25% off at https://www.qobuz.com/nl-nl/shop recommended album;
  3. oso

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday...whatya buying?

    I'll definitely get the new Atzko Kohashi trio album. There is 40% reduction on the https://www.soundliaison.com/ albums with the ''blackfriday2018'' coupon code. and sony xm 2 or I might go for the xm3 if I find a good offer
  4. oso

    Music for testing Audio Equipment

    Keith Jarrett is a jazz icon. Some of the best examples of a jazz piano are by him on the ECM label. The above is a personal favorite of mine. Not so much because of the sq but because of the very emotional musical statement being made. For SQ I can recommend "Rio''
  5. Bought it on https://intaktrec.bandcamp.com/track/down-8-up-5-2. Great album indeed.
  6. Good costumer service. I like that. ]which album is it you are talking about...I like this one
  7. Great very listenable album. I remember having a discussion with a friend as to if there existed good audiophile recordings with a back beat. He did not convince me then but this album does!
  8. I just hope they don't make it all too ''clean''. Helter Skelter is sounding nice and rough and distorted on my old LP and my CD version. I hope they'll leave it so.
  9. The reason 2L records in 352(DXD) is indeed because it has somehow become accepted to transfer those to DSD. Native DSD who were famous for only having DSD files, are selling 352 PCM files now... goes by the name DXD😉 But has anybody here actually damaged their equipment by playing DXD files? I had no problems after having compared these Sound Liaison files, 1 song in 11 different formats;
  10. At least Carmen Gomes on her BandCamp site plays it completely straight, she does not even mention that the albums are actually audiophile must haves, just in small letters that; . A complete steal these at $7.
  11. oso

    Music for testing Audio Equipment

    All 4 albums are available as downloads but also as CD, great, I know what to buy for Christmas gifts😀 https://carmengomes.bandcamp.com/
  12. Well I guess you need a very special, yet to be invented, cd player😉
  13. Stumbled on these DXD recordings....well recorded but I am not too impressed by the playing.... http://store.acousticsounds.com/d/41789/Tsuyoshi_Yamamoto_Trio-What_a_Wonderful_Trio-DXD
  14. oso

    Music for testing Audio Equipment

    Interesting point.