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  1. ted_b

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    How about a no-reply email, so they can't.
  2. ted_b

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    I notice that, starting today (or maybe last night) my followed threads email notifications no longer have text previews, but instead the generic "continue reading". Is this a new design decision?
  3. ted_b

    DVD Audio Extractor - two simple questions

    No, flac decompression is a minimal task. Some of us claim to hear a difference between uncompressed files and compressed but it’s nothing compared to the differences in mastering, etc etc. Heck, for multichannel you might even prefer some space saving when it comes to their much more massive file sizes. I wouldn’t worry about it
  4. ted_b

    DVD Audio Extractor - two simple questions

    Assuming you are ripping DVD-Video/DVD-Audio/BluRay content, the navigation terms are slightly different than cds. Tracks (mostly associated with songs on cds) do not exist. Rather they are called chapters, or partial titles. The collection of chapters is under one title, and there can be multiple (up to 99) titles on a disc, often differentiated by either audio type (linear PCM, Dolby HD, etc etc) or usually video content (full movie, extras, outtakes etc). This is over-simplification. The video guys will have a field day with this post if they want. Anyway......by and large figure that tracks are more like chapters. As far as FLAC compression; if you own another flac codec software product like DB Poweramp for your cd ripping, you can take your FLAC-based audio content from your DVDAE rip and run it through something like DB Poweramp to reduce or increase FLAC compression. In DB Poweramp you can also remove all compression (FLAC uncompressed). Just make sure you don't change sample rate (assuming you want your 24/192 BluRay linear pcm to stay that way, for example).
  5. ted_b

    J River to HQPlayer

    Shouldn't there be a forward slash after "Desktop 3" and not a forward arrow?
  6. ted, i have a question about jrivers, will that program open iso files and convert them to a wave file, 

    i am using foobar, to convert some of my music to wave files, the problem i am having is that foobar does not recognize the dvd with the iso files, and will not open them, i have all the plugins need for that, i have converted some of the iso i already have, i am using windows 7 my lap top, 

    i just want to convert them to a wave file so i can play them in my Acura Tlx,

    i am a newbie on this website, please advise, and thank you 

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    2. MM_SIERRA


      Ted, maybe this will help, what i have is a iso file its on a dvd, i guess my friend he ripped it, and burned it to a dvd, when i put it in my pioneer blu ray the player thinks its  SACD, its paul van dyk, and when i put it into my computer, the computer thinks its a blank dvd, and not reading the iso files, 

      ted thank you for your reply


    3. ted_b


      Reflections is Paul's only SACD.  And of course the computer thinks its blank cuz computer drives can't recognize SACDs.  But JRiver can (if it's in ISO format, or of course DSF or DFF).  So see if you can save the ISO to somewhere on your computer (i.e look at the DVD in file explorer and save the ISO).  Then fire up JRIver and load it.

    4. MM_SIERRA


      ted, thank you, i will try that, do you think widows explorer will open the file,,, even though my computer thinks it a blank dvd

      i really appreciate your information,  

  7. +1. As I stated in a few reviews the DSD sweet spot is clearly 512
  8. ted_b

    New Cowboy Junkies - All That Reckoning

    Yes, I get all of their emails due to being on the newsletter list. As I said, I've seen them numerous times, some of them being very small clubs I found via those same newsletters. They do a good job with them, like when they documented their Nomad series.
  9. If you are looking for a KISS, then CA is the LAST place on earth you are going to find it. (I could read about five meanings into that, and all of them would be right).
  10. It goes without saying that all music files/libraries/collections need to be backed up. That is a somewhat different point, though. I was merely pointing out that one shouldn't use their somewhat fragile spinning disc player/rippers to do more than necessary when computers can do a lot of the heavy lifting. DSD tagging is done well by a number of products, MP3Tag being a favorite. Set a file naming convention, let the web find your main tagged fields, cover art, etc etc.
  11. As I've posted many times, as have others, it is not advisable to use precious spinning life to rip to anything but ISOs. Save the players for ISO rip only, and use a computer to then extract to DSF (via things like ISO2DSF). Also, ripping to ISOs means you never have to rip again, cuz ISOs contain both 2 channel and (if available) multichannel content, and are perfect for archiving.
  12. Thx. It's been 5 and a half years since I did this, but from recollection I would be slightly pessimistic about doing this on the Mac. Why? Because the Mytek Windows ASIO driver is the key here. It is the traffic cop that makes a simple USB hub into a 3 dac solution, taking each dacs serial number and assigning l/r, c-lfe and ls-rs to the dacs respectively. And to answer the word clock question, I simply used the internal clocks and cabled them together (wclk in, wclk out) to keep them in sync, as per Michal at Mytek. As I documented in the mini-review, I tried them without the clock cables and the presentation lost musicality. I have never done a proper a/b between this multi-dac solution and my exaSound e28, which is my current go-to for multichannel playback. Yes, the more modern e38 is no doubt better than my e28.
  13. ? There are many of us already doing I2S with PCM at rates well above 192k and at DSD bit rates (DSD64 through DSD512). Moreover, Metrum deciding to use RJ45 as the I2S vehicle is a hurdle that removes quite a few dacs from the compatibility discussion...so not sure what you meant by "anyone with any sense". But yes, for a Metrum companion, it makes sense.
  14. ted_b

    J River to HQPlayer

    This is not for embedded hqplayer!
  15. ted_b

    J River to HQPlayer

    Geoff, Thanks. What is new, fixed or different about this release? Didn't expect to see a changelog from you, but asking anyway.