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  1. Correct but I never said it was. In fact I specifically noted it as NOT eligible (your quote actually). So typo or not I’m not sure what you want me to change. The 58 and 88? Are they confirmed as doa?
  2. Launch Issues & Comments

    Mike, the underline can be in your display name, just not your actual userid.
  3. Launch Issues & Comments

    Fixed. thx
  4. Launch Issues & Comments

    I don't know where in "profile" to check the address. All it shows is username and display name.
  5. Launch Issues & Comments

    Same her. Maybe I mistyped my email addy, but no confirm email yet and asked it twice now.
  6. Article: Introducing Superphonica

    Chris, I may have missed it but is it ok to double post (give biz to Superphonica but realizing CA marketplace is more well known for now). I ask cuz not all CA users will know about Superphonica asap and I have some stuff to sell now. Thx Looks great. Ted
  7. So I rolled in some Sylvania Gold Brand 12AT7 variety and the Nighthawks sound much much better. The bloom has been reduced to natural warmth in most cases. I now very much like these cans! Question: why should I spend the $699 for the Carbons when there are still the original "wood" Nighthawks out there for $299 from the likes of Music Direct ($259 for demos)? Are the Carbons THAT much better? I read a headfi post by the designer, Skylar Gray, at time of release: "The sound signature is exactly the same. Based on some small refinements that we've made to a handful of the parts, we have noticed tighter manufacturing tolerances and consistency of the new NightHawk Carbon. All things being equal (A/B NightHawk Wood vs NightHawk Carbon with same earpads and cable and same amount of break-in), I don't expect anyone to hear a difference, but I may be surprised by forthcoming press and user reviews. But the new cable is an improvement, and the extra, alternative set of ultra-suede earpads makes it possible to tailor the new NightHawk Carbon to personal preference. Both the new cable and earpads will be available separately so existing NightHawk owners can get in on the fun." So, this is interesting. The various ear pads (mine came with the pleather) and different cables are now available.
  8. Article: The Definitive Sgt. Pepper's In High Resolution

    +1 Yep, same store, Rocky River. And Olson's, down at the east end of the strip. Yes! Years later I think Tokyo Shapiro took over that location and I would buy my laserdiscs there!!
  9. Nope not stock tubes by any sort. Those were gone day one. I will tube roll both the 6SN7s and the 12AT7s and report back. Using TS round plates and some Brimars right now, which fit perfectly with the speaker/amp/system, setup, but are clearly not right for the Nighthawks.
  10. I have no choice, my headphone amp is the micro zotl.
  11. I love warmth but this is like too much tube bloom. Maybe I’ll tube roll the mz2 and see what happens. Thx
  12. They are, as I typed them above, HE-400is (and loaners from the Cable Company). I hear the responders, and I realize that if I were to get real serious about HP listening then doing things like EQ, etc makes all the sense in the world, since the world of HP is a very different animal from what we are trying to send to our speakers. But I see this as temporary, (or at least secondary listening once my music room is back). But who knows, if grandkids ever make their way into our life, maybe I'll need to be quiet again.
  13. Well, the HE-400is and Carbon Nighthawks arrived. I plugged them in (to different headphone inputs simply to warm them up a bit) and let them play for a couple hours. Then my first impressions out of my LA Microzotl: * He-400is sound ok, but a bit mid-0fi to me. What does that mean? Clarity, soudstage and lower frequency extension, but midrange sounds artificial...i.e recorded material sounds like recorded material. Colors are not quite right. I'm used to my speakers making my special tracks sound more real and palpable. (I know...what the hell to expect for $219!!). * Carbon Nighthawks have more real color but their overall presence is soaked in some sort of midbass pool of "warmth" which to me is a bit too much, and a bit too (once again) artificial. Note; this is first listen and worth a grain of salt. However, I may have to spend more for my sound, or just get my new music room built faster. Guess I need to sell this house first! Stay tuned.
  14. Agree Kal, but give us DSD (up toDSD512) and high sample rate PCM at least. Let's not go backward.
  15. The he-400is arrive today. And yes I use my Zero Audio Carbon with foam. I love them for what they are.