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  1. Roon Vs jriver

    OK, do it on that thread or PM me. Love to help.
  2. Roon Vs jriver

    Steve, have you taken a look at Geoff's scripting solution for JRIver-to-HQPlayer? It's really very easy to set up, and can be customized to allow for different HQP filters based on tags, if needed.
  3. Roon Vs jriver

    LOL. Yes, of course...my bad. Thanks. Koupa, you forgot to add (Multiple Artists) to Album/Artist(Auto) to tell JRiver it was a compilation. You'd then only get one cover in your album view.
  4. Roon Vs jriver

    Guys, I offer my free video tutorials (in my signature) as a fig leaf. They will quickly get you used to all the nice things JRIver can do; and yes, you can sort on (and therefore create a view with) ANY tag or field in JRiver...album name, artist, album-artist, etc etc. And any view can be included in JRemote. And all these examples include user-defined fields too. I'd be hard pressed to find a sort or view or query JRIver cannot do. Even as a Roon user, JRiver is still my go-to for mass tagging (and I use Geoff's simple scripting to handshake with HQPlayer too, on occasion).
  5. In what way exactly? And which "Regen device" are you referring to?
  6. That's a misleading post and not at all true (regarding trying to match/equate bit rates and sample rates; they are apples and oranges). Your dac, like every one else's, has a sweetspot (yours at some clock frequency and sample rate); find it and downcovert to that.
  7. J River to HQPlayer (a very limited solution)

    Yes, but hqp requires a good pc/server to do its thing (which is quality upsampling). It provides the listener with a plethora of filter choices, modulators, etc.
  8. J River to HQPlayer (a very limited solution)

    This script allows one to use JRIver and its library management (which is loads better than HQPs and in some cases better than Roons) and allows one to use the very nice JRemote ipad/iphone/remote app to find one's music and play it through HQPlayer. Roon is a better handoff (to HQP) than this DIY script, but Roon is a lot of money, has not implemented folder-based views, and can be slighlty more cumbersome when you want to get to music quickly. Many of us like JRemote as well or better.
  9. HQ Player

    Same place you bought HQPlayer, from Signalyst. http://www.signalyst.com/consumer.html
  10. HQ Player

    NAA is available on Windows or Linux. If you have this flexibility try this: * put HQP on the stronger more powerful pc, and have your music files access this one. * put NAA software (and your dac driver) on the weaker pc Ethernet/LAN connects them; there is no special pc-to-pc stuff needed. HQP looks for the NAA pc out there and sends music to it.
  11. HQ Player

    So theoretically having Roon server on another computer, apart from hqplayer, is a better way to implement it?
  12. HQ Player

    Yes, of course, but client is closed at that point (as I said...assuming client is noisy)
  13. HQ Player

    I'm sorry for such a basic question, but I searched a few terms and didn't find anyone commenting on this, so here I go: * has anyone done a comparison of playing a track (or playlist) via drag-n-drop versus playing it/them via Roon-HQplayer integration? If so, does Roon add any sq gremlins? Larry (lmitche) says he remembers discussing this somewhere regarding Roon client adding a slight sq hit (now playing elapsed time adding slight noise). So I add this second question: * if above is true, is setting up a long queue and closing Roon client a solution?
  14. Michaeltay5871 reported the opposite, that he likes the Lush before the IR. Me, I have only tried it after (as I said in another thread, the USB cable should be last IMO) and love it so far. I guess I will try it before the IR, but that flies in the face of what I would thnk (not the first time, though )
  15. HQ Player

    So I am revisiting my Roon setup (been using Geoff's JRiver to HQP setup as of now) and I tried to recreate this mixed playlist issue. However, my dac (Holo Spring) does indeed do DSD so my setup is truly "Auto" in that I upsample all PCM to 352/384 (auto family also on) and DSD to DSD512. I have no issues with DSD tracks hanging before moving to a PCM track, but my sample size is small so far.