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  1. That was not my point. A PCM-only dac can play sourced DSD files, as long as you convert and downsample them as per above. DXD is already PCM, so no issue there unless your dac does not go to 352.8k, in which case you need to downsample also.
  2. As bibo01 implies, DXD is already PCM. It is simply 24/352.8k, and if your dac can't go that high then select another lower sample rate. However, if you meant to say DSD (instead of DXD) then also make sure +6db is chosen in the DSF/DIFF settings (DSD is lower by nature so you'll likely want to boost it up to PCM levels).
  3. My ISO Regen arrived today (thanks Alex and co) and I will put it through its paces starting tonight (worst case tmrw). I wanted to say that I was not paying attention when the USPCB was announced and did not realize it has an onboard VBus switch. Nice touch!
  4. Not me. I have one fiber NIC card and yet my FMCs (router/urendu/NAS, most of which have upgraded PSs) talk to a Diablo fiber switch, and work wonderfully and create a black background to die for....so far. Not to say I might very well try the Adnaco approach, but not to remove FMCs (that's a byproduct) but to simply understand whether that approach is more musical than an NAA architecture (and make sure I can still do DSD-to-DSD512) I am less excited since hearing the Adnaco, in some setups, can contribute to a thin sound, but realize YMMV.
  5. Larry, what failed in the early FMC experiments?
  6. Wow, Sam...that is scary as hell! When I saw the post in my email I freaked when it said "which then hit a pedestrian" and failed to finish reading "cross sign pole".!!! Anyway, hope she is ok (mostly emotional). ISO Regen feedback can wait (til tmrw ). Mine arrives Monday.
  7. Since my upstream fiber connection (HQP server) is a PCI-E Mellanox card (using SFP) I initially used one of my TP-Link MC220L FMCs for my downstream microRendu. I quickly found out that the Rendus (same with my older Signature Rendu) don't like gigabit and require the FMC to do 100, so I replaced the MC220L with a Trendnet TFC1000MGA (that auto negotiates to 100 better than the MC220L). I'd love to find an SFP-based FMC that doesn't even go to gigabit.
  8. I thought this too, but Jussi reminded me (and I posted about it) that DSD-to-DSD does NOT use filters, but instead only modulators and the seldom-used integrators from the DSF/DIFF settings. So I continue to ask, as should you, why does setting filters affect performance when doing DSD-to-DSD if they are not used?
  9. The NAA is just a FIFO buffer so I can't imagine much horsepower is needed, so any Windows NUC should be enough. And yes, if you can spring for some sort of USB clean-up device (an ISO Regen would be great) then it could prove to be a good NAA until Amanero can get their Linux act together for your microRendu.
  10. I run an inexpensive CAPS Carbon (Intel Atom) with JCAT USB card; I power the mobo and SSD with an Uptone JS-2 and the USB card with an Uptone LPS-1. In the end it's not dirt cheap, but it is quite effective. A NUC that runs Windows would be fine, as long as the USB section is clean.
  11. Lampi's DSD512 will only work (currently) with a Windows ASIO driver, so in any case your choices need to run Windows (as you seem to imply). Linux will be possible once Amanero gets software worked out. OSX requires a custom driver (I know of none that do DSD512 in OSX, certainly not Amanero).
  12. I have a Windows NAA so those ASIO "freedoms" are with my NAA too (the only real downside of Linux NAA). So, although I have one less thing to worry about, I may still try the S3B.
  13. Roy, thanks for all this. I am contemplating trying the S3B (as Larry is recommending it too). My comparison will be an NAA setup (I have two; Windows NAA and microRendu as NAA). If S3B brings more clarity and body, then great, I jettison the NAA idea. But Jussi's NAA approach offers some benefits (like simple dac driver environment) that I;m not sure the S3B will also ameliorate. What say you?