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  1. Why? That is simply the name of the renderer. Linn no longer supports Kinsky and asks that folks use Kazoo, which requires OpenHome, an easy solution by simply installing BubbleServer (a sort of plug-in for extended functionality, not a server) somewhere on your net. I'd do that instead of frustrating yourself with an unsupported product.
  2. LOL, if I could solder the world (of Amazon) would be my oyster. Thanks anyway.
  3. Edit: The fight would be over DSD512 (and quite possibly the T+A would have advantages, who knows) but I have yet to hear anyone speak highly of the T+A's PCM capability, so they upsample everything to DSD512 (and why not!). Me and my Holo, I stay in PCM for the most part as I find 352 for 44k-based stuff and 384k for 48k stuff (PCM-to-PCM) sounding slightly more robust than PCM-to-DSD, or at least a tie. It's a real benefit that PCM-to-PCM is much easier cpu-wise, so I simply upsample all DSD to DSD512 and that way my i7-6700k plus GPU can do all filters/all modulators to DSD512 without having to worry about taxing my server to PCM-to-DSD512. Not needed (but possible..simply replace less tolerant filters with their -2s variant).
  4. For my request, locking and 2.5mm size. Thx
  5. Agreed...as I said, if someone wants to send me a T+A then I'm open to paying for shipping.
  6. John, Did you find anywhere that they have locking dc barrels in screw terminals? I am trying to replace the external power supply of my preamp and it uses a locking 2.5mm input on the pre, and the pickins are slim...i.e none that I can find. BTW, I found some Canare starquad cabling, thanks.
  7. Larry, where/how is the LPS-1 being used in an iFi dac setup?
  8. I'll be there from Friday noon til Saturday dinner time.
  9. I leave digital (anything with a clock) on 24/7. Many dac manufacturers insist, with folks like auralic that force you to wait an hour plus to even turn on their most exact clocking setup. I know digital mavens like Alex Peychev has previosuly said 24-48 hours is the period of time required for clock thermal equilibrium, but I gotta assume that is a bit overboard. Regardless, I leave all digital on 24/7. In the case of tubes, many well-designed digital units have a standby funtion to turn off the tubes but keep the digital section active and on. It's probably theoretical more than practical, but I swear, shoudl I have had to power them down, that my dacs sound better after several hours on. YMMV.
  10. Yes, Roy's out of the box thinking, his experience, his wriiting skills, and his overall knowledge base are invaluable to veteran CA'ers and newbies alike. Come back occasionally man!
  11. ? Melco fiber? Not sure what you are referring to. I have two (never using at same time) NAAs, one is the microRendu, the other is the Windows CAPS Carbon NAA (with JCAT USB card). So I power (some portion of )both of them with the same LPS-1; when using the microRendu I power it with the LPS-1, when using the Windows NAA I power the JCAT card section with the LPS-1. Both NAAs use the ethernet copper dongle coming from my FMC (again, never used at same time). I wa simply posting about, when using the Windows NAA, the debate as to where I use the LPS-1 and one of the rails of my JS-2. I find that using the LPS-1 on the JCAT card (and therefore the JS-2 rail on the SSD) sounds better than having their positions swapped (JS-2 on JCAT, LPS-1 on SSD). The other rail of the JS-2 ALWAYS powers my Windows 12V motherboard; that is not up for debate. BTW, I need to get a 2nd LPS-1 because the microRendu (and JCAT card for that matter) are digital products and I need to follow my own strong recommendation...never turn off digital unless you want to wait hours for it to thermally settle.
  12. For those of you who are thinking about using an LPS-1 (or other ps) as the power supply for the SU-1, Tim (KitsuneHiFi) has decided to sell a conversion kit that includes the "molex"-to-female dc cable and the replacement back panel board for the dc input (replaces the IEC portion), all for like $30. https://kitsunehifi.com/product/singxer-su-1-dc-power-conversion-kit-kitsunehifi-2-1mmx5-5mm/
  13. Great news John!!!!