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  1. Ashok, I will email you since most of what I need to ask is OT. Thx!
  2. Very clear! Thanks! I may indeed opt for the largest endpoint NUC Larry recommends, assuming no SQ hit, since we don't know what additional renderer requirements are coming down the road (nothing too cpu intensive likely, otherwise defeats the purpose of isolated renderer...but who knows).
  3. Larry, Thanks. When I was dabbling in HQPlayer embedded I understood the USB boot flexibility. My real question was, given that HQPlayer will be the player, and that a NUC will be the endpoint, whether this table stake affects NUC choices (Celeron, Pentium, i7, etc) and choices within the NUC architecture (RAM, etc). I'd hate to have you build a NUC based on what sounds best for Roon endpoints, for example. My other question is about the server OS and whether I should change not only the OS (Windows vs Linux) but possibly the hardware. In either case I don't expect the server to be in the room with me (assuming we settle on a 2 box solution with NAA Linux-flavored) and can be open to Al ramroot'd monster-NUC (oxymoron) server if necessary. I plan to continue to do NOS-based dac seeing up to DSD512 via HQPlayer.
  4. As soon as I get my new home's audio room built I plan on having Larry build me a NUC for HQPlayer NAA (I already have a powerful upsampling server, currently running Win10 but likely running whatever you guys tell me, aka AL ramboot; Note: I ran HQPlayer embedded and started that thread in my past life, but then went back to single pc Windows for whatever reason). But, I'd like to ask those of you (johnseye, elan120, Em2016, etc) who are instead running Jussi's own bootable Linux ramroot NAA image (and comparing it favorably) two things: 1) would my endpoint NUC decision be any different if I focused on Jussi's bootable ramroot NAA image instead of AL (i.e smaller, larger, different RAM, etc) as my goal; 2) what are you folks running as an upsampler machine, and how connected to the ramroot-NAA? Thx Ted
  5. ted_b

    Article: Why Can't Music Artists Do This?

    Agree that the ridiculous soap opera effect is an epidemic in the flatscreen tv world (my sister's new tv had it and we spent quite a bit of time finding the damn toggle setting). And agree that Neil is a unique spokesperson for high quality audio...we need more of them. While I'm no fan of Tom Cruise's life choices, his acting is usually quite good! Hell, he played Jack Reacher (6'5" large blond character in the books) and made it work ok. And one of my fave movies of 2014 was his Edge of Tomorrow, a guilty pleasure sci-fi piece of great movie entertainment. Back on subject, the issue with audio optimization is that it is not a simple setting or toggle switch (as the hundreds of thousands of CA posts prove out).
  6. So you are not contemplating Larry's wifi approach during testing?
  7. Thanks Rajiv! That description is more than I had hoped for. Great feedback!
  8. If it risks slowing down the discoveries and innovations, just to explain $#it to us dummies, then...no! We'll figure it out when you guys get to some sort of end game (said somewhat seriously).
  9. Rajiv, Can you describe a little more, in musicality terms, what you are hearing with RAM residency (and to a slightly lesser extent, music on the Optane)? Blacker background, better tonality or timbre, tighter etc etc. Thx
  10. I just checked; looks like everything is still there on my db. Anyone else have issues? I could be wrong.
  11. Funny, I was thinking Larry's nuc-building venture could be called NUC-L-Heads (the "L" for Larry).
  12. And as a 5.1 surround fan the early feedback (Quadrophonic Quad Forum) is that this is a much better surround mix than Pepper was, or the recent Imagine. Can't wait to finally get my room and system done. This will be surround disc no 1.
  13. Great review! As someone who has dabbled in dac reviews myself, I am in awe of your ability to keep the process of trying all these variables to something that is very easy to follow. Furthermore, your innate skill to differentiate and communicate based on hearing (as opposed to measuring) musical aspects (tonality, speed, depth, etc etc) is quite a talent. These comparisons are fun to read! Thanks. Ted
  14. I'm simply saying they have archived their initial work in 24/192, so it wouldn't be tough to create the masters from them. Then anyone can downsample to fit into a 24/96 release package. Anyway.....I'm wasting all our time here...it won't happen. And with the limiters, etc that they work with (for authenticity) the 24/96 is likely pretty damn close to what we'd get at 24/192 anyway I guess.
  15. Yes, that's been their stance, and it is so absurd. Give us the highest sample rate, the closest to the masters!!! Especially when they already have it, and BluRay supports it.