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  1. Yes Bob made a 5V lt3045 box for me and I received it a few days ago. Yes he goes by tubelover2 on USAudiomart. There are a few choice threads over there i have zero issues with him. His box and cables are nice (have since gotten a 5v board from Chris/forehaven). Will report on them once all is in place
  2. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Most dacs do not allow for higher sample rates (like 768k PCM and DSD256+) from SPDIF, only USB (or I2S but that's not an option here). So that is one factor. But if that is not an isse with you then the next factor is which input on your dac sounds best.
  3. Stephan, Is it possible that the use of LT3045s in your setup (or wherever you heard them being used) cleaned up the power to the extent that the dac or other parts of the signal chain showed their thinness? I mean, in what way would cleaning up power be a bad thing, unless like tube rolling, one wants some distortion and noise to offset an otherwise clinical presentation? I am one who uses tubes (preamp and soon-to-be reviewed dac) to help balance what can be a clinical audio signal path in my system, but I am all for first cleaning up whatever is there...then using "spices and condiments" where necessary. Maybe this makes no sense, I don't know, but I am willing to use LT3045s to get to the best electrical path, then work from there. Ted
  4. Thanks for these ideas. So...I have two wonderful linear ps's that I'm not currently taking advantage of, but maybe they are too much power for what I need. They are namely the Hynes SR3-12 (12V, 3A) and Hynes SR7EHD (can be dialed from 9.5V to 19V internally, something like 7a). Can either or both of these be used, with y cables and dual series LT's to power any of my stuff like: JCAT USB (5V) Singxer SU-1 dc kit (5V?) ISO Regen Amber Regen microRendu (currently not in signal path as I'm going direct for the time being) I also have Uptone's JS-2 and the famous LPS-1. I am having a tough time figuring out the best use of all this inventory with LT3045s. I have one box coming from tubelover2 (thursday) that is 5V so thought I'd use it on the JCAT card with a rail from the JS-2 (5V?). Any hep would be appreciated. Larry has helped me get this far, which believe me, is far (for my brain).
  5. Here is a great consolidator site: http://www.findhdmusic.com/ Subscribe to their daily emails or alerts. And always choose NativeDSD (just kidding, obvious bias plug here ) P.S. Also check your or a friends collection of BluRays, DVDs, SACDs or DVD-Audio discs. They can easily be ripped to hirez files.
  6. Not just play stop, but currently it is just album based. No creating playlists, etc. As I said, it is first iteration and he admits his limitation into scripting, but offers the script up to folks to enhance it. No idea is working on latest JRIver builds, etc.
  7. Geoffrey began this little project as an experiment, and has consistently asked if more worthy script writers could take over and add functionality (and maybe an easier install) to this JRiver as-front-end-to-HQP idea. But the main connector is JRiver's flexible file association setup (in tools->options-> file types).
  8. and therefore JRemote too. And you can set up HQPlayer/Jriver to change filters/settings based on music too (i.e genre, etc). The setup looks a little daunting but in fact is quite simple once you get the pieces.
  9. HQ Player

    As I posted earlier, HQP NAA is not Jplay dual pc. There is no control/audio pc setup with private nic-to-nic communication. You need to bridge them in order to use it this way. NAA needs to see the network. Bridging is chatted about several places; start here maybe, first post, half way down: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-computer-audio-streaming/
  10. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Blue Jeans Cat 6A bonded is very good and very inexpensive.
  11. HQ Player

    Did You turn off any network settings via AO? I'm not sure a direct private connection (NIC to NIC) is something HQPlayer can deal with without some sort of bridging. But I am not an expert here.
  12. Hi. Although the benefits of HQPlayer upsampling certainly varies by DAC design (i.e the sweetspot is often not intuitive) I have yet to find a DAC that doesn't benefit from some sort of upsampling, from pulse array fpga-based dac designs like Chord, high internal overampling like PS Audio Directstream, and most effectively the R2R NOS designs like Holo, etc. My current review dac surprised the heck out of me when I tried 705/768k. It is, in its stock form (which the review sample is not) a classic SABRE design so I assumed PCM would sound like most upsampled PCM out of SABRE chips.....a clarity that can often border on fingernails on chalkboard. Instead, when I went to 768 it has a magical difference, even from 352/384. I am not prepared to say the new SABRE chips excel there because it might have been other things the dac offers (analog stage, eternal ps, etc) but it was the first time I committed to 768k as a PCM solution. The same dac does DSD512 with aplomb, but I already had DSD512 experience anyway. (Note: I am late on this review so would rather not divulge, but procrastination is becoming epidemic with me ).
  13. For multichannel DSD upsampling, yes, the CUDA offload is a real thing and is required when I'm in that mode. However, for what I do in 2 channel (DSD to DSD512 and PCM to 352/384 ...a review dac I have does 768 and 512) the card is not needed in my i7 6700k server. And Larry does PCM to DSD, a more cpu-intensive upsample, and he doesn't need CUDA either. Sorry for the hijack; this should be discussed in HQPlayer threads but oh well.